Esports: Video Gaming Might Get Include In the 2024 Paris Olympics



11 August 2017, Latest News is coming that you might see Esports i.e. video gaming events in the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics. According to the Press, Co-President of the Paris Olympic Bid Committee Tony Estanguet will talk to “Esports” gaming officials for the possibility of introduction of Video gaming in the Next 2024 Paris Olympics.


It has been already declared that esports will hold a special place in the 2022 Asian Games. Now, Olympic Committee is planning to launch esports in upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics.


Olympics is considered to be the Top most Sports event all around the Globe. Top Players from different countries come to participate in this event. Now, if video gaming is included in this event you will surprise to see some great gaming players from all around the world. However, the decision to include video gaming (esports ) in the Olympics will be the toughest decision for the Olympics Committee.




In next month International Olympic Committee will gather in Lima, Peru to Decide hosts for 2024 Olympics between Paris and Los Angeles. Paris has a good chance to Host 2024 Olympic over Los Angeles. Los Angeles might get hosting for 2028 Olympics games.


Estanguet said to media “The youngsters are really excited for the Inclusion of Esports in the Olympics. Now, Olympic Committee will take a look in all circumstances regarding this and decide to include Esports for Olympics. IOC wants to understand Esports in better way before deciding to include it in 2024 Paris Olympics. But I am very positive for this Inclusion.”


Will Video gaming be included in 2024 Paris Olympics? Right now, we can’t say much but video gaming will get its big BOOM when it gets included.


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