Best Punjabi Sad Songs list (100 Super Hit Punjabi Sad songs) MP3-MP4

Best Punjabi Sad Songs list

Best Punjabi Sad Songs list (100 Super Hit Punjabi Sad songs) MP3-MP4: Hi Guys! Are you looking for the best Punjabi emotional songs? You want to download heart touching Punjabi sad love songs. Before this, I want to ask a question from you. Are you for it? It is just a simple question. What is the criterion for the sad song for you? For me the song that makes me cry is a sad song. Punjabi sad songs mainly focuses on the losing your love and missing your loved ones. Happiness and Sadness are the part of life.


When you are sad, you want to hear sad songs. Your mood changes with the Best Punjabi sad songs. Not all the sad song makes you cry. Some of them motivate you even.  Am I right or not?  You want some Punjabi sad for your playlists. I have the top 100 heart touching Punjabi songs.


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Top 100 Super Hit Punjabi Sad songs – Best Punjabi Sad Songs list 2018

Best song is the one that makes a special place in your heart. All the songs in my list are close to my heart. I am good at Punjabi. However, the melody of these Punjabi sad songs has made me there fan. As I think, even you like the Punjabi sad songs of Diljit Dosanjh, Gurdas Maan and many best Punjabi singers.


1. Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


2. Intezaar Karanga – Harjit Harman

You have to wait for the thing you eagerly need. However, this waiting situation can be long. Nevertheless, this is not the time lose hope. Harjit Harman with the help of his song wants you realize this situation. This song is the best Punjabi Sad song.


3. Ijazat – Falak


4. Dukh – Kaler Kanth

All of you have to face sad situations. Dukh is the best Punjabi Sad Song by Kaler Kanth. You need to fight with your sadness. However, in some situations sadness pressurizes your feeling. Therefore, this makes you sad.


5. Hanju –  Harf Cheema


Evergreen Punjabi heart broken Emotional sad songs

Super hit Punjabi sad songs
Super hit Punjabi sad songs

6. Yaad – Kulbir

Yaad is one of the best Punjabi sad songs. You life has filled with memories. Yaad is the Hindi word for the memories. You have to face your memories even it is happy or sad. You remember your best memories with your friends and family.




8. Tere Laare – Sabar Koti

Tere Laare is a song makes you realize about the sad feelings. What sadness actually means? How a person is responsible to bring tears in your eyes? This makes you feel to hate that person. You can download free this sad Punjabi Song.


9. Aadat – Ninja


10. Khat – Guru Randhawa

Guru Randhawa is the Indian singing sensation. Khat is one of the best Punjabi sad songs. Khat means the letter from your loved ones. As letter can be happy note or a sad note. However, it makes you realize the loneliness in your life.


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Punjabi heart touching sad songs MP3 list

Best Punjabi emotional love Songs
Best Punjabi emotional love Songs

11. Prabh Gill – Mere Kol


12. Maa – Anreji Ali

Maa by Anreji Ali is the Super Hit Punjabi Sad Song. You and I are nothing without mom. Mom is the important part of our life. So now, you should be thankful to your mom. She has made you a best person.


13. Rona Chhadita – Atif Aslam


14. Ohi Chann Ohi Raataan – Babbu Maan

Babbu Maan has composed many Heartbroken Punjabi Sad songs. As Ohi Chann Ohi Raatan is one of them. Situations are not same in life. You feel happy or sad. However, in the sad mood you try to remember the sad moments of your life.


15. Qismat – Ammy Virk 



16. Bewafa Hunde Ne – Raashi Sood


17. Yar Mood Do – Guru Randawa

Life is not possible without best friends. Yar Mood Do describes the feeling to losing your best friends. Guru Randawa has done justice with this best Punjabi Sad Song. Best Friends make you feel special.


