Top 15 Best Android Apps for Podcasts that You can Use Today

Best Android Apps for Podcasts

Top 15 Best Android Apps for Podcasts that You can Use Today: Hey Geeks! Are you looking for some Pod-casting Android Applications? I have the best list of podcasts apps for you. Do you know podcast is the basic evolution of talk radio? If yes then you are right friends. In the early stage the podcast are build on the back of radio. However, today there are some best podcasts ruling the market like The American Life aired over terrestrial radio. In fact, in my list of best android apps for podcasts there are many downloadable podcasts.


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Apart from that, you can find there is a big revolution in the podcasts industry. In the upcoming days, podcasts has evolved as an art in the audio industry. You can simply ignore this fact.  Now, podcasts are available in different genres. In early 2000’s, comedy podcasts have become a platform for the stand-up comedians. Now days, this has become a major source to provide entertainment to its users. Soon, podcasts include many interesting stuff like game shows, advice, scripted frictional stories, role-playing games a lot more.


15 Best Android Apps for Podcasts that You can Use Today

While reading the interesting facts about podcasts, you cannot control your excitement. In fact, you may think to start pod-casting from now. Therefore, I am writing the top 15 best Podcast apps for Android.

1. CastBox Podcast Android App  

best android apps for podcasts

CastBox is the best android apps for podcasts. One more thing to surprise you is that this app has over 1 million podcasts scrubbed from I tunes and others. Moreover, CastBox supports more than 70 languages on it. In fact, as going further using this app you can get stuff that is a lot more useful. Like- language learning podcast, Amazon echo support and cloud synchronizing multiple device support. CastBox comes in free and paid versions. You get everything in the free version with no ads. Apart from that in app purchases is optional.


2. DoggCatcher Podcasts Player  

top podcasting android apps

Do you believe in the famous saying Old is Gold? Your answer is yes. DoggCatcher Podcasts Player is the best option for your android device. However, the app is old but it has updated frequently. This means that you can get the latest stuff on podcasts over here. Additional features of this app are massive collection of podcasts, supports playlists, speed playback themes and automation and customization features. You have pay $2.99 for this best android apps for podcasts. In lieu of that, enjoy latest podcasts with no ads and in app purchases.


3. Google Play Music Podcast   

google play music app

What do you think about Google? You all know that Google is a trustworthy brand. Coming back to Google Play music, it is one of the best music streaming app. You can get this best android app for podcasts by paying $9.99 per month. Do not go on the price. Look at its features like music streaming, supports podcasts, ad free experience of using you tube much more.


4. Pocket Casts

best podcasting app for android

Without any doubts, I can say that Pocket Casts is one of the best android apps for podcasts. Are you struggling in some thoughts? Surely, yes, you are thinking why this app is best for podcasts. In fact, you  get a ton of features here Cloud syncing support, automation features, chrome cast support, sleep timer much more. More, this app downloads the podcasts of your choice automatically. Therefore, to get these wonderful features you have to spend $3.99. Apart from its price, this app is ad free and with no in app purchases.


5. Podcast Go

top Podcast android apps

You should welcome, Podcast Go new member in the podcasts family. I know you believe in old is gold. However, this new android apps for podcasts should get a chance. This “best android app for podcasts” is full of surprises like sleep timer, downloading podcasts stuff a lot more. You may be thinking. Why should you use this app? As Podcast Go, have appealing design with the best user experience. Just search for this app and subscribe it. You have pay around $2.99 to remove the ads.


6. Stitcher Radio For Podcasts

best Android apps for Pod-casting

Stitcher Radio for Podcasts is popular among its users. In fact, this is the best android apps for podcasts boosting a good number of shows. However, this app follows the theory of slow and steady wins the race. While using this app you may feel that it is slow. However, this is a slow improvement in this app may not disappoint you. Apart from that, there is subscription option available here. You can get this option and avail some benefits like no ads, comedy albums, and special shows much more.


