Banzai Skydiving: World’s Craziest Sport | Jump Without Parachute 2017


Banzai Skydiving is the name of world craziest adventure sport which is originated in Japan.

In this adventure sport Banzai Skydiver fly up to 3000 meters ( Around 5000 ft.) , throws his parachute out of the plane and waits for two or three seconds before jumping from the plane.

After this Sky diver glide properly to catch parachute, to make sure he will deploy it and land safely before his bones included internal organs becomes some Italian Dish!

Sounds Crazy Han????

Banzai Skydiving

Banzai Skydiving becomes so much popular in European countries such that many sky divers have tried this stunt to make a world record.

Yes World Record!

The Guinness Book of world record has listed Banzai Skydiving the most dangerous sports category. But instead of this many Freak guys like me have tried this Sh*t to make world record.

In 2nd September 2000 a guy name Yasuhiro Kubo made Guinness world record in Banzai Skydiving. Yasuhiro Kubo throws his parachute and waited 50 seconds before jumping outside the plane to glide and catch that parachute.

When he lands safely he quoted that ” I fly like great dragon with nothing but the wind of my ancestors to protect me.”


After this many people has attempted this but no one breaks Yasuhiro Kubo’s World record in Banzai Skydiving. Also adding some people loss their life in banzai skydiving death.

Due to which the Guinness world record have made some safely guidelines in banzai skydiving sports to claim any world record:

  • Banzai Divers have to wear a special harness which is attached to a cord with their parachute.
  • Banzai Divers have to jump on remote location where public activity is negligible.
Banzai Skydiving

Many Guidelines has made but people like Antti Pendikainen takes this sports to next level.

Antti Pendikainen is a stuntman from Finland which has shocked the world by Jumping from Hot air balloon at the height of 4000 meters ( around 13000 ft.) without any parachute with him.

He throws his parachute and jump after it, but he won’t glide to catch his parachute. Instead of this he glide throw the clouds and catch his next Skydiver which have parachute on it.


They both attach each other with harness and then deploy parachute which results in 100% safe landing.

Genius Han!!!!

Antti Pendikainen told Caters news that ” I have always wanted to jump without a parachute, and now I’ve done it.”

He also added that ” I have always loves to do funny and crazy stunt from my childhood. I am never afraid to do some these types of stunts and will do more dangerous one in the future. “

Caters News

See this Crazy Banzai Skydiving Video :


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