18. Ikk Pal – Ammy Virk 


19. Aazma – Jassi Gill

Jassi Gill is the singer of the best Punjabi Sad song Aazma. You may be thinking the meaning of the word Aazma. Therefore, Aazma means to test you. In some situation, you find that destiny is testing you. However, this time you need to be strong and fight as a fighter.


20. JAAN – Happy Raikoti



Latest Super hit Punjabi sad songs

Best Punjabi Sad Songs
Best Punjabi Sad Songs

21. Ek Vaar Jo Kita Pyaar – Punjabi Munde

Punjabi Munde has created the Punjabi sad song Ek Vaar Jo Kita Pyaar. I have never fall in love. However, falling love is a special feeling. You become frightened when you think losing your love. As in love you to perform mad and funny things.


22. Adhoore Chaa | Ammy Virk 


23. Dil Mera – R Sheen

Dil Mera is a heart touching sad song by R Sheen. As you know, heart is pure. It has pure feeling as it free from any bias. Like you and me use our brain to be manipulative. However, the lost of someone leaves you heartbroken.


24. Oh Kyu Ni Jaan Ske – Ninja 


25. Khushiyaan – Harbhajan Shera

Khushiyaan is the best Punjabi Sad Song by Harbhajan Shera. No one of you likes to be sad. As happiness is the important part of the life. There are some situations that the happiness is lost. However, you need to fight to for your happiness.


Best Latest Punjabi Sad Songs list 2017

Punjabi sad song old
Punjabi sad song old

26. Mel Karade Rabba Title Song – Mel Karade Rabba


27. Babul – Amrinder Gill

Babul is the Super Hit Punjabi sad song by Amrinder Gill. You have seen in a marriage the vidaai scene. As this is the most difficult situation for a girl to leave her parents. However, every girl has to face this sorrow.  With the help of this song, Amrinder Gill tries to describe the sadness of a girl on her vidaai.


28. Soch – Hardy Sandhu


29. Memories – Billal Saeed

Memories are the best Punjabi Sad Song by Billal Saeed. You brain is a storehouse of good and bad memories. However, good memories make you happy. Nevertheless, the sad memories make you sad. You cannot run from your memories. Therefore, you have to face your memories.


30. KITE KALLI – Maninder Buttar


All Punjabi sad songs list MP3 

Punjabi super hit sad songs

31. Dil Taa Pagal Hai – Babbu Maan

My list is impossible without the Heart Touching Songs by Babbu Maan. Dil Taa Pagal Hai makes you cry. As I have the faced this similar situation. Heart is not like our brain. Brain thinks what is right or wrong. However, Heart goes on with feelings.


32. Dildarian – Amrinder Gill


33. Chaana – Diljit Dosanjh

Diljit Dosanjh is one of rising singing sensations of India. Chaana is a masterpiece in Punjabi Sad Song created by him. It is not true that distances make you closer. Nevertheless, in some situation it acts as a barrier.


34. Yaari – Maninder Buttar


35. Tere Bina – Angrej Ali

Tere Bina is the heart touching Punjabi Song by Angrej Ali. As this song is about how to live your loved once. It is not easy for anyone to live alone. Therefore, you and I need someone to share our sadness and joy. If someone leaves, you become shattered.


36. Faisley – Diljit Dosanjh


37. Hashar – Babbu Maan

Babbu Maan is one of the best Punjab Singers. His songs need no introduction. Hashar is one of the best Punjabi sad songs. However, this song makes a place in your heart. When you hear this song, you like to hear it again.


