20 Amazing Life Lessons We Can Learn From Dhinchak Pooja

20 Amazing Life Lessons We Can Learn From Dhinchak Pooja: Hi Friends! What comes in your mind about Dhinchak Pooja? Dhinchak Pooja is the most followed person on Youtube. Most the people always make fun and criticism on the singing of Dhinchak Pooja. But, still whenever a song of Dhinchak Pooja releases most of the people always listen. Dhinchak Pooja has started her journey from nobody to celebrity.


Real name of Dhinchak Pooja is Pooja Jain. She belongs from Uttar Pradesh but now lives in Delhi. She keeps her name Dhinchak because its suits her personality. Dhinchak is a cool name. Like most of us, Dhinchak Pooja personally has different sides of her personality. She can be passionate, self-intense, inspiring, creative, driven and hardworking.

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20 Amazing Life Lessons we can learn From Dhinchak Pooja

Dhinchak Pooja is a young girl with big dreams. Amazing Life Lessons from Dhinchak Pooja surely help you out in taking important decision in your life. Due to the huge negative reviews, she has not lost hope in singing. According to Dhinchak Pooja, she wants to be a music director. I think she is a person of great determination and will power.


1. Don’t wait for opportunities build it

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The person who has the capability to do something does not wait for the perfect time for opportunities. Dhinchak Pooja has started her musical career on her own. She works on her songs and takes the guidance of her manager. She says, “I keep on thinking on the songs.” One day the idea of Swag Wali Topi comes to her mind. Without wasting time, she has started working on the song. It is an amazing life lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja.


2. Ignore Negative Voices to Succeed

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One of the most Amazing life lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja is ignoring negative voices to succeed. With the release of her first song Swag Wali Topi, she got many negative reviews. However, this incident did not stop her. After some time she comes with two more songs Daaru and Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj. These two songs also criticized by people, but got millions of views on YouTube.


3. People always Notice Uniqueness

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Dhinchak Pooja says,”I want to do something new in the Bollywood industry in my own style”. Now a day’s uniqueness is the demand of the people. People notices unique stuff. Innovation is an amazing life lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja. She is three songs old but a big singing sensation. The views of Dhinchak Pooja songs are more than of Salman Khan Songs on YouTube. Currently, She has around 2,67,251 subscribers and millions of viewers on her songs on YouTube.


4. It’s not all about Talent... It’s about Passion!

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As you are aware about that Dhinchak Pooja has not taken any formal training of singing. Her crazy passion about singing surely overcomes the absence of Talent in it. Her journey to fame also teaches us that if we decide to achieve something in life then no power can stop us. "It's all about Passion" is the best lesson in list of 20 amazing life lessons we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja.


5. Know Yourself Properly

Great Life Lessons We Can Learn From Dhinchak Pooja

It is very important to know about yourself properly. Self-analysis is necessary to know about your strengths and weakness. Also, the Journey to achieve your target becomes easy. Take your time to know yourself and then work on your strengths and weakness. Self-analysis is the amazing life lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja.


6. Start small Expand later...

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Although, Dhinchak Pooja has a big dream but she started small with limited resources. Dhinchak Pooja uses car of her relatives in her songs. In addition to this, she is also aware of the fact that it is a small start of her singing career. She needs to work on her songs not the locations for shoot. She knows that she can convert small success to great expansion in the future. Amazing life lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja is to focus on small starts and work on the expansion later.


7. Enjoy Being Yourself...

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Enjoy being yourself is the amazing life lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja. She is a great singing sensation. In addition to this, she lives a life of a normal girl. She loves to hang out with friends and eat street food. Simplicity is the gem of the great person. Make yourself feel special. Something unique exists in you. Believe in yourself you are the best.


8. Use Criticism as Ladder towards Success

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Most of the People consider Dhinchak Pooja is a disastrous singer. But, Dhinchak Pooja uses these criticisms as a ladder to reach towards success. For Selfie Maine le lein aaj she has earned approx Rs.7, 00,000 on YouTube. Yeah Right! Approx 7 Lakh Indian Ruppees for just one 2.17 minute song. Many famous singers don't get this amount for one song in a movie. All those negative comments on the songs make it trending on the YouTube. Amazing lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja use criticism as ladder towards success.


9. Take Risks

dhinchak pooja struggle towards success

Risk taking is very important aspect of life to achieve greatness. Dhinchak Pooja is doing the same thing. She experiments with her songs. She does not care what happens in the future. Our success Journey stops when we fear from failure. Amazing lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja to start taking risks.


