Esports in India: List of Top Indian Companies in Electronic Sports 2017

esports in india

Esports in India is one of those industries which is completely under-rated. Indian Premier League and Pro Kabaddi League have completely change the scenario of Sports league tournament in India. But still, Esports is struggling to find its space in India despite of its craze in European countries, Japan and United States of America.

Esports in India has many level to cross but still many Players have taken a step forward in this Industry. It is estimated that by 2021 Esports will become 1 Billion Dollar market in India. So, to complete this market there are few rising Esports Companies that will surely change the structure of Esports in India:


List of top Esports Companies in India that are changing the scenario of Esports in India:


1. NODWIN Gaming

NODWIN Gaming is one of the first Company which is offering complete gaming solution in Esports in India. They aim to provide best services in E-sports for building a great gaming community in India. Currently they are providing services like hosting and managing esports events, Solutions for Gaming media and coverage, Gaming Merchandise, Competitive Esports gaming events and many more.

Founder: Akshat Rathee, Gautam Virk, Anup Dustaker, Shefali Johnson.

Headquarter: Gurgaon, Haryana

Esports Services: Esports Fixtures and Events, Esports merchandising, Cosplay, Gaming Media Coverage.


2. Indian League Gaming 

Indian League Gaming is a 360 degree Esports Company whose main aim is to create a sustainable environment for Esports in India and provides anything and everything in and around Esports (Esports Leagues/Tournaments), Esports Branded Content, Esports Consultancy, Player Management, Esports Marketing/Engagement).

Founder:  Lokesh Suji.

Headquarter: Gurgaon, Haryana

Esports Services: 360 Degree Esports & Solutions.


3. LXG India

LXG India also known as League of Extra Ordinary Gamer India is founded with one main aim that is to bring gaming to next level in India. They believe to provide the best gaming platform for game lovers across the country. They are providing many services like E-sports gaming events, gaming cafe set-up, entertainment services and online gaming stream TV (LXG India TV).

Founder:  Aravind Ananth.

Headquarter: Banglore, Karnataka

Esports Services: Gaming events, Gaming Cafe Set up, Gaming TV.


4. Sostronk 

Sostronk created a platform through which any one can log in and play their favorite Counter Strike Global Offensive game against the top players across the world. Sostronk is created by some passionate Esports geeks and wishing to move Esports into the forward direction in India, Asia and worldwide. They have created a dedicated Esports website with high response time, great edge client and efficient servers. We must say they have created one of the most popular CS:GO ESports platform in India.

Founders:  Prashant Prabhakar, Karan Misra, Abhishek Das, Vimal Tripathy.

Headquarter: Banglore, Karnataka

Esports Service: Counter Strike Global Offensive Esports Platform.


5. GamingMonk

GamingMonk is a gaming company which is providing online Esports Tournament for the Players across the country. They also have some great gaming stuff like Video Game DVDs, TV panels, Game consoles, gaming Merchandise on their website.

Founder: Ashwin Haryani, Abhay Sharma.

Headquarter: New Delhi, Delhi

Esports Services: Online Gaming Tournaments, Esports Merchandise and other Stuff.


6. AFK Gaming

AFK Gaming is providing some great Dota 2 esports gaming stuff. This Company is excited to build new era of Esports in India.

Founder: Siddharth Nayyar, Nishant Patel, Rakesh Ramchandran.

Headquarter: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Esports Services: Dota 2 Gaming Tournaments, Casting Esports Tournament.


esports in india


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