Free Hookup Sites Like Craigslist (10 Craigslist Alternative Dating Website)

Craigslist Alternatives

Ahh! It’s one heartbreak after another. Am I seriously not made for anybody at all?

You may be one of those persons who are bad at having relationships.

Of course, finding a partner online is not an easy task. And with more and more people joining the social media bandwagon, getting to meet your soulmate has become quite an issue.

Having faced such dead ends, I thought I should take a look at what those dating sites have to offer.

And you know what?

I succeeded in enlisting ten of the best dating websites. That too helpful enough to get us going for free. Let’s look at them one by one ―


1. Coffee Meets Bagel

Craigslist Alternatives
Craigslist Alternative – CoffeeMeetsBagel

CMB presents a clean interface similar to Facebook. You can say it’s perfect, but the suggestions are quite less.

The good thing is that people here are real. Spamming is not easy because one can either log in through Facebook or by providing his/her mobile number.

As the website says, CMB works on its unique algorithm that curates people based on users’ profiles.

Those people who like each other can only get into a conversation. In other words, Singles who don’t match the interest criteria can’t get in touch.

Another thing to note is that it allows you to send a message with your Likes. This feature will help you to start a talk, thereby increasing your chances to connect.


2. Tinder

Tinder is a social networking cum dating website to meet people in your locality. It’s one of the most popular dating services in the market, serving almost 30 billion people around the globe.

It has a flashcard-like interface to mark people with a like or a dislike. The algorithm adjusts itself accordingly and adds up connections worth your preferences.

It has a ‘Top Picks’ section, where users can find people who are popular among others. If you keep up your mannerism up to the standards, then you can also get your name here.

Be sure to add a detailed biography in your profile – otherwise, you can connect with only a few people. This particular limitation has caused many users to choose other websites as follows.


3. Meet Me

As I said earlier, Sites like CMB and Tinder classify people based on their locality and interests. Compared to that, MeetMe focusses on a global approach.

It helps you find and meet people irrespective of where you stay.

In the menu option, you can manually select a different location every time you search. It also contains a toggle for age, ethnicity, marital status, etc.

Moreover, You also have the option to see whether or not the person is online or offline. It increases the probability of instant replies, which is a must-have in online chats.


4. Tagged

Tagged is one of the most comprehensive dating websites in the world. One of the reasons is that It doesn’t have any local limitations either.

It runs on an algorithm called ‘dating game’ in which users are bought and sold as pets. Each pet has a price tag on him/her, which is proportional to the popularity of the user.

Buying and selling pets helps you get various achievements and gold coins to buy more pets. When other people buy you, your value increases and you become more popular with each purchase. This way, you can make connections with a lot of people at once.


5. Ok Cupid

Craigslist Alternatives
Craigslist Alternative – OK Cupid

OkCupid is one of the first free dating websites with a variety of gender and orientation options. What makes it different is its mission to help people make meaningful connections.

You can either use your Facebook account to log in or signup on the site itself. While other sites ask you to fill up your details, it asks you to answer multiple-choice questions.

At first, there will be 15 questions in total. The answers you choose will decorate your profile to curate compatible matches. After signing in, you’ll see a flashcard-like list of patterns, each marked with a compatibility index.

This algorithm does help connect like-minded people, but it also brings about monotony in choice making. That’s the only limitation I faced so far.


6. Bumble

Bumble is all about empowering women. If you’re in search of a dating website that focusses on social safety, then this is the one for you. It implements the philosophy of gender equality from the moment you sign in as a member.

Here, women are said to make the first move. And what about men? They can’t send any message whatsoever. Men are to fill up their profiles with the necessary information and wait for a girl’s reply.

To stop people from spamming, it uses a profile verification algorithm. This way, Bumble teaches its users how to create and maintain relationships that too healthily and respectfully.


7. HitWe

HitWe is one of the most sought-after dating sites that run on friendliness. It uses a social discovery algorithm to help you explore and match people based on your intentions.

The Nearby Radar feature shows you, people, currently online near your place of stay. You can start a conversation by sending various emojis and pets.

The pets here are not real people as they were in Meet Me. You can send different animals as pets and nourish them with your popularity. Each activity you do earns you several hearts, which you can spend on buying newer emojis and pets.

I didn’t find the necessary arrangements that oppose spamming. You may find users with fake identities and messages that link to phishing sites.


8. Hinge

Craigslist Alternatives
Craigslist Alternative – Hinge

Hinge used its technology to connect people by studying the realtime behavior of its users. Being an online dating website, it tracks the movement of a relationship to the surety.

The mission of ‘Hinge’ is to get deleted as soon as the person finds his/her soulmate. It focusses on the connection made in person and not just in the virtual environment of likes and dislikes.

It follows an eight steps rule to make a relationship successful. First of all,

  • People are to fill up their intros in detail;
  • Then they get monthly prompts of the most likely dates;
  • You like people and choose the most compatible person;
  • You should make sure all your activity is thoughtful and unique;
  • Then you wait patiently till the other person likes you;
  • You respond to the other person with your considerate replies;
  • You meet the person in actual terms;
  • And that’s not all – the site asks you to give feedback regarding your experience.


9. Badoo

If you’re looking for a website for casual dating and hookups, then Badoo is the one for you. Its primary focus is on uploading pictures and being honest with other users.

It depends on a photo verification system that’s too rigid for new users. After your account is approved, you can make connections without any blockades.

Here, users play a game called Badoo Encounters. It has the same flashcard-like interface, similar to tinder. You can press 1 to like and 2 to dislike the person in an instant.

To message a person, you need to upload at least eight pictures. But you can’t send multiple texts unless the person likes you back.

One thing that makes Badoo stand apart is the option to host live video streams. Each video session earns them credits as a token of their popularity.


10. Elite Singles

Elite Singles presents a dating website for highly educated users. It is suitable for those who want their partners to be intellectuals. Most of its users are beyond the age of 30 or so.

The signup process depends on a personality test that asks about 30 questions. Your profile is eventually built based on what and how you answer them. This way, your encounters become detailed, and the matches are more accurate.

It lacks usability and easiness of understanding. Unlike other websites, the interface is quite sluggish too. The users, however, are real, and spamming is cut down to the minimum.



We have discussed the ten best dating websites, which are way better than Craigslist once was. If you ask me to choose the best one among them, It’d be a difficult choice for me too.

Talking about the interface, almost all of them follow a flashcard-like one. But the sites differ in the algorithm they use to match and connect people. Our opinions may be diverse.

10 Best Free Craigslist Alternative Dating WebsitesNevertheless, I hope I managed to enlist the best dating websites which show up as an alternative to Craigslist.

What do you think? Do Comment.


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