38. Judda – Amrinder Gill


39. Naah – Hardy Sandhu


40. Door Na Javin – Gurjas Sandhu


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Heart touching Punjabi sad songs that make you cry

heart broken Punjabi sad songs

41. Dil Tutada – Amrinder Gill


42. Tere Bina – Hardy Sandhu


43. Tere Khair Hove – Gurdas Maan


44. Ghar Aaja – Amy Virk


45. Badla – Gippy Grewal


46. Tere Begair – Amrinder Gill


47. Tutti Yaar – Diljit Dosanjh


48. Dila Hauli Hauli Ro – Raj Brar


49. Nikkiye Aaja Ni – Gurbawa


50. Naina – Amrinder Gill


51. Waade Karke – Deepak Hans


52. Kade Tenu Vi Sadi Yaad Ayi – Ranjit Rana


Best Heart broken Punjabi sad songs collection

heart touching Punjabi sad songs

53. Tere Main Na Ho Saki – Feroz Khan

I want ask from you what love means for you. However some of you may say, be your loved ones. What happens when destiny does not want your union? You feel life has ended. Feroz Khan wants you to realize the situation of leaving your love. Tere Main Na Ho Saki is the heart touching Punjabi Song.


54. Gal Di Di – Soni Pabla


55. Sada Dil De – Deepak Hans

Sada Dil De is the heart broken Punjabi Sad Song by Deepak Hans. It is a special feeling of falling in love. Love makes you mad and funny. However, breakups are heartbroken. As you have to take, back your feelings from your love.


56. Tu Hi Sanu Milna Nahi – Sheera Jasvir


57. Sadi Yaadu – Dharampreet


58. Tu Vi Majboor – Feroz Khan


59. Keta Tabah Sanu – Babbu Maan

You find again the best heartbroken Punjabi Sad song by Babbu Maan. Babbu Maan is one of the famous Punjabi singers.  Keta Tabah Sanu makes you feel emotional. However, you cannot stop your tears while hearing this song. As, this song depicts a sad journey of a person.


60. Aasi Khera Tere Bin – Kaler Kanth


Best Punjabi sad songs collection 2017


61. Tute Dil De Tukde – Lovely Nirman

Tute Dil De Tukde is the most popular Punjabi sad song by Lovely Nirman. Lovely Nirman has made his own place in the industry. However, with his song he tries to describe the feeling of a heart broken person. How it feels when you are heartbroken?

62. Jinni Beeti Changi Beeti – Masha Ali

63. Sadeya Para Toh Sikhi Udna – Davinder Kohinoor

Sadeya Para Toh Sikhi Udna is the best Punjabi song. As, this song tells you about how the supportive person. Soon this supportive person realises that he or she has used by someone. The feeling of cheat makes them sad.

64. Je Mile Oh Kudi – Amrinder Gill

65. Pyaar Lai Ke Agya – Amrinder Gill

You all know that love makes you mad. You do not know what is right or wrong. However, the loss of love is a frightening feeling. Amrinder Gill with the help of his sad song tries to realize loss of love.

66. Yaariya Na Milya – Hardy Sandhu

67. Tadap – Garry Sandhu

Garry Sandhu are one of the popular singers in the industry. Tadap is the best Punjabi Sad song from his collection. However, this song feels you realize extreme sadness of the person. The person has become shattered with the huge losses in his or life. He tries to be strong but he could not.

68. Mere Bewfaa Mashooq – Ranjit Maani

69. Aaja Sajna – Gurdas Maan

Gurdas Maan needs no introduction. Aaja Sajna is one of the best songs from his Punjabi sad songs collection. As the emotions of this song makes you carried away. Then you feel you are in a different world. Aaja Sajna is plea of lover to bring back his love.

70. Vidaai Song – Dippa Dosanjh


Top Punjabi Emotional sad songs list

best Punjabi emotional songs
Best Punjabi emotional songs

71. Raati Main Jalaya Diva – Amar Arshi

Amar Arshi has given his voice to Raati Main Jalaya Diva. This song describes the hope of a person. As you, all know lighting a diya means to remove darkness. Therefore, this is a positive song. In this Punjabi sad song, you may that it has used in a negative sense.

72. Dil Nahio Lagda – Priya Nijhar

73. Naina Da Teer – Sukhdev Sahil

Sometimes indirectly taunting leaves you shattered. Eyes are the best medium for it. Sukhdev Sahil has given his melodious voice to Naina De Teer. I think this song makes you realize about hatred. What it feels when someone starts hating you?

