How to Find Competitor Backlinks & Steal Them [ Best Backlink checker ]


How to Find Competitor Backlinks & Steal Them (Backlink Checker): Today i am going to tell you my one of the Best SEO strategy  with the help of backlink checker that will boost your website ranking like Hell!

In this post you will find some easy ways to find your top competing website and easily steal their backlinks in matter of No time.

It takes only to spy your competitor’s backlinks with online FREE tool i.e. backlink checker that not only tell how many backlinks does your competitor website has but also it tell where it is located.

There are many tools i am using but for this post i am going to recommend Open site explorer because you don’t need to register an account on that tool and easily begin checking your competitors backlinks.


So lets start with taking an example- “buy headphone” to rank in Google search engine. Now this niche is highly competitive, if you wants to rank your website in this niche then you have to do a lot of work to on #1 page on the Google.

But… there is a smarter way to quickly rank your website with highly competitive keywords and implementing following steps:


Best way to find Competitor Backlinks & Steal Them – Backlink Checker


1. Find Your Top Competitors

The first step is to find those competitors which is already in the top spot to rank “buy headphone” in the search engine like Google. This step is not rocket science you can easily type your target keyword “buy headphone” in the Google and see which websites are ranking on the #1 page of the Google.


After finding top competitor, head over to Open site explorer and target top 5 competitor website into it.


2. Finding Competitor’s Backlinks – Backlink Checker

Now you have to copy competitor URL and just paste into the  Open site explorer backlink checker search box and press search button.

backlink checker-geek-guruji-search


And BOOM, you have a full list of competitor’s backlinks which you can target easily. You can also check SEOprofiler backlink checker to build backlinks.




3. Stealing Competitor’s Backlinks

Now in the backlink checker go through each and every URL of competitor backlinks and check the possibilities to build a backlink to that website.

I am in this post only explaining first URL i.e. which hold a Do-follow backlink of Amazon website URL:

Which is on the Top Spot of Google ranking for keyword- “buy headphone”

Now if you see website this is only one page website just made to give Amazon a do-follow backlink.


If you see this website you never see any Amazon word and URL but… If you hover over “Headphones” word that i highlighted then you can easily see a Amazon do-follow backlink URL.


4. Use Backlick Checker to build Quality Backlinks

From my past experience, i can surely bet Amazon has bought some SEO-company to Rank his URL for keyword “buy headphone”.

So , those SEO company usually make one page FREE website (In this case this site is made by: Sitey Free Website Builder Tool) in which they post do-follow backlinks of their client.


You have to just copy the Idea of your competitor to make a new one page Free website and add a do-follow back link of your website into it.

COOL STEP HAAA!!!!!!!    😉


In Conclusion – Find Competitor Backlinks & Steal Them (Backlink Checker)

You have to just observe backlinks in the “backlink checker” of your competitor and within a day you got very good amount of backlinks to your site for ranking any highly competitive keywords.

Bonus Tip: Always have a habit to find blogs where you can comment for your website, forums where you can build links to your website, directories that submit your website and all other website that allows some kind of submission that includes a website URL.

At last, I simply say “You can duplicate success by simply copying techniques of high ranking websites“.


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