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Watching a movie is the favorite thing for everyone’s life as it gave pleasure and satisfaction to everyone. In today’s time, the digital platform is the biggest platform where everyone will get good content to watch.

Different website is available at the digital platform. Among this website, okhatarimaza.com is also one of the best websites on which you will get good movies for watch and download. On okhatarimaza.com, you will get guaranteed entertainment as they have a wide range of Bollywood and Hollywood movies and many others also.

Okhatarimaza.com is an illegal website so accessing this website is also illegal. On the Internet, many websites charge an amount if you access their website or content but this website is free to use.

You can access this website at free of cost. As you know that this website is a pirated website that’s why the admin of this website will change the extension or domain of this website on a very frequent basis. If you access the illegal website then there is a lot of chance of getting the virus in your device while accessing the website of downloading something from there to get your data hacked or leaked.


Steps to Download a Movie from Okhatarimaza.com Website

Steps to Download a Movie from Okhatarimaza.com Website
Steps to Download a Movie from Okhatarimaza.com Website

Movie downloading is quite typical sometimes as many websites have different ways to download a movie. okhatarimaza.com is a very simple website to download the movie. All you have to do is go to the search engine and search for the website by mention the website name with the current domain so that website will open.

If any case website is not opening, then you have to download a VPN to access the website through another country server. As you open the website, you will get to see many movie posters on which if you click then the movie link will open on a new page.

The movie which you want to see, you have to search in the search bar. As you get the result, you can click on that poster through which the new web page will open. When you scroll down the web page you will get the option of download movies.

When you click on that option you will get the different torrent link by which you can download the movie. If any link is not working then you can use the alternative one to start the download. Select the path and start the download.


Features of Okhatarimaza.com


Every website has many different features that viewers will prefer to experience. Okhatarimaza.com has also some unique feature which you love to read. Here are the features:

  • Admin will upload many movies in a single around 8-10 movies by which viewers will get more movie content to watch.
  • Viewers will get a lot of different variety of movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Haryanvi, etc.
  • The website can be open through any device such as a laptop, Computer, Mobile, Tablet, etc. The website is the user interface and user-friendly handling.
  • Every movie has a short description regarding the storyline of the movie which helps the viewers to get to know about the storyline.
  • Many different links are available including 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, mobile prints, etc. you can download as per your wish.
  • Many different links are available for every movie so that if one link will not work then the user can download through other links.


Category available on Okhatarimaza.com Website

Viewers will get much different variety of movie on this platform as they have a large number of category which we mention below:

  • Latest Movies
  • Game of Thrones All Season Hindi Dubbed
  • Unofficial Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movie
  • Animation Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movie
  • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Hollywood English Movies
  • Bollywood Hindi Movies
  • South Indian Dubbed in Hindi
  • Bollywood Old Hindi Movies
  • Telugu Full Movie
  • Marathi Full Movie
  • Malayalam Full Movies
  • Punjabi Full Movies
  • Gujarati Movie
  • Bhojpuri Full Movie
  • Bengali Full Movie
  • Latest Pakistani Full Movies
  • Indian TV Web Series


Prints Available

Movies are available I much different print on the Okhatarimaza.com website for their viewers as not everyone downloads same prints. Some demand high print whereas some want a low print to watch. Some of the prints which are available on this website are mention below:



Movie Size

If prints are different then it will also affect the size of the movie. The bigger in size has bigger or have the best print whereas lower in size has low prints like 360p or mobile prints, some of the movie sizes which is available at the website are mention below:



Alternatives of Okhatarimaza.com available on the Internet

No one is restricting to go on one particular website. On the internet, there are many websites available on which you will get good content to watch or download as you demand.

Okhatarimaza.com Alternatives

Some are legal and some are illegal. Legal one can charge the amount in the mode of subscription amount whereas illegal one is free of cost. You can access them freely. We are mention below the illegal as well as the legal alternative of the Okhatarimaza.com website where you can go and check out the content.


Illegal Alternatives



Sites like Okhatarimaza.com


Okhatarimaza.com Legal Alternatives

MX Player
Amazon Prime
Sony Liv


Okhatarimaza is a legal or Illegal Website?

About Okhatarimaza.com

Okhatarimaza is an illegal website because they have pirated content uploaded on them. The government has banned all the illegal websites in India but you can access them using the VPN proxy if it is not opening.

Many website admins have changed their domain frequently so that their website can’t be on the radar of ban by the Government. As you know that illegal website is free to access that’s why people are preferring to watch or download movies through illegal websites. If the website is not opening in the Indian server than you can use the VPN to access them through other country servers.



Okhatarimaza website is the illegal website so we will not suggest you access this website as it will count as an illegal offense. We never encourage you to access illegal websites.

The government of India has banned the entire pirated website in India. This content is for educational purpose and we are not promoting piracy or any related activity. This content is for telling you whether this website is legal or illegal.



Q1. Is okhatarimaza.com is a legal or illegal website?

Ans.  Okhatarimaza is an illegal website as it has pirated content available on them. India has banned all the pirated websites.

Q2. Is Okhatarimaza is safe for use?

Ans. Pirated website is not safe for use as there is a chance of getting data leak or hack or your device.

Q3. Why Okhatarimaza is down?

Ans. As you know that India has banned all the pirated websites so maybe the domain which you are entering is getting a ban. So if you want to access the website then you have to use a VPN proxy for getting access to the website.


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