Pokémon Shuffle Update (version 1.4.18) is Available Now!


A new version 1.4.18 update is available now for Pokémon Shuffle game. By updating Pokémon Shuffle to version 1.4.18 you can able to play brand new stage featuring Tapu Lele.


Secondly new Pokémon Safari is added to the game which will going to feature  Sawsbuck Summer Form, Pikipek, Deerling Summer Form, Drampa and Trumbeak. User can able to play these above stages till 29th August 2017.




Lastly a brand new Mega Beedrill competitive stage is included for the players all around the world. This competitive stage will be available to players till 22nd of August 2017. Following are some reward points for players:


  • 1 Level Up, 5 Mega Speedup and 10 Raise Max Level will be given to top 100 players from Europe, 100 from North America and 500 from Japan.
  • 1 Level Up, 4 Mega Speedup and 8 Raise Max Level will be given to top 300 players from Europe, 400 from North America and 1500 from Japan.
  • 1 Level Up, 3 Mega Speedup and 6 Raise Max Level will be given to top 500 players from Europe, 800 from North America and 3000 from Japan.


Also many more reward is available on its official site. So, prepare yourself for this new version 1.4.18 update in Pokémon Shuffle game.


How to Update Pokémon Shuffle to 1.4.18 version in Nintendo 3DS:

  1. Come closer ( in between 6 Feet) to your Internet WiFi router.
  2. Connect Your Nintendo 3DS console by selecting Network and entering password key.
  3. Open your Nintendo 3DS HOME menu and select Pokémon Shuffle 1.4.18 update to download.
  4. After the download, update will automatically install on your Nintendo 3DS with newest version number 1.4.18. 


Pokémon Shuffle


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Source: serebii nintendo


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