Pokken Tournament DX Game is Coming in an Insanely Small File Size

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Every Pokémon Game lover is waiting for Pokken Tournament DX game. Right Now we are living in the era of Big Size Games. Due to extension of memory within various consoles, game developers never hesitate to make big size games. But this is not the case with Pokken Tournament DX game which is coming in tiny size of around 3.2 GB. Players always hesitate to use an extra SD card with their Nintendo-Switch console, but Pokken Tournament DX game will surely please their user due to its small size of 3.2 GB.

We have also found that game’s Wii U version will take slightly more memory than Switch version. Pokken Tournament DX will take around 3.68 GB of memory in Wii U console. This is the surprising fact because game’s Switch version will have more game content, feature and character than Wii U version. Switch version of this game will have Popplio and Litten as support characters; also five more playable fighting Pokémon characters are included in this game.


Extra Five Playable Pokémon in Game’s Switch Version:

  • Decidueye
  • Croagunk
  • Scizor
  • Darkrai
  • Empoleon

If you are still not happy, different new game modes will surely excite you. In Switch version of Pokken Tournament DX will have different new game modes like online group matches, daily challenges and team battles. Players can unlock many extra features by playing this game. Earlier we had covered news on the demo of this gameThe official launch date of Pokken Tournament DX game on Switch console is 22nd of September 2017. But if you can’t wait so long to play this game, a demo of this game is available on Nintendo Eshop here.


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Pokken Tournament DX game


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