Tennikoit: All About Ring-Tennis | Its Rules, Court and Equipment 2017

Tennikoit also known as tenniquoits or Ring Tennis is a form of game which is played with a circular rubber ring (Koit ring) on a badminton type court. The main objective of player is to catch and throw Koit ring on the opponent side, until one of the player unable to catch the ring and loses a point. There are many false rumors on many countries that invented this sport, but it is believed that Germany has invented this sports. This game is usually played in single or double player format. Single and double player format is accepted by many countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, United States of America, Germany and Brazil.


Tennikoit can be played both on Indoor Stadium or outdoor Stadium. While playing indoor matches, games are conducted under floodlight whereas for outdoor matches daylight is used. Three forms of matches are mainly played which is singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Singles is played by two players; each of them is separated by a Net on the opposite half of the court. Doubles is played between four players; two-two players make their team on the opposite side of court. Mixed double is also played between four players but in this match pair of male and female player is made.



Tennikoit Rules and Regulations:

  • Players have to catch Koit ring with only one hand.
  • The ring be thrown with the same hand it has been caught.
  • Players are not allowed to step into the area under the Net which is called as dead Court. 
  • Players are not allowed to walk and run with the ring.
  • Tennikoit is played in three (3) sets of games and each set consists of twenty one (21) points.
  • Tennikoit is played in three (3) sets of games and each set consists of twenty one (21) points.
  • To win the match player or teams have to win at least two (2) Sets of the game.
  • To win a Set player have to make twenty one (21) points with at least two (2) points lead against opponent. For example: 'Player A' will win the Set if he/she scores twenty one(21) points while his/her opponent 'Player B' is at nineteen(19) points.
  • If Both player A and player B scores twenty (20) points each, then that player who scores twenty two (22) will be awarded as winner of the set. 
  • In this game each player has to take five (5) services continuously, regardless of the fact that player lost or wins the point.• Players have to serve the Koit ring over the Net diagonally into the opponent court.
  • A time spam of 30 minutes is given to the server player in each set in which server have to win a point in their nine rallies, failing in this will result a point gain to the opponent player. 
  • Koit ring entering opponent court within the Net is a fault.
  • Koit Ring cannot be thrown straight downward. 
  • Ring touching the Net, pole, Net posts or anything while passing will be considered as a fault.
  • Wobbling and shaking of Koit rings is also considered as a fault in the game.
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Tennikoit Court and Equipment:

  • Tennikoit game can be played on cement surface, red sand surface and Clay surface.
  • The height of the Tennikoit Net is around 1.8 Meters.
  • The dimension of Net is 0.7 meter wide and 6.1 meter long.
  • The shape of the court is rectangular just like badminton court.
  • The dimension of Tennikoit Court is 12.2 meters in length and 5.5 meters in breadth. 
  • A centre line is used to divide the court into two equal part of 6.1 meters in length and 5.5 meters in breadth. 
  • The Koit ring is generally made up of white thin rubber sheet and it is filled with some foam rubber.
  • The weight of Koit ring is generally around 198 to 226 grams.
  • The poles of Tennikoit Net are made up of mild steel tubes having 6 cm of outer diameter.
  • Dead Lines: A parallel line to the centre line which is drawn 0.9 meter away from centre line is called as dead line.
  • Dead Court: The area which lands between centre line and deadlines is called as dead court.


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Tennikoit Skills and Tricks Video:

Now Playing:  38th Senior National Tennikoit Championship 3


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