How to Send Gift Message on Instagram (Steps with Photos)

How to Send Gift Message on Instagram

Social media has been created as a boom in our lifestyle. In this world, we have been having a great advantage in accessing them. We can send messages on Instagram. As well as we can make short videos on it that is called Instagram reels[1]Instagram.

Moreover, its main feature involves uploading quality photos of every niche to the outside world. In respect to other applications, Instagram has added a special characteristic to showcase only on the images rather than any articles and website links. This application has involved all eminent persons in the world.


What is a gift message on Instagram?


This app regularly updates its system and brings out crazy new features that create a boom for its users. Moreover, recently it has added a new feature that helps us to send gift messages to our friends on Instagram. Therefore, many people are searching for ways to Send Gift Messages on Instagram?

This feature involves editing your text messages to some special structures that create a crazy look for our friends. This feature helps us to create an attraction for our friends to read our messages. It has made a sensational addition in getting respect for any text messages on the app. The texts used to get some special priority to the users.


Steps to Send Gift Message on Instagram

Step 1: At first, you have to download Instagram either from your Ios or Android operating system. Then, you will have to open this app on your device. You can download this app in no extra time. This app’s size is approximately 32MB. Thus, it gets inserted on your phone in a very efficient way. It has over a billion downloads on the Google play store. It is safe to use on both Android and Ios devices.

Open Instagram

Step 2: Then, you will have to make an Instagram account on your device. You can access this app only after making an account. You can also directly sign up with the help of Facebook or Google accounts.

Open account in Instagram

Step 3: Then you can search for your friends on the app. After searching, you will have to click on the follow button to make a friend on this app. After that when your friend further follows you back, you can send messages to your friend. Moreover, your posts can also be visible after your following process becomes complete.

Search friends

Step 4: On opening your app, you can see the posts of your friends on the front page. Their stories are also visible to you on this page. On swiping this page to the right, you can see a new page that enables us to send messages to our friends. There is a search bar at the top from where you can search for your friend to whom you will send the messages.

Send messages on Instagram

Step 5: On the text option, you will have to type your desired messages. With this feature, you will have options to edit your texts and makes them look fancier. There are special graphics available on this app from which your message gets converted into different themes and fonts. Your fonts get changed and also there are also special background effects that are used to get tied up to your texts.

Edit your messages on Instagram

Step 6: There is a search bottom at the left of your text option, On clicking the search bottom, you can get all the available styles and GIFs that will get added to your messages. There are various styles comprising of fireballs and gift wraps that will unfold your texts like a gift box. It creates a fancy look to your text message and makes it cool for our friends to see the messages.

Send gift messages

Step 7: After clicking on any of your styles, they get added to your message, and then on pressing the send bottom, your message gets sent to your friends.

Adding gift meesages


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Thus, Instagram has helped us not only in showcasing our photos but also in sending trending texts to our friends. This feature makes us look cool and creates a higher favor to our personality. Moreover, this makes the other person feels special to himself and creates a strong bonding between us.

Hence, by following these steps, you can easily use this feature on your device. If you have any further issues regarding “How to Send Gift Message on Instagram?”, you can directly comment on the comment box.

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