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Mac Mini Alternatives

Mac Mini Alternatives: Hello  Geeks, Are you searching for a best alternative for Mac Mini? Do you want to order new best Mini PCs? Or Just want to explore all new Top Mac Mini Windows PCs. If your reply is “Yes”, then you have came to a right place for looking all new Best Mac Mini Alternatives. Here you will get a list of budget good mini PCs which has high performance with great features in it.

Some people prefer to use Windows OS over Mac OS because of its ease to use, large number of free resources and software. So, that’s why I planned to write a list on some best Mac Mini Alternatives or Mac Mini Windows PCs for your convenience


You may think Mac Mini is the only option to buy as a quality Mini PC for your home or office. But this is not the truth. There are many Mac Mini Windows Equivalent that can easily beat Mac Mini PC in term of quality, features and reasonable price.

Following are the some quality and affordable Mac Mini Alternative in 2017 for you, which you can purchase to get best PC and gaming experience at your home or office.


Top 10 Mac Mini Alternatives in 2017:


Following are the best Mac Mini Alternatives in 2017:

Mac Mini Alternatives

Product  Rating (Out of 5)

Product Pricing

ASUS ChromeBox-M004U Mini Desktop



Acer Revo One Home Entertainment Desktop



Dell Inspiron i3050-3000BLK Desktop



Intel NUC NUC5i5RYH Mini PC



Kangaroo MD2B Mobile Desktop Computer



Lenovo Ideacentre 610s Mini Desktop with Projector



ASUS GR8 II-T069Z VR Ready Mini PC Gaming Desktop



MINIX Neo Z83-4 Mini Desktop Computer Windows 



ASUS VivoMini VC65R-G039M Barebones Mini PC 



Lenovo Ideacentre Q190 mini Desktop Computer with Wireless Keyboard



These are the few best Mini PCs that you can buy to enjoy best mini PC experience. Now, let see these Mac Mini Alternatives in detail with complete specification and features. 


ASUS ChromeBox-M004U Mini Desktop (Mac Mini Alternatives):

Best Mac Mini alternatives

ASUS ChromeBox-M004U Mini Desktop PC is currently the number 1 best seller Mini Computer in Amazon. This, ASUS ChromeBox has a compact design with great features and performance. This Mac Mini Alternative runs on a 1.4 GHz Intel Celeron 2955U Processor. It has a 2GB DDR3 RAM with 16 GB SSD Hard Disk Drive. This device is known for the world’s smallest chrome Mini PC having just 4.9″ Length X 4.9″ Width X 1.65 Height. 

This device has internal Intel HD graphics card which is best for playing video game on it. So, you can use this device as a Mini PC Gaming Console. It has latest Google Chrome OS with Linux Kernel in it. Due to its light weight and small size it can be easily carried while travelling. To know more about it: Check it out: ASUS ChromeBox-M004U

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Acer Revo One Home Entertainment Desktop (Best Mini PCs):

Mac mini alternative

First of all Acer Revo One is the best Mac Mini Alternatives which has great feature and performance, just like Mini Mac. If you are finding a closest similar Mini PC then Acer Revo One is the best choice for you. It has 5th Generation of Intel Core 2.1 GHz Core i3-3217U processor in addition to 4 GB DDR3 of RAM in it. Acer Revo has very large memory space to store your data. It has 1000 GB of internal Hard Disk Drive.

The best interesting feature of Acer Revo One is that it came up with wireless keyboard and mouse with it. For Playing HD video games on this Mini PC, it has Intel HD Graphics 5500 card. It has internal 802.11ac WiFi modem, which means it can connect to any Wifi Network. It has 2-2 ports for both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 each. This device came in very compact size with dimension 4.2 X .2 X 6.1 inches.

Some other Acer Revo One Great features:

1. Pre-Installed Windows 10 in it.

2. This device came up with High-definition Audio Support. That’s 

3. To read memory, it has Digital Media Card Reader in it.

4. For connecting your Bluetooth devices with this machine, it has internal Bluetooth 4.0 LE in it.

5. To connect LAN internet, this device has 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port.

6.  1 HDMI Port + 2 USB 2.0 Ports + 2 USB 3.0 Ports + 1 Mini Display Port.

7.  Acer Revo One is came up with Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Finally, I personally believe that Acer Revo One is the best option for Mac Mini Alternatives and you surely check this out: Check: Acer Revo One

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Dell Inspiron i3050-3000BLK Desktop (Mac Mini Windows PCs):

Similar to mac mini

Dell Inspiron i3050-3000 is a powerful Mini PC Desktop which has very good features and performance. This Mini PC is powered by Intel Celeron Processor J1800 (1M Cache, up to 2.58 GHz) with powerful 2GB Single Channel DDR3L RAM. You can store a large amount of data in it, with option 32GB Solid State Disk Drive.

