Elon Musk’s OpenAI Bot Beats World’s Top Dota 2 Player [ Check it out ]


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Latest news is coming from the Dota 2 World Championship “The International” that Elon Musk’s OpenAI Bot has beaten World best Player “Danil Ishutin“. This AI bot is developed by OpenAI Startup which is funded by the Elon Musk.


This OpenAI Bot uses the Neural Network Fundamental principle to learn Dota 2 game in 2 weeks. The OpenAI Bot learned all skills and techniques by self playing the Dota 2 game from scratch in just 2 week. 


Greg Brockman the Chief Technical Officer of OpenAI told media that this AI Bot is trained by self-play. This OpenAI Bot started to play Dota 2 game with zero knowledge and keep on playing with a copy of his own. After playing for 2 week this bot is capable to beat any Top ranked Human player who plays this game for years.


 To test the skill level of this OpenAI Bot Greg Brockman participated into the Dota 2 world Championship i.e. The International. This tournament started on 7th August in Seattle with prize money of $10.7 Million US dollars.


But, due to rules and regulations of the tournament this OpenAI Bot is not eligible of any Prize money. Still OpenAI team convinced Dota 2 top ranked player Danil Ishutin AKA “Dendi“. The organizer of The International introduces a special best of three 1V1 Match between the AI bot and Dendi. 


OpenAI Bot


When the match started Dendi realize that he is dealing with some serious stuff. The OpenAI Bot beat Dendi in straight 2 matches and Dendi give up for the third round.

After the defeat Dendi joyfully tweeted:  


After this defeat media is going crazy upon the AI Bot which defeated the professional Dota 2 world class player. But one more AI robot which was developed by Microsoft has done something that no human ever achieved. Microsoft AI Bot in the starting of this year beat all level of Ms. Pac Man game.


Microsoft also helped in the development of OpenAI bot which won against the Dendi. Elon Musk also thanked Microsoft on the twitter for helping OpenAI by allowing them to use Microsoft Azure crowd computing platform for its development.


Elon Musk tweeted to thank Microsoft: 


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Source: Twitter openai , CNN


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