Broken Link Building: Easy Quick Way to Build Quality Backlinks 2017


If you are looking for some practical ways to build Quality backlinks for your website, this Broken Link building Technique is perfectly designed for you.

There are 1000 ways to build link but all those methods need a quality time to spend on Internet.

This Broken Link building technique has generated a TONS of quality backlinks to my Niche websites within couple of days.

So, excited to know how i do it?

Broken Link Building

Look, In this method you have to simply search for those relevant website pages which have broken links(404 Error links) into their website.

After that you have to simply approach site owner by mailing them to notify those broken links along with mentioning a link of your website for replacing purpose.

And that’s it…

Here I am Performing this Broken Link building Method for You:

Find a Website Page to Get Link

The first step in this method is to find a relevant web page which is related to your Niche. In this example I am targeting “Women Health” niche to demonstrate this technique.

You can easily find relevant website to your niche by searching in Google with following strings:

  • “Women Health” + “Helpful Resources”
  •  Women Health + INURL:LINKS
  •  Women Health + Blog List




Find Broken Links on Website

Now after finding relevant web pages to target you have to find broken links on the page. 

For this purpose i use Free Chrome extension named as “Check My Links”:


After adding this extension to your chrome browser you can easily find broken links to any web page you want. In the following example i simply go to target web page and press Check my link Icon to check broken links.


You can easily navigate to find broken links: 404 Error with red highlighted Links. Green are for valid links and red for Invalid or broken links.


Note down all those broken links which you see on the target web page for notifying the website owner about it.

Notify Website Owner About Broken Links

After finding all those broken links of a web page the final step in broken link building strategy is to notify website owner about these broken links.

You can easily find contact email of site owner by contact page of that website.

After finding mail id, just mail them with following Email template to get higher conversion rate:

” hello [Site Owner Name],

                                 I was looking for some information on [Topic] today when I came across your list of  [Topic] resources : [link]
Great Stuff!
I could not help but notice that there was some broken link on that page:
[ Broken Link URL 1]
[ Broken Link URL 2]
[ Broken Link URL 3]
I just though you had like to know.
Recently I published a guide on [ Your Related Topic ]
It might make a Nice addition to your website.
Either Way , Keep Up the awesome work!
[ Your Name ]
By Mailing 100 this type of mails to website owners in two days you can easily convert 40-50% meaning a lot of backlinks from high authority website that rank #1 on Google web search.
Bonus Tip: By practicing Broken link building strategy you accidentally Build an Email list of website owner which can help your website in many way e.g. Website promotion, business growth & sales growth etc. Try to interact with these website owner and make them your friend… which boost your website authority in Search engine like Google.
Visit SEO strategy for more tips.
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  1. Hi Rajinder,,

    Awesome post!!

    Really vital, a new way to build backlinks for any website, really impressive, Moreover you explained it step by step which is very important, now I can try this for my business too. I also came across a new chrome extension by the name of check my links which i was not knowing earlier, 404 link building was completely new to me”. Glad you shared it!

    Thanks again. Keep sharing informational Post!!


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