How To Uninstall Npm In Ubuntu And Windows Fast

If you’re a geek like I am, you must be acquainted with what ‘npm’ is. For starters, it’s a package manager built for ‘Node.js,’ which again is the runtime environment for Javascript. Just as it’s simple to install it either on Ubuntu or Windows, It’s pretty easy to uninstall npm as well.

You see, the process to uninstall npm is not a standalone task. Since it forms part of the Node.js altogether, it so happens that you need to remove the whole package to get rid of it.

And so, without sparing much effort on the text, let’s move on to knowing how it’s done. I’ve prepared a step-by-step guide for the purpose as follows.


Steps To Uninstall Npm In Ubuntu

1. Firstly, Open up the terminal either by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T or by tapping on the app.

Uninstall Npm
Open Terminal

2. Now, Verify the version of npm already installed by typing “npm -v”

3. Once the existence is confirmed – Type “sudo apt-get remove npm”

Uninstall Npm
Uninstall Npm – Command Line

4. That’s it. You can verify again using the “npm -v” command to check if it’s left.


Steps To Uninstall Npm In Windows

1. First up, Pull up the Start Menu and Search for “Uninstall Node.js”

2. Right Click on the icon, Goto “More” and then click on “Run as administrator.”

Uninstall Npm
Run as administrator

3. In the dialog box that pops up, select “Yes” to finally remove npm.

Uninstall Npm
Uninstall Npm – Removal

4. That’s it for Windows. Npm is successfully removed.


Wrapping Up:

I believe the steps, as presented above, were helpful to you. Although a no. of users use both the OS individually, I think that this tutorial was pretty beneficial for those using it on Windows.

It wasn’t difficult at all, and it was effortless to follow. Wasn’t it? Do comment your views.

Stay Tuned To Tech.


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