Jio Customer Care Number (24×7 Toll Free Number) Reliance Jio 2017

Jio Customer Care Number

Jio Customer Care Number : Hello Geeks, Are you struggling with your latest Relience Jio Sim? Do you finding a best way to connect with Jio customer care? Do you looking for some other Relience Jio Offers? Or have some other type of problem with Jio. If your answer is Yes, Then I am writing this article only for you on all about Jio Customer Care Number and its available services.

Jio Customer Care Number for other Network
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In India, the numbers of Jio Users are increasing day by day. Most of the people now start using Jio Sim because their very low 4G Internet price as compare to other Network. With this heavy demand of Jio 4G internet, many times we have face a number of problems like Slow internet speed, call dropping, Network Problems etc. So, in this case it is necessary to have Jio Customer Care Number to get help from Jio customer care executive for some Jio related problems. 


Many people struggle to select a perfect Jio plan for them. Many people have problems related to roaming or any other issues. So, to clarify their dilemma to select a good plan or any other roaming related issues, I am writing all possible Jio Customer care no. for them. I have browsed the entire internet to get all possible Jio customer care number to help you out for Jio related problems.

Jio Customer Care Number (Jio complaint number) Updated List 2017

Following is the complete table of Reliance Jio Customer Care Number:

JioCare – Jio Customer Care Service Name

Contact Info

Jio Customer Care Number(From Jio Number)

Dial 198 / Dial 199

To Get New Jio Sim Connection

Dial 1860-893-3333

Jio Customer Care Number for Other Network


For Activating HD Voice/Data Services

Dial 1977

For Activating only Data Services


Relience Jio (24×7 Toll Free) Customer Care Number

Dial 1800-103-8877

Helpline Number: JioPhone Pre-booking Voucher


Helpline Number: LYF SmartPhone


Jiofi Customer Care Number (From Jio SIM)

Dial 1860-893-3333

Jiofi Customer Care Number(From Any other SIM)


24×7 Toll Free Number (For Jio Corporate Customers)

Dial 1800-889-9333

Helpline Number: JioFiber Service


Helpline Number: Online Shopping


Jio Customer Care Email Address

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Email Address to get New Jio Sim or Any Service

[email protected]

Email Id for Online Shopping Related Issues

[email protected]

Mail Address For Corporate Connection related Inquiries

[email protected]

For Any Security issues or Product Bug

[email protected]

Chat with LYF Expert

JioCare Twitter Account

Jio Official Facebook Page


Jio Customer Care Number


Jio customer care number Tamilnadu: 1800-103-8877

Jio customer care number Mumbai: 198 or 199


The above table shows the few Jio complaint number and proper ways to contact to Jio Customer Care executive for any problem related to Jio. In case of any problem which is not listed in above list you can contact me anytime. Now I am going to discuss some common Jio inquiries in detail:


Jiofi Customer Care:

JioFi Wifi is one of the best Portable Routers which is priced under Rs.2000 . If you have a 3G phone and wanted to use Jio 4G service then this JioFi gadget will surely please you. But still, it is an electronic device, so there are some possibilities of hardware or software defects in it. So I am going to share with you Jiofi Customer Care number which will help you to contact JioFi Customer Care Executive. Also I am writing best technique to resolve JioFi issues without calling customer care executive.


Jiofi Customer Care Number (24×7 Toll Free) 2017:

  • In case of any help related to Jiofi gadget you can call on 1860-893-3333 Toll free number from your Jio Sim.
  • You can dial 1800-889-9999 customer care no. from any other Network like idea, Airtel to get help in Jiofi related issues – Jio Customer Care Number for Other Network.

Quick Tip: If all these Helpline are busy, then you can use MyJio App for resolving any Jio or JioFi issue. Simply go to MyJio app and login with your Jio account. Now, swipe left sidebar in it and find Jio Care option in it. Go to Live Chat option and type your complete problem in it. You will get reply within few minutes in it.


Resolve JioFi Issues without calling Customer Care Executive:

Jiofi Customer Care

1. Go to Jio Support link.

2. Now select “Service and Devices” option in it.

3. Then go and click to JioFi option in it.

4. Now you will get FAQ related to all JioFi devices.

5. Find your own Jiofi problem in it and try to solve it without calling any customer care executive.


Jio Customer Care Number for other Network:

Sometimes it is seen that your Jio SIM is unable to work properly or receive any Jio Network. Therefore, you get some problems related to the incoming or outgoing calls. In that case you need call Jio Customer care no. from some other Networks like Airtel, Idea or Vodafone. 

You need to call on this number – Jio Customer Care Number for other Network: 1800-889-9999


Jio Customer Care Email Id:

In our daily busy routine, sometimes we do not want to waste out time on waiting and calling customer care executive. So, in that scenario there is one another way to get help from Jio customer care support in a very fast way i.e. Jio Customer care Email id. You can direct email your problem to Jio help team and they surely response you within an hour. You can use this method to get quick help from Jio help center, when you find toll free Customer care numbers are busy from a long period of time.