74. Rab Varga Se Tera Yaar – Durga Rangila

75. Mere Jina Pyaar – Jeet Jagjit

Mere Jina Pyaar is the song about making realize your love. However, this song tells about a lover. How much he or she loves you. You can have this best Punjabi sad song on your playlists. However, you may feel emotional hearing this song.

76. Roona Chad Yaar Noon – Avatar Maniac

77. Hanju – Raj Brar

Hanju is the Punjabi word for cry. However, most of you are not aware about this fact. This song is the lovely creation by Raj Brar. As in some situation, you need to cry to feel light. Tears take all the sadness away from you.

78. Samundar – Babbu Maan

79. Ki Kareeye – Arshhh

You may be stuck off in a situation. Arshhh with the help of his Punjabi sad song describes confusing situation. Person is stuck in some problems. Later, he or she realizes the inability to solve the problem. You can download this heart touching Punjabi sad song.

80. Sacha Aashiq Koi Nahi – Ranjit Bawa


Best Punjabi Love sad Songs Evergreen Collection

All Punjabi sad songs list MP3

81. Rowi Na – Nadha Virender

Tears are not a solution to any problem. As you need to think for a solution. However, the tears affect your thinking ability. Therefore, you should cry for problems. Rowi Na is the Best Punjabi Song by Nadha Virender.

82. Qismat – Amy Virk

83. Bewafa – Preet Harpal, Kuwar Virk

What it feels when your lover cheats? You are loyal to him or her. On a day you find he or she is a cheater. However, this lives you shattered. Bewafa is a heart touching Punjabi Sad Song by Preet Harpal and Kuwar Virk.

84. Dooriyan – Guri

85. Dil Tutda – Jassie Gill

You know what happens in a heartbroken situation. Further, it is the end of life for that person. Later, with that person his or her family dies in sorrow. Love makes you blind. As a person cheated in love, do not want to live. Dil Tutda is Punjabi Sad Song that reflects heartbroken situation of a lover.

86. Mann Bhareya – B Praak

87. Taare – Aatish

Aatish has given his melodious voice for the heart touching Punjabi Song Taare. As most of you like to look at the stars and moon. This stars and moon tries to say something to you. Is it the truth or not? However, some of you may not take it serious. This is the fact you should believe it.

88. Fikar Na Kari – Inder Chahal

89. Purana Wala – Bohemia/J.Hind

Bohemia and J.Hind has given their voice to the song Purana Wala. However, the time has changed. Somehow, you want those old days back. In order to get those memories back you try hard. This is a sad situation as your trying to achieve something impossible. This is the super hit Punjabi Sad song.

90. Aa Chak Challa – Sajjan Adeeb


Punjabi old sad songs MP3 Super Hit collection


91. Dillan De Jahni – Amar Arshi

Amar Arshi gives his voice for Dillan De Jahni. As you, all know it is difficult to forget your loved ones. Nevertheless, in some situations you need to move forward.  The person goes may or may not come back. You need to live your live. One of the most heart touching Punjabi sad song.

92. Ishq Mukadmein – Manmohan Waris

93. Chithi – Amar Arshi

Chithi is a message. Somehow, the message is good or bad news. Chithi is the best Punjabi Song by Amar Arshi. What you feel if a letter comes for you? However, this may be a happy or sad situation of your life.

94. Tute Dil Kitho Jurde Ne – Ranjit Maani

95. Pagal – Jeet Jagjit

Pagal is a Punjabi sad song by Jeet Jagjit. However, you even realize what makes you mad. How you behave in this situation? Somehow, you never realize what happens. This song makes you realize extreme madness for anything.

96. Nahi Bolna Vichora Tera – Dilshad Akhtar

97. Arthi Tere Aashiq Di – Ranjit Manni

Have you ever seen a lost lover? He wants to get rid of the bad memories of his love. What he finds to get rid of the mad memories? It is death. Arthi Tere Aashiq Di is a heart touching Punjabi Sad song by Ranjit Manni.

