Top 30 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free 2018

Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free

Top 30 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free: Hello Geeks! Are you looking for best Anime sites to watch anime for free online? Do you want to explore Anime sites like kissanime? Or you are searching for best English Dubbed anime sites? Most of the people like to visit Manga Websites to Read Manga Online. But, still there are many anime lovers who like explore anime sites to watch anime for free.


You like anime streaming websites or not. Are you looking for the best anime streaming websites? First Anime has come in 1917. Later you find many tweaks in anime websites. Anime websites follow Japanese style animation. These websites has gained a lot of attention in the west. The best thing about the anime websites is people who all age groups can enjoy it. As you know that, it is possible to stream TV series, live sports and movies online. In the same way, you can stream anime online. Although you can find some counties that telecast, popular anime shows. Somehow, it is inconvenient for you if you have a strict schedule. Therefore, I am writing this article of top 30 best Anime streaming sites to watch Anime online free.


30 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free

If you have seen, anime shows you find engaging story-lines. Therefore, you do not like to miss any episode of the anime shows. It is the good news for the anime lovers. As they can watch the anime, TV shows with the help of latest technologies. is one of the popular anime streaming websites.


Somehow, it has pulled down due to temporarily issues. Now, all the issues have sorted and it is working. As you have, other alternatives like of Kissanime. I know some of you are the die heart fan of the anime series. Therefore, I have curated the list of the best Anime streaming sites to watch Anime online for free.


1. (Sites to watch anime for free)

Best Anime Streaming Sites

KissAnime is popular for its attractive design. Green color has used in the design of Kissanime. Therefore, this website is the top anime streaming websites to dub anime series. You can find many options on the Kiss Anime website. Like-Mobile report/request, Read Manga, Read Novel, Watch Drama and Shop are some option in kiss anime. Now you can check out the updated version of Kissanime. However, this site has high on video quality, speed load and ease of use of the content and reliability. In addition to, Kissanime works on lower bandwidth. Therefore, is one of the best Anime streaming sites to watch Anime online for free.


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Watch anime online free English dubbed gets high score on clean interface and user friendly. Moreover, you find the design of this website is sophisticated. As the categories have displayed with “full series listing”, “high rated series”, “and genres” and most rated series. You can get full information by just clicking on it. Furthermore, you can scroll down to find the anime series and then hit play. The best thing I like about this site is no commercials. As this is the plus point in Then, you can see the best anime series like Hunter X Hunter, World Trigger, Alice to Zouroku and Strike the Blood II and many more. You can easily visit these English Dubbed anime sites to watch anime for free online.


3. (Anime sites like kissanime)

Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free
Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free

9 Anime has purple color for its website design. Therefore, this design attracts user attention. However, this website is among the best anime streaming websites. As it has huge database of anime videos. High points in this best anime streaming websites are high definition content and request for the latest anime series. Further, there are other useful tabs like Newest, Genre, Types, Most Watched and Upcoming. This makes easier for the user to select the series. 9 Anime has featured with the dubbed version. Therefore, it is one of the best Anime sites to watch anime for free.


4. (Watch anime online free English dubbed)

Anime sites like kissanime has equipped with the decent interface. Therefore, this website is the best website for anime streaming. As it flaunts with exclusive anime series like Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, One Piece and Reborn. Somehow, you may not go with the reviewers. has similar looks with KissAnime. Then the design and interface of the disarrayed Nonetheless, it is quite easy to navigate. As the thumbnails are large and provide proper information. What makes you prefer Chia Anime? It is the HD quality videos available on it. You can watch them on your laptop and mobile.  You can see old and latest anime series on Chia Further, the best part of Chia Anime is that it uploads the latest episodes quickly. You should browse these best Anime Streaming Sites.



English Dubbed anime sites is the best anime streaming websites .You find online English dubbed anime. Further, there are 2500 HD videos of anime on  It is easy to use this website because of clear UI. However, it is easy to search for your favorite anime. You can select from the drop down list. After selecting your favorite episode, you can check its ratings from the left side bar. Then click on the start video option to start with your favorite anime. Therefore, these are the Anime sites like kissanime and easily use as best alternative of Kissanime.


6. (English Dubbed anime sites)

sites to watch anime for free offers stubbed and dubbed version of anime. Therefore, you can get the best anime series on AnimeFreak. You have wide range options like genre, popular anime and latest episodes. While using AnimeFreak you may not like its design. Titles have not arranged in order on AnimeFreak. However, the great thing of AnimeFreak is its catalogue. This is best website for the manga and anime lovers. As you can read manga comics and anime streaming on the same platform. Short ads can disturb your anime streaming. These are the Anime sites to watch anime for free online.


