25+ Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit 2017-2018

Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit

25+ Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit 2017-2018: Hey Geeks, most of the time we always get confused about starting a business which gives high profit. You can start many businesses with Zero or very low investment along with your job which can earn you handsome money. I will suggest you to start a business which is related to your expertise and passion. If you are still struggling to choose a Business with low Investment and high profit then this listing will surely help you. So here is the list of Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit:


List of 25+ Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit:


1. Teach Your Skills Online: Yes you can make a lot of money by teaching those skills which you have learnt in past. Many self made entrepreneur started like this and grown their business worldwide.

2. Cryptocurrency Business: You can start your trading business with digital currency right now. Many people were unsure about this business in the past but now digital currencies like Bitcoin is reaching new heights every day.

3. Blogging: If you have ability to write some good articles, you can earn a lot of money from it. Just make an account in Fiverr and enter your details in it. Many people will ready to pay you 5 to 10 dollars for writing a single 500-600 words unique article. You can also start your own blog and earn good money by monetizing your blog.

4. Affiliate Marketing: This is very popular way to earn high profit in very less time. In affiliate marketing you have to promote someone others product and when that product is sold you will get a commission from it. Almost all online Retailers like Amazon, Ebay and Clickbank have affiliate program with it.

5. Podcasting: Just like blogging you can start your podcasting business with little investment. Podcasting is a way to distribute some information on any topic with the help of audio files. From the first day you can start earning profit from Podcasting by sponsoring brands and affiliate marketing.

6. Renting Business: You can start your renting business like renting laptop business, renting bike/car/room/office business or any other renting business with little investment. Renting is the most trending business now, most of the rising entrepreneur will capture many different renting markets very soon.

7. YouTube Videos: If you have good presentation skills then you can start your online business with publishing your videos on YouTube. You can monetize your YouTube channel by many sources like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing links in description etc.

8. Credit Repair Business: This business got popularity recently in many countries like USA, Japan and UK. In this business you have to audit some organization for their credit ratings and report it to your clients.

9. Car Pooling/ Bike Pooling: You can start Car/Bike pooling business with low investment in which you have to pool people while travelling. This is the newest and best business idea in our list of – Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit.

10. Drop Shipping Business: You can start your first Amazon/Ebay drop shipping business in which you have drop products to the customers. Many people in USA, India and UK already start earning a lot through this business.

11. Freelancing Business: If you have any specific skill like coding, graphic design, SEO or digital marketing, you can start earning from freelancing your skill on different website like Upwork, Toptal and SimplyHired.

12. Babysitting/ Daycare Business: Babysitting business is very good source of income and can be easily started with low investment in it. But still if you don’t like to take care of children, you can hire some persons for it.

13. Software De-Bugging Business: If you know some programming or coding then you are much familiar to de-bugging process. Many software companies give a good amount of money to de-bug their code.

14. Product Testing/Reviewing Business: Many big companies give a lot of money to review their upcoming product to the market. You can start this business to review and test products of those companies.

15. HR Recruitment Business: If you have a good connection to many Companies’s Human Resource department then you can start this business from today. You can charge both your client and Company for this.

16. Event Management Business: You can start event management business if you have good managing skills. You can hire a team to manage various events like Fashion show, college farewell, Parties and many more.

17. Tuition Business: You can start your tuition center in home with very little capital and earn a good amount of money from it.

18. Security Guard Business: You can start your security guard agency with low investment. Hire some security guard and deployed them to your clients to get handsome amount of money. I know a person who is earning a lot from this business; he simply deployed security guards to various Companies in Delhi, India.

19. Website Development Business: If you know a little bit of website development then you can easily earn a lot of money from it. Many small business owners now require website of their business. You can develop their business website and get good amount of money from it.

20. Online Marketing Business: If you know little bit of online marketing then it is also a very good source of income generation. If you don’t know digital marketing then you can hire some digital marketer for it. Digital marketing is the future of marketing. Invest in it to get good return.

21. Rainwater Harvesting Consultancy Business: In many cities it is mandatory to store rainwater for future usage. You can start your Rainwater Harvesting Consultancy Business with very low investment and can earn a lot.

22. Email Marketing Business: In this business you have to mail proposals of your clients to their customers. Your client gives you a list of emails where you have to send proposals through email. You can use many email marketing tools like Mailchimp for it.

23. Real Estate Business: You can start your real estate business with very low investment in it. Many people need to buy or sell their property. You can charge both buyer and seller in it. This is most profitable business idea in our list of Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit.

24. Arts, Painting and Craft Business: If you have passion for Art and Craft, you can get a good amount of money by selling it to galleries or online.

25. Lunch Box Delivery Business: Employees always find problem to have a good lunch in their corporate life. You can start Lunch box delivery service by very little investment through your own home.

26. Car/Bike/Mobile Repairing Business: You can build your repairing station to repair Car/Bike/Mobile with little investment. You can start any other repairing business like T.V. repairing. 


These are the few Business ideas in list of “Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit”. If you have some new business ideas suggestions, do comment it!


Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit


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