98. Mere Kismat Haar Gayi – Amar Arshi

99. Sahiban – Kuldeep Manak

Sahiban is a hit Punjabi Sad song by Kuldeep Manak. So you may find this sad song a full on emotional song. Somehow, this song makes you cry the most. Like comedy movies, makes laugh whereas sad songs make you cry.

100. Sheher Tere Diya Galliyaan – Durga Rangila


Best Emotional Punjabi Sad Songs List

Super hit Punjabi sad songs

101. Maye – Sufi

Have you ever forgotten your mumma? If the answer is yes then the person is heartless. Moms are god for us. As they have given us lives. Sufi with his Punjabi sad song tries to give respect to the moms. You should give respect to your moms.

102. Chana Tere Taare – Hans Raj Hans

103. Tere Naam Da – Parmish Verma

Tere Naam is the Punjabi Sad Song by Parmish Verma. Parmish tries to emphasis on the unforgettable person. Somehow, Life goes on but the memories of these people are still there. As they have some special place in their heart.

104. Sala Ishq Ri Khi – Jassi Gill

105. Tera Pyaar – Jassi Gill

How to describe about true love? However, you have to try to find more words to describe true love. As love is a feeling. Ask to who has fallen in love? Somehow, love changes the person. Tera Pyaar is the best Punjabi Sad Song.

106. Mere Kol – Prabh Gill

107. Dard Da Tana – Nishu Nagra and Imran Khan

Pain becomes unbearable when someone teases you. Somehow, it makes you more weak and depressed. As it is a bad habit to taunt a sad person. In this song, Dard Da Tana is about sorrowful situation of a person. You can get this best Punjabi Sad Song.

108. Naa Jaa – Gurbal Saroya

109. Jhootiya Sajna – Lucky Anil

What you feel about a liar? Of course, you hate that person. Why can a person lie in love? Love is such a pure feeling. Jhootiya Saajana is the best Punjabi Sad song by Lucky Anil.

110. Dil – Ranjit Rana


Top Heart Broken Punjabi Emotional Songs Collection


111. Dil Da Hal – Rai Jujhar

Dil Da Hal is the heart touching Punjabi sad song by Rai Jujhar. You may have seen the condition of person fallen in love. Somehow, love makes the person weak. However, you are in pain when your lover is sad. This is the true love.

112. Daru – Kaka Bhainiwala

113. Tu Bewafa – Love and Raja Sharma

All of you hate cheating.  Why to cheat to your love. As you, need to crystal clear with your lover. Later you may realize your mistake and regret. To avoid this regretful situation be truthful. Tu Bewfaa is the best Punjabi sad song.

114. Aj Roovaan Ki – Sir Badal

115. Ja Tenu Chad Ta – Na Chauhan

Love does not mean to bind someone. However, you may find it difficult to bear the pain of separation. Later, you realize your decision is correct. Even, it is difficult to face painful situation. Ja Tenu Chad is the heart touching Punjabi Sad song.

116. Babua – Dolly Singh

117. Dil Mera – R Sheen

R Sheen has given his magical voice for Dil Mera. I have shared with you many things about love. Love is not to be demanding. As this is a selfless feeling. However, this feeling makes you feel sad. Dil mera is the best Punjabi sad Song.

118. Itbaar – Happy Khan


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Final words – Best Punjabi Sad Songs list (100 Super Hit Punjabi Sad songs) MP3-MP4

Sometimes you are not able to share your feeling of sadness. I am the person who does not easily share my sadness or happiness. These hearts touching Punjabi song are the best way to come out with your sadness. Sometimes the emotions of the sad songs are helpful in uplifting your mood. In my list, you find the Punjabi sad songs of the best singers. Therefore, you cannot stop yourself downloading the songs from this list. I want you to come with your own Punjabi sad songs. As I want that, you should share your valuable comments.

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