Cute Instagram Captions for Couples (Girlfriend & Boyfriend Love Quotes)

Cute Instagram Captions for Couples

Cute Instagram captions for couples (Girlfriend & Boyfriend Romantic Love Quotes): Hey Friends! Are you looking some cute love quotes for your soulmate? Instagram is a widely used social networking platform along with Facebook and twitter. However, to maintain a good profile on Instagram you need good captions. Therefore, every time you want unique captions for your numerous photos. Generally, couples like to take pictures and upload them. For the couples Instagram is the best platform to upload the photos of their girlfriend and boyfriend.

However, for the desperate couples who want to post on Instagram, need happening captions for their photos. Thus, sharing your lovely moments of cute selfies and last date photos you can get Instagram captions for couples here. What do you say when post a couple selfie? In fact, I know most of you are confused. However, let not raise the bar of your confusion. This time I am ending your struggle to find Instagram captions for couple.


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Top 100 Cute Instagram Captions for Couples – Romantic love Quotes

With these Cute captions for Instagram you can share your romantic feelings easily. While this time uploading your pictures on Instagram, do not forget to look through these cool captions.


Cute Couple Captions

Instagram Captions for couples

Couples look cute together. That is every couple wants to say with their pictures on Instagram. In fact, you are the happy and sweet couple. Hey, you want to make jealous to your friends with beautiful pictures and Instagram captions for couples. Here are the cute couple captions:

1. Love overloaded with cuteness is more beautiful.

2. Beauty is her power, but smile is her sword.

3. Keep smiling because there is so much to smile in life.

4. We are together like cup cakes with frosting.

5. I know that there are plenty of fishes in the sea, but you are my nemo.

6. I am in love with and with all your little things.

7. Can I borrow a kiss? I will return it back soon.

8. Warm and fuzzy feeling called love. I have found it.

9. You are the king baby, I am your queen.

10. You are the apple to my pie.


Cute Quotes for your Boyfriend to make him Smile

Cute Instagram captions for boyfriend

1. Nothing is more precious in life than your love.

2. Facebook always ask me what’s in your mind. Honestly it’s always you.

3. Let us be weird together. I don’t want anyone else.

4. I know it is rude to stare you, but you are so cute. So, I stare.

5. Can I tie your shoes? I don’t want you to falling for someone.

6. You are my favorite distraction.

7. Every time my phone goes off. I feel it is you.

8. My heart beat is always fond of you!

9. I don’t love for fancy clothes or looks, but they sing a song only you can hear.

10. I think you are lacking vitamin in me.


Silly Couple Captions

cute instagram captions for girlfriend

Hey, you are the couple for them life is a party. When you are together, make each other laugh. May be, you are the silly couple who have ruined their romance. In fact, I have some silly Instagram captions for you that can goofy you are Instagram photos

1. Here are the silly and cute couples.

2. Once I tried to normal-worst two minutes of my life.

3. If you are with me, I am willing to risk my cooties.

4. Nature has designed lovely thing called kiss, to stop speech when words become superfluous.

5. Love makes us mad, but there are reasons to be mad in love.

6. There is no heart like yours in the whole world, but there is no love like you and me.

7. I am loud and funny but people tell me to be quiet, but when I am quite people ask me what happen.

8. I am not sure about the inner child. However, I have an inner idiot that surface in me.

9. You have stolen my heart.

10. When I came, I saw you that made me awkward.


Cute Instagram captions for Girlfriend

cute quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile

1. If you want me as a lover, please don’t get me with my friends.

2. Haters going to hate and lovers going to love.

3. Mostly she is a woman. However, behaves like an old man when her drink problem comes out.

4. Sometimes you have to through the crown and remind me who they are dealing with.

5. Love is the joy of the good; it is the wonder of the wise, amazement of gods.

6. I don’t believe in soul mates until I met you.

7. I was normal before I met you. Then I realized we both are weird.

8. I am with you. I can get the whole zoo.

9. Two such things you and me cannot be parted away easily.

10. She honest, funny and can hold liquor. Let you touch her butt. Marry her yesterday.


True Love Captions (Best Cute Instagram Captions for Couples)

true love quotes for couples

Are you finding true love? On the other hand, have you found true love? It is true that you have found true love. Then you have started to spend time with each other. Further, you are so much in love with each other that you do not want to spend your life with anyone else. Here you can perfect true love captions for Instagram.