Just write a simple mail with suitable subject about your problem and send it on given Email address:

Jio customer care email id: [email protected] or [email protected]


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Jio Care Service in MyJio App:

This is the one of the popular and fast way to get help from Jio help team. This Jio Care service is recently added in the MyJio App. If you have a Jio SIM and MyJio app in your Smartphone then you can easily contact Jio care team in very short period of time. Just follow these steps to get help from Jio help team in MyJio App:

1. Open your MyJio Application in your Smartphone.

2. Go to MyJio option in it.

Jio Care Service in MyJio App-geekguruji1

3. Swipe on the left Sidebar.

4. Now click on Jio Care option on it.

Jio Care Service in MyJio App-geekguruji2

5. Now go will get four options in it: Frequently asked questions, Live Chat, Call Now and Service Request.

Jio Care Service in MyJio App-geekguruji3

6. In Frequently Asked questions you will get many popular questions related to Jio issues. You can easily find a suitable solution of your problem by it in FAQs.

Jio Care Service in MyJio App-geekguruji4

7. Jio Customer Care Chat – Instant Live Chat: This option will help you to Chat with a Jio customer care executive to resolve your Jio related problem. Just select this option and click on Yes option when you find this question: Do you still need to chat with our advisor?

8. Call now option will help dial a Toll free Jio care number.

9. Service request: In this option you can easily raise a request of your problem and submit it. Within an hour your request will be responded by Jio Care team with a suitable solution in it.

Jio Care Service in MyJio App-geekguruji7

Jio Customer Care Chat:

This is the instant live Chat option which is added into the MyJio App, which can be easily used to resolve your issue in a matter of few minutes. This option is considered to be the best option for them who don’t have time to call customer care executive. Live chat is recently added into the MyJio app which will help you to get a solution from Jio Customer care Chat. You can use following steps to use Jio Live Chat Properly:

1. Just open MyJio application in your Smartphone. 

2. Click on MyJio option in it.

3. Now swipe left sidebar and click on Jio Care option in it.

Jio Customer Care Chat

4. Click Live Chat Option.

Jio Customer Care Chat

5. Press Yes option to the Asked question.

Jio Customer Care Chat

6. Type your Jio issue in it and send it.

Jio Customer Care Chat

7. Within a minute you will get a response from Jio Care Team.

8. Chat with them to get a suitable solution of your problem.

Jio Customer Care Number



Getting Help by Official Jio twitter/ Jio Facebook Account:

You have another one more way to contact Jio Care team with their Social Networking Website like Twitter and Facebook. Jio regularly update their twitter and Facebook account and give quick reply to every inquiry in it. You have to just visit their Twitter or Facebook account and post a query in it.

So, by using this process you can easily contact Jio customer care and find a suitable solution to your problem.



Twitter to Contact Jio Customer Care:

Follow these points to contact Jio Customer care team with the Help of Twitter:

1. Go to the Twitter website and login with your Twitter account.

2. Press the Tweet Icon or click on “What’s happening?”

3. Now you have to type your Jio issue with your Jio SIM number in it.

4. You can also add some other details in it.

5. At last just add a Tag “@JioCare” with your typed tweet.

6. Now click Tweet option to post your query.

7. Within few minutes a customer care executive will help you out.


Facebook to Contact Jio Customer Care:

Many people prefer to use Facebook for resolving their daily Jio related issues. So, here is the proper way to contact Jio Care team with the Help of Facebook: 

Facebook to Contact Jio Customer Care

1. Go to the Jio Facebook Care account here.

2. Now simply go to the “Write Something on This Page” option in it.

3. After this just type your complete Jio issue with your Jio number and other detail in it.

4. Press post after typing.

5. You will get a quick response within few minute after posting your query.


How to Fill Jio Compliant Form? 

If you are not willing to visit twitter or Facebook account of Jio, I have one more option for you to resolve your queries related to Jio. You can fill a Jio Compliant form on the Jio official website and within few minutes a customer care executive will contact you with proper solution.

Follow these steps to fill a Jio Compliant Form:

1. Go to the Jio Compliant Form here. 

2. Now simply fill the required detail in it i.e. your email Id, Subject and your message.

3. After filling your Jio issue with your Jio SIM number, Click the Send button.

4. After sending your query waits for some time.

5. Customer care executive will contact you on your given Email Address. 


Reliance Jio infocomm office address

Reliance Jio Infocomm LTD.,

Second Floor, Building Fortune 2000,

New Bandra Kurla Complex,

Near Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051.


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So, that’s all for today! If you have some other problem related to Jio customer care number, just comment that issue in the given comment box. We will surely help you out in that case.

Do share this post with your friends and family members. Also bookmark this link because i will update this post regularly which help you to find Jio customer care number easily. 


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