Middle Earth: Shadow of War requires an Internet For Market System


Hello Guys, Here I am with latest update on the Game “Middle Earth: Shadow of War” which is coming in 10th October 2017. Monolithin Production has just announced that Middle Earth: Shadow of War’s game will have Market system which requires an Internet connection for its operation.

Also this game has loot boxes and micro transactions which will give you opportunity to build army little bit fast than earlier. Now this is the serious issue for those single player gaming community because they think that single player games must don’t have micro transaction in it.

Because of the fact that you never played that game earlier before, unsure about stage is longer or not and benefits you if you put your money into it.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor game was one of the finest creations of Monolithin production. I really loved that game but its sequel version seems to be lag due to its requirement of Internet in the Market system for micro-transaction.

After this announcement Gaming Fans boosts their anger by posting Middle Earth: Shadow of War official forum with lot of question, and community manager MonolithJared answered a lot of questions from them.

Gaming Fans unable to digest the fact that this game firstly have no option of any Multi-player and now they are adding Market system for micro-transaction which require Internet.

In return MonolithJared has answered that Market system is introduce to avoid hackers to generate its own In-game currency without any actual payments.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Also added that some gaming community wanted to clear the stages fast and finish their game in quick time. Micro-transactions are added for those communities.  But to avoid this option’s exploitation fro hackers they added Market system which require Internet to access it.

A lot of controversies are created before the launch of game Middle Earth: Shadow of War in 10th of October 2017. Many people think that micro-transaction will ruin this game and many think opposite.

So, what you think guys? I wanted to know your opinion about this game, do comment your views on this news and share it if you like it!

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