7. AnimeStreams.Tv

Best Anime Streaming Sites
Best Anime Streaming Sites

AnimeStreams.Tv is the best anime streaming sites to watch anime for free. As it has no pop up ads to annoy you. Clear interface with the back navigation on the top bar gives a unique look. You can easily navigate the important pages on AnimeStreams. Further, the search bar located on the side makes easy to navigate on latest anime. Moreover, smooth and simple process makes anime streaming easier. You can choose different servers at one time. These are the best English Dubbed anime sites to watch anime for free online.


8. (Best Anime Streaming Sites)

Anime sites to watch anime for free

Crunchy roll is best on its services. It has crossed 950 titles. Further, Crunchy roll is a legal website. It has paid version of $6.95 per month watching premium content. You can have decent collection of anime on its free version. On the right side, displays of the best shows like to be hero, Monster Strike, Jo Jo Bizarre Adventure etc. What’s more on Crunchy roll. This may excite you. Crunchy roll has an online store to sell the character marionettes and Blu-ray DVDs for the anime lovers. Moreover, you can find its app on your smart phone.



Watch anime online free English dubbed

AnimeHeaven allows the anime lovers to stream and download anime. In addition, there are navigation tabs in the top with big fonts. Classified categories on AnimeHeaven are Dubbed, Popular Today and Genres etc. Moreover, the anime series are alphabetically organized. This makes easy to stream for anime. You have to enter the keyword of the anime to stream. Therefore, these are the few best Anime streaming sites.



Best Anime Streaming Sites to watch anime for free

Anime Nova is the best sources for the free anime online. Somehow, it is easy to stream for anime without sign in. This site is free. Moreover, clean UI and you can get the list from the navigation menu. Apart from the anime series, you can enjoy anime movies online. In addition to, Anime Nova has huge database online. Therefore, you can watch anime online free English dubbed with this site.



Here is one of the best anime streaming website. You can watch English dubbed anime free. Apart from this, you can find popular anime updates with snippets. Moreover, you can search for any anime from anime widget. You should check the anime list. You are planning to watch anime on Soul-Anime. This makes it difficult to watch anime without seeing the complete list.


12. Go Go

Best Anime Streaming Sites: Go Go is another free anime streaming website. It offers app for iOS and Android users. Moreover, it has a good yellow color interface. However, that is user friendly. Then you find the categories like ‘Anime List’, New Seasons’, Movies’ and ‘Popular’ on homepage. Whats makes Go Go Anime different. It is the variety of content available on it. Users can explore full-length anime movies, comic, manga and cartoons. This caters viewers with varied interests.



Funimation Now is the well-established anime streaming company. It operates from North America. Moreover, it is a legal company with flaunting design. Categories have designed in a neat way. Even the site has online blogs and stores. Funimation Now sells the products like anime accessories, figurines and toys. Some of the content is free. You can get the free version $5.99 per month to access the premium content. In addition, you get a trial service for 14 days. Then you can decide you want continue or not.


14. (Watch anime online free English dubbed) is a legal anime streaming. Japanese Anime Company owns this website. As it is similar to funimation now, you can stream for the latest anime. However, to watch the premium content you need to pay a small fee. Then you can enjoy the latest anime shows. Classic titles are very high on resolution. What makes Daisuki unique? You may be surprised to know you can download your favorite anime videos. Moreover, it has ecommerce section to sell anime stuff. Company has even launched app from iOS and android platform. You can watch anime anytime via this site.


15. Yahoo Anime TV

Yahoo Anime TV is the anime streaming site of Yahoo and Hulu. It has free anime streaming. Moreover, you can watch Korean movies, content belonging to ABC, NBC and FOX. Services provided are often creditable. Now, the service is available in USA. The company is trying to expand its business. Using the VPS service, you can stream the anime. Anyhow, you find the thoughtful organization of the titles. While you can enjoy most the anime series for free. You need to pay some fee for the premium content. Then you can get to view al the categories and services of Yahoo View. You should check these best anime streaming sites.


16. Viewster (Top Best Anime Streaming Sites)

Viewster is the legal streaming anime website. This website has different catalogues for different countries. It means a person streaming from US has different catalogue from the Australian one. It has recommended using this site from the US platform. This is because it has high amount of content for the US citizens. However, you can give a try to this website. If you are looking for free and legal anime stuff. Therefore, you must watch anime online free English dubbed.


17. MasterAnime

Master Anime is the great source for online anime. You can watch the anime in HD (720p) or SD (480p). Apart from it, the best feature of this website is the release schedule. This tells in how many hours you can get the show. Isn’t it sounds interesting? Master Anime is the best option to replace with Kissanime. As Master Anime has loaded with some features are:

  • It is 100% free to use.
  • You can set preference host to watch the videos.
  • It has inbuilt library system to get your favorite shows anytime.


18. Anime Ultima

You do not find the design attractive for Anime Ultima. Apart from this, it has the great collection anime videos. What makes Anime Ultima special? It is the great collection of the popular games. Like -Shoot the bird, Poker Frenzy and Tetris etc. You have inclined towards then you can watch here too. Therefore, you need to create an account to get started with the services. Anime Ultima has forms forum discussion about the latest anime. These are the Best Anime Streaming Sites to watch anime for free online.


