Backpage Alternative Websites (Top 10 Sites Like Backpage)

Backpage Alternatives

The power of advertising is well known to everybody nowadays.

Put up an ad somewhere and see the magic. People might come looking for you based on how lucrative your appeal is.

Be it business houses or non-trading entities, spreading your ideas is the need of the moment.

Backpage used to have a monopoly over the field of classified advertising. But its closure has disturbed the balance of power.

It would seem we’re out of options.

Well, You don’t need to worry about that at all.

What we do need is an easy to use interface whereby clarity and engagement are guaranteed.

In this article, I’ve managed to squeeze out 10 of the best Backpage Alternatives as such. Let’s see how that goes ―


1. Classified Ads

It’s a site with a singleton design.

And with the search bar right on top, the GUI makes itself stand atop all others. Each header has an icon corresponding to the type of ad for easy recognition.

I didn’t find any misleading links so far. And so, I insist you should use it.


2. Sell Marketplace

Backpage Alternatives
Backpage Alternative – Sell Marketplace is a complete marketplace in itself. Apart from featuring various listings of a kind, it also has an option for bulk imports.

The latest listing keeps you updated with instantaneous ad posts.

Compared to Classified Ads, most of the links have tiny images of the product – I hope the cluttered look justifies itself with that.


3. Free Classifieds

What if the sell marketplace got a little organized. I just found a solution for all that clutter.

Free Classifieds isn’t as colorful, but the grey interface is quite impressive in itself. As you scroll down, you’ll find ads in chronological order placed under different time tags.

It doesn’t have too many customizations, but the purpose, however, is served best.


4. Hoobly

Backpage Alternatives
Backpage Alternative – Hoobly

The web design it offers is quite old. Like others, it has its buying and selling community of users.

One thing that I did like is the presence of a dedicated ‘help’ tab. Your FAQs regarding the usage shouldn’t go unanswered.

The webpage, however, is secured, which further strengthens the security of your data.

The no. of users is relatively less as compared to other sites in the list.


5. OLX

Doesn’t it look colorful?

Yes, it does. After going through this many complications, Olx surely is a big leap in terms of GUI.

You can save the products in your favorites list by tapping on the heart icon in the top right corner.

Although the features are just the same, the categorization looks quite intuitive.


6. AdPost

One of the most popular ad networks of all time, Adpost managed to survive the competition by far. It currently operates in 12 countries and serves millions of users every month.

It also runs its affiliate program to help the sellers earn commission on every successful purchase.

The services offered are freemium. To feature your ads on the main page, you’d need to purchase the Featured Ads package for ass low as $1.67 per day.


7. Oodle Marketplace

Oodle provides a minimal user based interface. The webpage features various users with their names and no. of posts they made.

You can save the products in your favorites list by tapping on the heart icon in the top right corner.

Clicking on a particular profile opens up a list of all other posts made by that person. I liked this feature as it helps you to communicate well and build trust.


8. Geebo

The first thing you notice upon visiting the page is the tagline stating – Safe Community Classifieds. That is to say, the possibility of scams and phishing should be very low if not zero.

Clicking on a link lists the products in the usual manner. However, the price range selector on the left column captured my attention.

The site necessitates the transactions to take place in a local police station. This compulsion should make Geebo your safest bet.


9. Finder Master

As the name suggests, you can use this website to find anything, anywhere in the world.

Don’t you believe me? Well, It’s time you should.

Finder Master serves almost all countries in the world. I don’t know how they do it, but it’s quite an amazement. It makes up for an amazing Backpage Alternative.

Other things being the same, this site is Paypal certified. That means you can transact online without a second thought about security.


10. Locanto

Backpage Alternatives
Backpage Alternative – Locanto

It’s a location-based comprehensive site offering a multitude of services with the best GUI out there. It features an advanced search bar, intuitively customized sections, and an interactive design.

On the right column, it says ‘Locanto supports 480 Trees’. That makes it an environment-friendly site.

Unlike other sites, You can skip the registration process and log in through your Google account as well.



Ad networks are merely mediums to connect people. Getting leads sure is a difficult job.

But these websites make it look quite simple. The effort, however, is collective. Both buyers and sellers have their part to play when it comes to loyalty and transparency.

You can go through any one of them based on the suitability of information and usage.

Well, I hope this article catered to your needs just right. But things don’t end here. I want to hear it from you, which website did you like most?

Do Comment.

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