How To Activate Your Du SIM Card

Activate Your Du SIM Card

If you’re someone who wants to visit Dubai or are already there, then this article is for you. Here do I tell you how you can activate your Du SIM Card. I insist you should read the steps carefully.

Hi there, Du Telecom is offering free SIM cards to people on their visit to Dubai. With this move, they are aiming to make tourism easier and safer there.
It has the following features ―

  • It comes with 3-minutes of talk time, and
  • 20 MB data
Activate Your Du SIM Card
Du Dubai – Tourist SIM Pack


Here’s How You Can Activate Your Du SIM Card

The SIM will be valid for a total of 30 days (or) the number of days of tourist’s stay, whichever is earlier.

To activate the SIM, you need to follow the next steps ―

  1. Insert the SIM card in your mobile phone.
  2. After switching ON the phone, Dial *122#
  3. Afterward, follow the instructions on the call to activate the SIM.

If you’re facing any problems as such, you may ask the Promoters to sit over the Immigration counter. Once you’re done activating, you will be connected with the superb service that Du Telecom has to offer.

Activate Your Du SIM Card
Du Dubai – Tourist SIM Plans

The Free plan comes with a minimum quota of minutes and data to use. Therefore, you have an option to recharge the SIM with a variety of packs, namely ―

  • For AED 55 – Get 500 MB of Data and 20 Minutes of Talktime for 7-Days
  • For AED 55 – Get 2 GB of Data and 40 Minutes of Talktime for 14-Days
  • For AED 55 – Get 3.5 GB of Data + 1 GB Wi-Fi and 50 Minutes of Talktime for 14-Days

As for the SIM – You can extend the total validity by dialing *135# and following the instructions therein.


Wrapping Up:

Having understood the way to activate your Du SIM card, I believe this article served the purpose well. Let’s hope everything goes as you’ve planned.

Do comment your views regarding the same and have a safe journey. Much Love.

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