This machine will come up with pre-install Windows 10 Operating system with Bing ENG. Furthermore, this Mini Desktop PC is designed in such a way that it will give you great video gaming performance with the help of Intel HD Graphics card

Other Features in Dell Inspiron i3050-3000:

1.  To read memory card, this machine has 3-in-1 Media Card Reader.

2. This Mini PC has Bluetooth 4.0 internally; therefore you have options to connect various Bluetooth devices with Dell Inspiron i3050-3000.
3. This machine also has Wifi 802.11ac, which help you to connect Wifi signals.
4.  It has wired Dell KB216 Wired Keyboard and also a Dell MS116 Wired Mouse with it.
Finally, I would say this option for Mac Mini Alternatives is best for those people who prefer to use a device for a long period of time. Seems like, this Mini PC device has a very good quality hardware which will survive for over long period of time. I will surely consider these best Mini PCs for using as alternative of Mac Mini Windows PCs. Click here to know more: Check: Dell Inspiron i3050-3000

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Intel NUC NUC5i5RYH Mini PC (Mac Mini Alternatives):

mac mini competitors

Intel NUC NUC5i5RYH is a multipurpose high performance Mini PC and one of the best Mac Mini Alternatives. This device can be used for multiple purposes like as a Home Theater, PC gaming console and Mini PC Desktop. For gaming purpose this Intel NUC device will provide Multiple HD Displays with rapid start mode. In addition to this, Intel NUC has Multiple Ports which can be used for multiple peripherals with it.

Some technical specifications of Intel NUC NUC5i5RYH:

1.  This device is powered by 5th Generation of Intel Core i5-5250U processor.

2.  It runs on 2 GB DDR3 1600 of RAM.

3. For playing HD video games and other purpose, this device has internal Intel HD Graphics card 6000.

4. For storing your important data this device has internal 16 GB SSD of Hard Disk.

5. This device came up with Windows 8.1 OS in it.

6. Internal Wifi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 are available for wireless connectivity.

7.  You will get 4 Ports of USB 3.0 and 2 Ports of USB 2.0 with it.

Almost every feature of this Intel NUC NUC5i5RYH is considered to be good as compare to other Mac Mini Alternatives. You can check more detail on this device by clicking here: Check: Intel NUC

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Kangaroo MD2B Mobile Desktop Computer (Best Mini PCs):

Mac Mini Alternatives

Kangaroo MD2B Mobile Desktop Computer is a world’s smallest pocket PC which can be easily carry to any place. It has pre-installed Windows 10 Operating System and powerful Intel Atom x5 Z8500 Processor 1.44 GHz with it.

This Mac Mini Alternative is running on 2 GB LPDDR3 of RAM. To store your valuable data this device came up with 32 GB of hard disk in it.

Some other Features of Kangaroo MD2B:

1.  The average battery life of this Mini PC device is 4 Hour.

2. To play HD video games this device has an Intel HD graphic card in it. 

3. The actual size of this product is 4.88 x 3.17 x 0.52 inches which is very compact to carry.

4. Due to Wifi 802.11 a/c, this Mini PC can easily connect a Wifi signal.

Hence, this option for Mac Mini Alternatives is very suitable for those people who travels on regular basis. Because this device is too small, it can be easily carry in your pocket or any small case. Now can check it out for more detail: Kangaroo Mobile Desktop

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Lenovo Ideacentre 610s Mini Desktop with Projector (Mac Mini Windows PCs):

Best Mac Mini alternatives-geekguruji

Lenovo Ideacentre 610s is a super compact Mini Entertainment System with a projector in it. This projector can be used to project HD movies, videos or even video games. Lenovo Ideacentre 610s uses the Intel 2.8 GHz Core i3-6100T processor. If you are looking a large amount of RAM in Mac Mini Alternatives then this device is for you. Because this device consist of 16 GB of RAM more than any other alternative of Mac Mini Windows PCs.

Lenovo Ideacentre 610s will come with pre-install Windows 10 in it. If you are worry about storing your large amount of data, then this device make you happy with their 1 TB SATA3 of Hard disk drive

Lenovo Ideacentre 610s other Features:

1. For the playing HD video games, this Mini PC has a GDDR5 Graphics card. The size of the graphic card is 2000 MB (2 GB).

