Dragon Quest Builder 2: New Game coming for PS4 and Nintendo Switch


Hi Everyone! Here i am with the latest news on Dragon Quest Builder 2. Square Enix  has just announced today in Japan that they are launching sequel of Game series Dragon Quest Builder for not only PS4 but also Nintendo Switch.

Now in the announcement ceremony there are few details are shown up about the game “Dragon Quest Builder 2”. Now you have the full option to swim, collect things underwater and also glide through the air. So there are much more movement options there as well.

Wow Amazing Add on…

In addition to these changes this game now can be played with Multi Player option (Up to 4 Players). To be really honest this game looks really amazing from its previous version.

It’s really awesome how you can build thing and become addicted to that way but it also has a guided story with it. So I am really excited for the Dragon Quest Builder 2. The smartest thing which is added to this game is the fact that it is on the Nintendo Switch, and also it has multi player which mean you and your friend can play it together anywhere.

Dragon Quest Builder 2

PhyreEngine is used in its previous version i.e. Dragon Quest Builder 1. But now as they are launching this game to Nintendo Switch they must need to re-configure the PhyreEngine or must start from scratch with another suite like Unreal Engine 4.

Currently it is not clear that which engine they will use in Future but from the game previews its looks like they re-configure PhyreEngine.

But keeping all these technical things apart i am happy that we are getting a sequel game of Dragon Quest because i really loved the first version and completed all stages as well as secret challenges of this game.

Dragon Quest Builder 2 is under development for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The release date of Dragon Quest Builder 2 is not announced yet, but hopefully it will be launched in the end of this year. 

In the end i am finishing up by saying trailer of this game looks really good, hope this game’s story mode as good as its trailer.

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Video Trailer of Dragon Quest Builder 2 :


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