19. Anime Lab (English Dubbed anime websites)

Anime lab is a legal free anime streaming site. Therefore, you have the latest anime stuff without spending single buck. However, this site is for Australian and New Zealand citizens only. Despite of this, it supports various platforms like android, iOS, Apple and Chrome cast etc. You need to pay the premium fee to enjoy the dubbed version. This can cost you around AUD 6.


20. is not streaming site. However, this is the handy site to find out your favorite anime. You need to search the anime name on the search bar. Therefore, it shows the list of all free and paid sites. Moreover, on the homepage you can find the thumbnails of popular anime shows like Eureka 7, Dragon Ball Z, Hunter x Hunter etc.


21. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is the free anime streaming site. This website has good collection of anime videos. Further, the best of this site is the frequent updates of the latest animes. One thing that may confuse you is the collection. Anime catalog differs with the collection. I suggest registering here free.  You can stream for the latest anime videos online. This site backed with top company. Moreover, it is creating different content for the entertainment industry. I really like these top 30 best anime streaming sites to watch anime online.


22. AnimeHaven

Anime Haven is the best anime streaming website. Even it provides high definition videos for its users. AnimeHaven has completed less than 2 years since being live. Apart from that it has large fan following. This is possible only due to the efforts of the team. They update the website with the latest anime stuff frequently.



Watch anime online free English dubbed has clean interface. This is the best anime streaming website. Therefore, you have experience to enjoy anime videos over here. Moreover, the best part of this site is the calm composure. It does not look messy and rushed away. Somehow, this makes easy navigation for the users. Apart from series, you can enjoy movies and latest manga. You can easily watch anime online free English dubbed online with this site.


24. Sidereel Anime

Sidereel Anime is the anime streaming platform. Best part of this anime site is you can get Japanese and Korean Anime.  It is great news for the anime lovers. You can enjoy Japanese and Korean anime on the same platform. Moreover, it is easy to navigate with the top anime shows. The look of this website has kept simple, yet trendy. As an anime freak, you can check this website too. Therefore, these are the best anime streaming sites.


25. My Videos

Do you want to watch anime? My videos provide you with great opportunity to enjoy anime with manga. My Videos owned by a Japanese company. Moreover, enjoy the German on My Videos. Here you can watch Dragon Balls, Baki and Grappler and many more. Apart from this, design and easy navigation of this site can appeal you.


26. Veoh (Best Anime Streaming Sites)

Veoh is a free anime streaming website. It supports adobe flash player. In addition to, it is a video sharing website on anime. Further, you make other stuff including anime. Even you can upload your favorite anime videos over there. Most of you may like this feature. You get the opportunity to share your favorites online. I really like these type of English Dubbed anime sites to stream anime online for free.


27. Watch cartoon

Watch cartoons are the great source of anime. You can get free anime stuff. Moreover, this is the best site for the anime and cartoon lovers. It provides a large number of most loved cartoons.  This is best for you to get both on a single platform. Enjoy latest anime videos and cartoons. Watch Cartoons get updated with the latest anime videos and cartoons frequently. In addition to this, you can watch cartoon movies on these best anime streaming sites.


28. Anime44 is the storehouse of anime videos. The best part is that you can get them free.  Therefore, it is the best place for the anime lovers. You can get the latest anime stuff with the Korean drama. This can surprise. Do not waste your time in surprising. Start surfing on Anime44 and be updated with the latest anime stuff. Enjoy the Korean drama too. Moreover, it is easy to navigate and search the items.


29. Nartuget (best anime streaming sites)

Nartuget provides anime stuff free of cost. You can get the best anime videos on However, it includes anime movies and even manga. You can twin benefits of using this website. What are you waiting for? Enjoy your anime and manga with the Nartu Spirit. What makes happy is the easy navigation and simple look of the website.


30. Anime Network

Anime Network has free version to get the anime videos. You need not pay single penny. Surf you favorite anime videos. Moreover, this network built to gather news, videos and Japanese stuff. In addition, you can get the best manga comics over here. This website has numerous benefits. You like this website as it has best user-friendly experience. Therefore, these are the few best English Dubbed anime sites to watch anime for free.


Have a look:


Wrapping up  – Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free

Most of this anima streaming websites provides best services. Some of these websites even provide you manga comics, Korean drama, cartoons and news. You get anima videos with much useful stuff. This is on a single platform. However, some websites provides their partly free and partly paid. Apart from this, you may not any kind of compromise done with the free stuff.

You want to dig out shell from any dig then anime websites are the best option for you. Moreover, you can choose one or more sites for the anime videos. Do not forget to share your anime video experience with me. You can update us with your anime streaming sites. I ensure you that I include them in the list. You can contact me. You face any trouble related to anime websites. I hope you get the best viewing experience with my anima viewing websites.


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