1. You don’t cross my mind but live in my mind.

2. I wearing that smile that you gave me.

3. You have this incredible way to bring back my smile.

4. All you need is love-and all I need is yours.

5. You are my favorite daydream.

6. I fell in love with you because you love me. I don’t love myself.

7. Before I met you, I never knew how it feels to smile without reason.

8. I fell in love in love with you the way you touched me without using your hands.

9. Every day with you is a new adventure.

10. Love is friendship that has caught fire.


Cute Instagram captions for boyfriend

cute instagram captions for couples
Cute Instagram Captions for Couples

1. Entire universe conspire me to find true love. That’s you!

2. I want to turn the clock back, so that I can love you longer.

3. Your arms feel like home than any house.

4. You are my present and all my future.

5. What I have with you, I don’t want from anyone else.

6. Best part of love is that, makes you better person without changing exactly what you are.

7. I am too late to be your first. However, I am trying hard to be your last.

8. I will sit in the dark side with you, if you cannot look to the bright side.

9. You and I together have an incredible art to bring back our lovely smiles.

10. When my mind is searching for peace, then you are my favorite place to find peace.


All Time Couple Instagram Captions

Instagram quotes for couples

May be you find your true love this time. Therefore this season becomes you are season for love. It is different from usually days. Therefore, you need Instagram captions for couple to describe your special days.

1. I want to be with you, when the bloom.

2. That’s true time stops when you fall in love.

3. Universe existed to bring us together.

4. In Everyday of my life, I fall for you.

5. True love stories are never endings.

6. It’s impossible to love anybody with whom we never laugh.

7. Nothing is impossible for those who have love and patience.

8. Love and reason are sworn enemies.

9. It would be a privilege to have heart broken by you.

10. If you love a thing, it should be infinite.

Romantic Quotes for lovers

Innocent Instagram captions for couples

1. There are two things in love-bodies and words.

2. Love must be light like a flame.

3. Everything is nice when we both are together.

4. I wanted to be with you, I wanted it to be badly.

5. Baby, it’s cool outside, but it’s warm with you.

6. We believe a great pumpkin in this house.

7. Love someone is invisible miracle for others.

8. Whatever our souls made of, his and mine are the same.

9. We go together like winter and sweater.

10. Fall in when, I fall in love with you again and again.


Love Quotes for him from the Heart

love Instagram captions for couples

You have finally found the one who is your world. For this, the following Instagram captions for couples below make your photos look beautiful.

1. I am love with you and with the world.

2. While travelling fall in love and be happy.

3. Love is not gazing at each other, but looking outward in same direction.

4. Travel brings love and power back in life.

5. Hold my hand, I will go anywhere with you.

6. Let us travel together and lost in beautiful places.

7. What all we want in life- fall in love, travel and be happy.

8. It does not matter where we are going. What matters the most is who is with you.

9. We will travel together and fall in love forever.

10. Love every minute of your life.

Best Romantic Instagram Captions

Cute Instagram Captions for Couples

1. You love the best thing in your life – gather sweet memories of the places you have seen.

2. Where you are and where I want to be.

3. Explore the world while travelling; bring back love in your life.

4. It is wonderful to travel with you, but we would not travel without each other.

5. You should go on trips with someone you love the most.

6. We just fall in love while travelling as strangers.

7. We love to travel together and lost in the beauty of the beautiful places.

8. I love to travel the world with you.

9. You should hold my and we go to explore adventure.

10. I’ll take two things while travelling – you and the camera.


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Wrapping Up – Cute Captions for Instagram (Girlfriend & Boyfriend Love Quotes)

Lovebirds busy in catching their sweet memories.  However, you are searching for the words to describe their love on Instagram. Therefore, you can use Instagram captions for couple. These captions in this list have divided in different categories like true love captions, all time captions a lot more.

Explore the Instagram captions for couple here and upload your photos on Instagram to get more likes. For now, enjoy this post on cute Instagram captions for couples. I am back soon with the exciting stuff for you. One more thing, do not forget to share your comments in the comment box.

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