Nintendo Switch will Require Memory Card to Play Upcoming Big Games


Nintendo has earlier announced today a Global partnership with Western Digital to develop Nintendo-Licensed SanDisk Memory Cards. Nintendo has partnered with Western Digital due to requirement of extra memory in Upcoming Switch Games. Nintendo says “In upcoming certain Nintendo Switch Games, extra memory will be required to store a large amount of gaming content and other data for gaming players to enjoy the full experience”.

We have found a recent upcoming Switch game ‘NBA 2K18‘ which will require extra MicroSD card with it. This requirement can be easily seen on the Box art of the game shown below. A representative of Nintendo of America confirm this requirement but also clarifies that players can play a portion of game(some levels and modes) without using extra MicroSD card. To play full version of the game, players will require downloading extra data depending upon the game which will be stored in Nintendo-Licensed SanDisk Memory Card.

Nintendo’s partnership with Western Digital is aimed to develop Nintendo-Licensed microSDXC card having 64GB and 128GB storage space. These cards will feature logo of both Switch and SanDisk. The Switch console will allow maximum of 2 TB of microSDXC card for storing game data. Depending upon the game and storage requirement, player can select any of these Nintendo-Licensed SanDisk Memory Cards with Switch console.


Note: You can use any microSD card with Nintendo Switch for playing big games (like NBA 2K18) that required external memory card.

Memory Card Requirement on NBA 2K18 Box Art


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Nintendo-Licensed SanDisk Memory Cards



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