2. To connect Wifi connection, this Mini Desktop came up with internal Wifi 802.11A modem.

3. This Mac Mini Alternative has four (4) number of USB 3.0 Port with it.

4. The size of this device is really compact i.e. 5.31″ X 10.12″ X 5.5″.

Therefore this Mac Mini Windows PCs is best option for those who want some great entertainment system in their Mini PC. Click on the following button to know more about it. Click here to know more

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ASUS GR8 II-T069Z VR Ready Mini PC Gaming Desktop (Mac Mini Windows PCs):


ASUS GR8 II-T069Z VR is the best option for the gaming geeks like me. If you want to buy a Mini PC just for gaming purpose then ASUS GR8 II-T069Z VR is the number 1 choice for you. This Mini Gaming PC is powered by 7th Generation Intel Core i5-7400 processor. This Mini Gaming PC has pre-install Windows 10 in it, so you don’t have to worry about installing any Operating system. 

In addition to this, it also has large amount of RAM in it. This device has 16 GB of RAM which can process any big game to play on it. If you have large number of data, games or movies to store then you can easily store it in 512 GB of hard disk drive memory in it.

Some ASUS GR8 II-T069Z VR Specification:

1. It has 3 GB of Geforce gtx graphic card in it to play big HD video games.

2. For Wifi it has 802.11B, 802.11G, 802.11n Wifi system in it.

3. The number of USB 3.0 ports is two (2) in it.

4. The size of this Mini Gaming PC is 11 x 3.4 x 11.7 inches.

Therefore, this Mini Gaming Desktop is best suited to those people who want some great gaming experience with their system. I would say this Mini PC is one of the best options for Mac Mini Alternatives. You can check more detail here. Check: ASUS-GR8 Mini PC

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MINIX Neo Z83-4 Mini Desktop Computer Windows (Mac Mini Alternatives):


MINIX Neo Z83-4 is one of the high rated Mini Desktop PC with great performance and features in it. This Mini computer is running on powerful Intel Atom 1.8 GHz of processor with large amount of RAM in it. MINIX Neo Z83-4 consists of 4 GB of RAM to process your all task. This Mini Computer is has lot of space to store your content, it has 32 GB of Hard disk drive space to store your data. 

Some More MINIX Neo Z83-4 Features:

1. This Machine is coming with Pre-installed Windows 10(64 Bit) operating system.

2. For playing Big HD video games, this device has Intel HD Graphics card with it.

3. For wireless connectivity, This Mini Computer has 802.11 ac Dual Band Wifi (2.4ghz/5ghz) with Bluetooth 4.2 in it.

4. It also has video out ports Mini DP and HDMI 1.4 in it.

5. For connecting headphone and Mic, it has HDMI 1.4, 3.5 mm stereo jack and 3.5 mm stereo jack in it.

6. To connect various USB peripheral, it contain 3 USB 2.0 port and 1 USB 3.0 port in it.

 This Mini Desktop PC is considered to the best Mini PCs among other listed in this “Mac Mini Alternatives” post. You surely check other detail of this device here. Click here: MINIX-Neo

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ASUS VivoMini VC65R-G039M Barebones Mini PC (Best Mini PCs):


If you are looking for some Bare bones Mini PC system then ASUS VivoMini VC65R-G039Mis the best choice. This mini computer is processing with the help of 6th generation Intel Core i5-6400T Processor in it. This device is bare bones system which means you to purchase separate RAM and Hard Disk drive for using in it.
To play big size games, it has Intel HD Graphics 530 card for providing full gaming experience. If you are planning to connect USB peripherals to this device, manufacturer has provided 4 USB 3.0 ports to it. This device also has provision to connect Mic, headphone or speaker with their 3.5 mm audio and video jack. It also contain HDMI-Out and VGA(D-Sub) ports with it. To know more about this device does click on following button. Check: ASUS-VivoMini
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Lenovo Ideacentre Q190 mini Desktop Computer With Wireless Keyboard (Mac Mini Windows PCs):


Finally, Lenovo Ideacentre Q190 is the last best option for Mac Mini Alternatives. This mini desktop computer has very good combination of specifications and performance with it. This Mini system runs on powerful Intel Celeron 1017U 1.6 GHz Processor. It has 4 GB DDR3 of RAM which is sufficient enough to play any big video game.

 Lenovo Ideacentre Q190 provides a large space to store your data, movies and other contents with 500 GB 5400 rpm Hard Disk Drive. This mini desktop computer came with wireless keyboard which has a range of 20 meters. It also has pre-install Windows 8.1 OS in it.

With 4 USB 2.0 Ports, 1 VGA Port and 1 HDMI Port this machine can connect a large variety of peripherals with it. At last, it has one mini handheld wireless multimedia remote with built in mouse and keyboard with it.

To know more about these Mac Mini Alternatives, do click on the given icon. Check More: Lenovo-Ideacentre

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Finally, these are the few options for Mac Mini Alternatives which you can easily get on any online retailer brand. These Mini computers are the best alternative option for the Mac Mini PC. I will update this post on best Mini PCs regularly with all new Mac Mini Windows PCs.
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 Mac Mini Alternatives
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