Top 14 Best Video Editing Apps for Android (YouTube Video Editing Apps)

Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Top 14 Best video Editing Apps for Android (YouTube Video Editing Apps): Hey Geeks! Are you looking for some top rated free video editing applications for your Android smartphone? Do you need to edit YouTube videos on your Android device? Or you are finding a best way to customize videos inside your Android phone? If your response to these questions is yes, then you are at right place to look for some top video editing apps available in Android platform.


You know that it is easy to shoot videos from your android phone. However, you need to put efforts to make them amazing. Therefore, you need best video editing apps for android. With any of these video editing apps, you can get perfect videos to upload on face book, Instagram, twitter or you tube. In fact, these top video editing applications are convenient to use on Android platform.


14 Best Video Editing Apps for Android (YouTube Video Editing Apps)

All of these video editing apps are the best and choose any one from them. Most of these top video editor apps for android are free but some of them have in app purchases. Apart from the cost, you are focus should be on best quality and features.


1. Action Director Video Editor  

top video editor apps android

Action Director Video Editor is the popular video editing app. However, you may be thinking the reason behind its popularity. This video editing app is available on different platforms like iOS(iPhone), android and PC. In fact, this video editing app is feature loaded here you can import clips, edit and render the video. Along with that, only this video editing app supports 4K videos. One thing you have to do is that check your device supports this app or not. Moreover, developers have linked nifty tool to Google play store. You have to check it on the play store of your android device. Therefore, this app is one of the best video editing apps for Android.


2. Adobe Premiere Clip  

Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Adobe Premiere Clip is one of the big names in the video editing apps. You may be wondering, Why Adobe premiere clip is the best. However, this is because of its features like auto generate videos, edit video manually, add and edit effects, music a lot more. In this app, you can get to use your own music. However, some users find difficulty in using this feature. Apart from that, to use this top rated video editing app for android you need to create account on Adobe Creative Cloud. You can easily use given video editor apps download for android devices.


3. Filmora Go – Free Video Editor   

free video editing android apps

Filmora Go is one of the “best video editing apps for android” by Wonder share. What do you get in Filmora Go? The features of this app are trim, cut and render. Along with that, you can reverse the videos, square videos (1:1) for Instagram and 16:9 videos for you tube much more. In addition to, this app supports features like slow motion transitions, music, overlays a lot more. You may be surprise that this app is free to use.


4. VideoShow Video Editor

top rated video editing android apps

Videoshow video Editor is an amazing video editing app. In this video editing app, you can get trim, organize your videos, clip, and add music. Furthermore, there are some additional features in this app i.e. add emoji, video effects. In fact, this app is useful for face book, twitter or Instagram. However, there are certain limitations in this app; you may not find this app powerful. One reason to use Video-show video editor is that you don’t need to pay single penny for it.


5. Funimate Video Effects Editor

Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Funimate has no features in it, but it is one of the best video editing apps for android. What makes Funimate popular? The features of this app like making music videos or simple videos from the stuff available from your device. More, there are 15 video filters available in Funimate. You can try this app, as it is free.


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6. Kinemaster  (YouTube Video Editing Apps)

best youtube video editing android apps

Kinemaster is a power pack top video editing app available for android platform. Therefore, you can get basics like trim, editing in Kinemaster. More, this app includes audio filters, chroma key (Green screen video effect), video image and effect layers. However, this app is not a full power editor. Thus, you can get free trial before going to the monthly subscription of $4.99.


7. Movie Maker Filmmaker YouTube & Instagram

Video editor app download for android

Movie Maker Filmmaker is an amazing video editing app which is available for free on Google Play store. Along with that, you can say that the best free video editing app with features like video effects, variety of customization. However, this app is not so powerful like the other video editing. Still, you can rely on this app for video editing. Bugs trouble this app. However, the redesigning of this app looks better from other apps. In fact, there are no pop ups ads while using this app.


8. Power Director (Best video editing apps for Android)

Youtube Video editing apps

Power Director comes up with tons of features for video editing. In fact, this includes quick editing tools, various video effects much more. Moreover, you get collage maker and slow motion support. Along Power, Director is a user-friendly app and with that, you get classic timeline editor method. Power Director is free but you need to pay to use all the features of this best video editing app for android.


9. Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music

Best video editing apps for YouTube

Quik is a decent video editing app. Going with the working of this best app for android you can add 50 videos and photos on Quik. In this app, you get two dozen of video styles with reordering customization before you export it. Quik is not as powerful as Adobe Premiere Clip and Power clip. However, it does not mean that this app is useless. You can have the trial of this app as it is free with no in app purchases. I personally used Quik app to make intro YouTube video of my Geek GuruJi channel. Therefore, you surely check out these Youtube Video editing apps for your channel.


10. VivaVideo – Free Video Editor & Photo Video Maker

best photo video maker android apps

Viva Video is just an average video editing app. This app is best video editing app for android as its works well for social media. In Viva video, you get storyboard style of editing, 200 video filters and other effects like text input, fast and slow motion. However, Viva Video has a limitation in its free version that you have a time limit for a video. You can remove this limitation by getting the paid version.


11. Magisto

top 10 video editing android apps

Magisto is a user-friendly video editing app with no pop up ads. In return, what can get from Magisto is that you can easily edit your video. This is a three-step process of this top video editor for android device. Along with that, what more can you get is selection of desired sound track and add title to it. One word to describe Magisto is it is a time saver app. This is the app for those who want to edit videos without wasting time in complex processes of video editing. I really like these best video editing apps for Android to use.


12. We Video

top free video maker android apps

We Video are a cloud based video editing app from android device. However, in this app you can create, edit and publish videos. Moreover, the design of this app is appealing with designer themes to add specific songs and video styles. After the finishing editing, you can share the video on your social media circle. Apart from that this best video editing app for android provides you to upload clips to company’s server before you start with the editing. Then again, download the video after editing.


13. Andro Vid

best video editing android apps

Andro Vid is an easy to handle video editing app. This app comes with features like cut, trim videos, edit, add effects to the video and add the music. More, Andro Vid is a best video editing for android in which you can convert any video to mp3 free. Here you can create slide with music and special effects. Andro Vid is also one of the best video editing apps for YouTube videos.


14. VidTrim Pro

amazing video editing android application

VidTrim Pro is a video editing app for android platform. In fact, you get multiple features in this best video editing app for android. Thus, this app has the best user interface. However, Vid Trim Pro is not free, but you can get trial run before going for the paid subscription. Apart from that you get all the basics with share the video to social media from VidTrim Pro.


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Wrapping Up – 14 Best video Editing Apps for Android (YouTube Video Editing Apps)

Hence, these are the few choices of video editing apps on Android platform. In fact, you can choose any of them from the list. Along with that, you get the best editing experience of your memorable videos. However, you are confused that you want to the paid video editing app for android. I think what can do that use the trial run and then decide. Therefore, here you can find free video editing application for your Smartphone.

Again, I want to say that if you find any problem in using this top video editing app. You feel free to contact. These entire best video editing apps for android have amazing features in them. Along with that, share your valuable experiences with us in the comment. Until then enjoy reading this, soon I am coming with exciting post for you.


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