New Pokémon Go Update Available for Android (0.73.1) & iOS (1.43.1)


Pokémon Go Update: Pokémon Go is going to update for both Android and iOS devices. For Android devices it is updated to version 0.73.1 whereas for iOS devices it is updated to version 1.43.1. These update will add some extra features to the Pokémon Go game like ability to spin the Photo Disc at the Gym and viewing the number of trainer enter in raid battle. Pokémon Go development team has released a update note in which they have discussed various points related to this update.

Main Key Points discussed in this Pokémon Go Update:

  • After this update, trainers can able to spin the Photo Disc at a Gym by using the Pokémon GO Plus accessory.
  • Now trainer can easily view the number of Players entered, and getting ready for next Raid battle before using any Raid pass.
  • Also enhanced the screen search functionality of Pokémon Collection by enabling Trainers to search through their Pokémon’s moves using the @ character.  
  • In this Pokémon Go update a bug has been fixed which caused the Raid Boss to always break free from the last Premier Ball.
  • Settled a bug that kept Trainers from seeing they’d gotten double XP from Raid Battles when utilizing a Lucky Egg.
  • And many more different small bug has been fixed in this Pokémon Go update.


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Pokémon Go Update


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