10. Grab Opportunity with both Hands

Opportunity to dhinchak pooja

Dhinchak Pooja always looking for new opportunities in life and grab it with her both hands. I fell very happy when I came to know that Dhinchak Pooja accepted the offer to participate in Bigg Boss 11. Big Boss is a great platform to achieve fame. Many unknown new talents like Sunny Leone, Dolly Bindra and many other people got recognition with Big Boss platform. Big Boss 11 will become a milestone in the career of Dhinchak Pooja. Therefore, Grab the opportunity is an important lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja.


11. Find the Right team

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It is very important to have a right team. Again, an amazing great lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja. She has a great team of her manager, friends and parents. With their guidance, she is trying to become a big name in bollywood. A good team makes your journey easier.


12. Start Early as Possible

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In the age 23, Dhinchak Pooja has become a great singing sensation. It is important to not waste time in thinking and start today. In her early 20’s she released her first song Swag Wali Topi. She does not wait for certain opportunity and uses YouTube platform for her success. Therefore, Start early as possible is an amazing life lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja.


13. Fake it! Till You Make it...

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Yeah right! You have fake sometime in life to achieve success. I give you an example of Bill Gates to clear this concept. When Bill Gates started his Entrepreneur journey, he fakes many times to crack big deals. He also faked against IBM to sell DOS for $430,000(approx). Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) has revealed in his auto biography book that at the point of time when Bill is cracking the deal with IBM, they don't have DOS. They bought DOS from local computer company and re-modify it according to the need of IBM. Dhinchak Pooja has similarly faked to be a good singer and later achieved success. Amazing lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja.


14. Expect Nothing from Anyone

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Do not forget an amazing lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja’s life is expect nothing from anyone. You should have faith in yourself. No one can help you out if you can't help yourself in your life. Do not make any kind of expectations from anybody. Only your smart work is the key to success.


15. Be Humble and Consistent after achieving little Success

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Always remember to be humble and consistent after achieving little success. This is an amazing life lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja. Most of the people do not easily digest little success and fail later. You can relate this lesson with the Famous Indian Comedian "Kapil Sharma". Kapil Sharma has achieved a great success with his team (Including Sunil Grover) in the show "Comedy Nights with Kapil". But, after the fight with his co-artist i.e. Sunil Grover, that success seems to change. Therefore, you should be humble and consistent after achieving success.

16. Give Your 100% in Everything You Do

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You have to give 100% all your strength and potential in every single thing you decide to do. It is not easy to become a successful person. You have to face many challenges in your journey. Amazing life lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja is to give your 100% in everything you do. Dhinchak Pooja is working on the same concept. She gives her 100% into her songs.


17. Think Positive, Be Positive and Expect Positive

positive success of dhinchak pooja

Most important to be positive, think positive and expect positive. Now again an amazing life lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja. An interesting fact you should know about Dhinchak Pooja is that she is very positive person. She does not like to read the comments about her on the social networking sites. She wants to have positive environment around her.


18. It’s OK to fail than to Not Try...

Pooja jain is real name

With the fear of failure, we never try. It is better to fail often then to not try. Amazing life lesson we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja. Dhinchak Pooja wants to give a try to singing. She is working on her songs. Recently she has made a song in Bigg Boss 11 show based on the contestants of Big Boss. Therefore, you should always act on your plans and never think about its result.


19. Fail Often to Succeed One Day

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Frequent failures make you a strong person. You get best qualities in you with failures. Amazing life lesson learn we learn from Dhinchak Pooja. Presently Dhinchak Pooja is facing a lot negative reviews. In future, she has the ability to become a successful person one day.


20. Dream Dream Dream… Dream transform into action… Action results in Success!

fail to success dhinchak pooja

We all like dreaming. It is important to transform your dream into action. You correct action in the correct time results in success. It is an amazing lesson we can learn from the life of Dhinchak Pooja. She has a dream to become a successful music director in the future. She is working hard to achieve her dream.


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Amazing Life Lessons We Can Learn From Dhinchak Pooja
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Wrapping up - All about Dhinchak Pooja

It is a great surprise to read something about Dhinchak Pooja day by day. I am also surprised when I get this topic to write something about Dhinchak Pooja. All those negative reviews about Dhinchak Pooja are useless. She is a very interesting person to know. There are many more amazing life lessons we can learn from Dhinchak Pooja.

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