7. Sound Cloud Android App (Best Podcast apps for Android)

best Podcast apps for Android

Are you looking free podcasts? Sound Cloud is a better option for your android device. Here on this, best android app for podcasts no need to pay anything. However, the services are free but no compromise done with the quality. You get the features like download tracks offline, subscribe to channels much more. Thus, design is not user friendly. However, this can annoy you. Apart from that, this app lags behind that paid podcasts apps. Still, you get a reason to use this app is its basic features.


8. Tune in Radio

best android podcast apps

Tune in Radio has rated among the best android apps for podcasts. So for this reason it here in the list. Primarily it focuses on live talk radio, audio books, radio stations (AM and FM), live sporting events much more. Thus, it does not scrub iTunes on this app. Otherwise this app is serviceable podcasts app. In the premium subscription, you get live NFL, MLB and other sporting games along with some other features. If you like to listen radio shows this app is the better option for you.


9. Spotify Podcast  

best Podcast android Applications

Spotify is the most famous podcasts app when it comes to music streaming. This app has started its journey in the year 2016. Thus, you cannot expect a lot more from this app. Apart from that the number of podcasts rising with time. In fact, you can download it for free or premium. In the premium version of $9.99 per month, you get ad free experience in this best android app for podcasts.


10. Beyond Pod

best Pod-casting android apps list

Beyond Pod is another best option on Google play store. Currently this app is working on this fourth revision. It has over one million users. With this, you get an idea about this best android app for podcasts. This app comes in free and paid version. In the free version some features are not available what you get in the paid version. More, one-week trial run is available in the paid version. Functions available in Beyond Pod are chrome cast support, device synchronization a lot more. However, the design of this can disappoint you. Apart from that if, you believe in features than looks then this app is for you.


11. Podcast Player app 

top podcast android applications

Another podcast player, Player FM has made its unique position in the market.  Primary focus of this best android app for podcasts is discovery above anything else. Best thing in Player FM is to help podcast newcomers and get shows to different genres for them. In fact, you can select your favorite genre from the list available like technology. Moreover, there is an expansion of the categories to subcategories so that the users can get variety of options. Overall, Player FM is free to use and ideal podcast for the one who are new to podcasts.


12. Podcasty (Podcast App)

top rated podcast android apps

Podcasty is a new application in the podcast. You may look surprise. Why am I including new podcasts in my list of best android apps for podcasts? This is because of their features and functionality. In Podcasty, you get free and paid version. Rating of this app is steady around 4.5. Clearly, it shows that Podcasty has strong fan following on the android platform. Talking about its features, you get user-friendly design. More, you can make changes according to your wish. In addition to sleep timer, chrome cast, play back speed control a lot more free. However, this app in its early days but it has made its mark in the market.


13. Podcast Addict  

best free podcast android apps

Podcast Addict comes in free service. However, to remove the ads you need to pay $2.99. Why should you Pod cast Addict? In this best android app for podcasts you get unique set of features unlike in other apps like organize you tube channels with your podcasts, chrome cast support, Android wear notification much more. However, you want to put money in this app, but before that, you can prefer other options available with mature interface.


14. Podkicker Podcast Player

free pod-casting android apps

Podkicker is the podcasts app with simple looks. However, you should not go on its simplicity. The features of this best android app for podcasts reminds of Google listen days. In fact, you can enjoy listening the songs available here free. More, this app has featured with auto download and delete, chrome cast support much more. Apart from that, do not expect more from Podkicker.


15. Podcast Republic  

best android applications for podcast

Podcast republic is the high quality podcast app available on the android platform. Here you get to play the podcasts, audio books you tube channels much more. More over enjoy the downloading feature of this best android app for podcasts with the best categories and sub categories available here.


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Final Words – 15 Best Android Apps for Podcasts that You can Use Today

I have done proper research of the best android apps for the podcasts. In my list, you get old as well as new podcasts for your android devices. While downloading any podcast you should decide one think. Is it podcasts is best for android device? Still you need to do some research on it. Even you face any kind of troubling with these best android apps for podcasts. You are free to contact. Further, stay tune with latest updates at Geek guru ji. Share your comments below in the comment box.

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