Moto Z2 Force Review : First Modular Phone Which is Shatterproof!

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Moto Z2 Force Review: I always believe whenever a new smartphone is launched in the market it should be smarter, faster and competitive than other phones in the market. But Moto Z2 Force has disappointed us in many way. 

First of all Moto Z2 Force do not have any Moto Mod on the back and it feels like you are handling an unfinished design.

Moto Z2 Force has made some modest advancement and is not up to mark as per as price is concern Rs.50,000 ($720) around.

For the sake of Modular Design add on Motorola has made Moto Z2 Force just a toy. The only thing that may survive this phone is its shatterproof display.

Motorola has used sleek black rectangle design which means you wont find any beautiful color variation in this phone. Also you wont get any beautiful chrome buttons for it which makes a negative in this Moto Z2 Force Review.

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Moto Z2 Force phone also lags in griping when you don’t use any Moto Mod attach along with this phone, this phone came with 6mm thick which makes it difficult to hold and it is very annoying.

Motorola clearly makes it clear that you should use Moto Mod with this phone to grip properly.

There are many Moto Mod gadget you can use along with Moto Z2 Force phone i.e. a Gamepad, a Hasselblad camera with 10X optical zoom, an add on battery pack, a 360 degree camera and extra speaker can be attach to it.

Attaching one of the Moto Mod gadget with this phone makes it much more better than using alone without any Moto Mod gadget which is positive in this . Motorola has given magnetic attachment of these Moto Mod with the phone.

16 Pins is used to power the Moto Mod gadgets and also send/receive data from the phone.

Best thing in this Moto Z2 Force Review that this phone is that it has in build app for all those Moto Mods Gadget and while using these Mods you don’t feel using some extra accessories. Instead of this you will feel that these gadget is designed to be the part of the phone.

Moto Z2 Force Review

You can take 360 degree angle Selfie and can capture great videos at instant using in build app for Moto Mods.

Moto Z2 Force phone has Snapdragon 835 processor , 2,730mAh battery and 4 GB of RAM.

This phone runs on Android 7.1 that has feature to upgrade to Android O in the future.

Internet Browsing is fast , App transitions are very fast and crisp , Performance of playing Big graphic based games is very good which you can expect from 4 GB of RAM which is amazing in this Moto Z2 Force Review.

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This phone came with 5.5-inch QHD AMOLED display which is Shatterproof and looks very good.

Best thing of Moto Z2 Force phone is Shatterproof screen which is made of some plastic screen panel.

But one little thing here i am mentioning that Gorilla glass is much harder and resistant to Scratches than plastic screen panel.

After using one week this phone has already got some tiny little scratches on the front of the screen which is bad point in this Moto Z2 Force Review.

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One more annoying thing in it is that Finger print sensor is taken off from back and made on the front of the Phone.

One Positive in Moto Z2 Force phone is its Battery Life which is pretty good after using long internet browsing and playing high graphics  games on it.

Moto Z2 Force Review

Conclusion: At last of “Moto Z2 Force Review” i would say Moto Z2 Force Phone is decent phone launched by Motorola. If you can invest at buying Moto Mods Gadget along with it then it is pretty delighted to use. As far as rating is concern i will give 3.5 star to this phone out of 5.

Source: theverge

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