LG V30 Will Have Plastic Full Vision OLED display – LG Officials

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LG Smartphone Manufacture Company just has announced a “Major Update” about his next LG V30 Smartphone. 

LG President Juno Cho has announced that LG V30 will have a Plastic FullVision OLED Display. They also provide a partial image of that Phone which indicates that LG V30 will have 6 Inch Plastic FullVision OLED Display.

LG V30

Its worth to notify that LG V30 is not first LG smartphone that has OLED display. LG G Flex 2 also sport OLED display but it does not have FullVision display in it.

In past few days LG has already created a lot of rumor on the Internet about LG V30 Smartphone , but never confirmed to launch this phone with OLED FullVision display.

LG also announced that Plastic FullVision OLED display will be perfect for VR applications and can handle many task related to it in much efficient way.

In company’s press conference LG has mentioned that this phone will have 6 Inch display which will be be the largest display of LG in the last 4 years.

It will be much thinner than LG V20 and also its logo will be designed on the back of LG V30 phone. LG V30 will have a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels and also support HDR10.

LG announced that this phone will support 148 % of  sRGB color space for digital Photos and 109 % of DCI-P3 color space for digital cinema.

LG V30

As far as protection is concern this phone will be protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 sheet of glass which have  shatter-resistant technology.

Encapsulation technology will help to reduce oxidation of the pixel and LG’s own Pixel Scanning technology saves a lot of battery power and life.

Due to Plastic OLED screen LG V30 is designed in curve manner with ergonomic design , and it fits perfectly smooth in the hand.

FullVision display technology introduce in LG V30 helps to get a perfect accuracy across all the color band with high 4.15 million pixels of the QHD.

OLED display provide many advantage like 10 times faster response time which is far better than traditional LCD smartphones. It also reduces the after image effect in the VR and other video playing functions.


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