Link Building with Footprint SEO Technique 2017 [ The SEO Guide ]


Link Building to your website is considered very important and very time consuming  method for SEO. You can find more than +100 methods for link building online but they will consume a lot of time and money.

So, here I am showing you another SEO tip’s that surely help you to get quality and relevant Backlink to your website in matter of No time.

So what really Footprint SEO technique? 

Footprint SEO technique is a cool technique for Link building in which we use to find relevant web pages for link building  by using footprint of a website’s platform.




For example, most of the blog that runs on WordPress platform have a “Powered By WordPress” Footprint somewhere bottom on the website.

So, If I want to search a bunch of WordPress website i simple type “Powered By WordPress” in the search engine like Google:

link building geek guruji


If you add your target keyword or niche market you can go more specific and can find some really good website for link building that is made on wordpress platform:


link building-geek-guruji2


So, After finding your niche related websites that is powered by wordpress platform , you can easily build quality backlink from the comment section in it:

link building-footprint-geek1


Try to fill comment which is relevant to the post. Don’t just spam it!

Add URL of your website in Website section and in matter of 2 minutes you just made a quality backlink that is on #1 page of Google.

Footprint SEO method is also useful for finding relevant forum for link building purposes. Not only forum Footprint method is also Useful for finding all other website which give a section to build link for your website.

Following are the Top list of FOOTPRINTS that i made and personally used for link building purposes.


Forum Footprint keywords:


UseBB Forum:                   “Powered By UseBB 1 Forum Software”

PHPNuke Forum:             “PHP-Nuke Copyright”+”By Fransisco Burzi”    

FluxBB Forum:                  “Powered By FluxBB”

vBulletin Forum:              “Powered By vBulletin”

phpBB Forum:                  “Powered By phpBB”

XMB Forum:                      “Powered By XMB”

XenoBB Forum:               “Powered By XennoBB”

MyBB Forum:                   “Powered By MyBB”+”Return to content | Lite(Archive) Mode”


Blogs and Other Platform Footprints Used by Me:

WordPress Platform:              “mail address will not be published”+ “Powered by WordPress”

BlogEngine  Platform:            “Powered By BlogEngine” +“Add A Comment”+ “Name*”

Joomla  Platform:                     “Powered by Joomla” + “Write comment” +“Website:”

SquareSpace Platform:           site:*  + “Post a New Comment”

B2Evolution Platform:          “Your email address will not be revealed on this site.” + “Leave a comment”

SharePoint Platform:              “Built using the SharePoint” + “Comments”

Movable Type Platform:         “Powered by Movable Type” + “Post a comment”

4Images Platform:                    “Powered by 4images” + “Author:” + “Comment”

Plogger Platform:                     “Powered by Plogger” + “Post a comment:”

Drupal Platform:                      “Powered by Drupal” + “Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.”

Geeklog Platform:                   “Powered by Geeklog” “The following comments are owned”

You have to use these Footprints keywords along with your Niche keyword and you find relevant web sites where you can easily make high quality backlinks in the matter of minutes.



Written By: Rajinder Verma


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