Top 10 Secrets of Successful People That They Won’t Tell You

Secrets of Successful People That They Won't Tell You-geekguruji

Top 10 Secrets of Successful People That They Won’t Tell You: If you looking for some secrets of success, then this listing will surely help you a lot. The great author “Napoleon Hill” has already revealed many of the secrets of Success in their “Think and Grow Rich” book. After researching many successful people all around the world Napoleon Hill wrote this book to uncover their secret. But still there are some secrets of Successful People That They Won’t Tell You: 


The Real Secrets of Successful People That They Won’t Tell You:


1. Real Secret of Success:

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After meeting many successful people in my circle, I always ask them this question “What is the Real Secret of Success?” Every time they tell me their secret of success, then i never digest their answer. Not because of my weak stomach, but because of their simple answer! Despite of their different areas of business their Mantra for success is very common to each other. I found that the real secret of success is:    

  • Burning Desire to Achieve Goals
  • Working for your own Business makes them Happy
  • Having Go Getter Attitude
  • Dedication & persistence.
  • Thinks Less & do more
  • Failure Makes Them Strong & Wise

These are the few important Secrets of Successful People that They Won’t Tell You.


2. Successful People Reads A lot:

Successful People Reads A lot

Successful people always read a lot of books in their life. You always find a lot of books in the office of successful Businessman. According to recent survey “Bill Gates” read Fifty (50) books in a year, which means four books in one month. Many of you think that you are reading a lot of books since your childhood, “What’s the big Deal?” But there is a big difference between Junk reading and Meaningful reading. If you think reading Books like “Twilight” will makes you successful person, which is not possible. But reading Books like Think & Grow Rich, Zero to One: Notes on Startup, Lean Start up, The 4 Hour Workweek produce great positive impact on you which leads you towards success.


3. Competition is Real Enemy:

Successful people always try to avoid competition. If you see successful people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Peter Thiel, they all resist to competition. Competition kills the thinking of creativity, a large amount of time and effort is waste to compete with competitor. That’s why the profit rate of US airlines are so low, because they are competing with each other and forget any creative thinking to serve their customer. So, successful people avoid competition and this is the top Secrets of Successful People that They Won’t Tell You.


4. Successful People Fails A Lot:

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Entrepreneurship is not an easy task, that’s why there is very low number of successful people all around the world. 80% of the world’s economy is controlled by only 5% of the people in the world. You thinks these 5% of the people must be genius and never done any mistake in their life. This is not the real truth. Almost very successful person do fail in their entrepreneur journey. But they learn from their mistake and make it habit to not repeat these mistakes again. This is also a secrets of Successful People that they won’t Tell You.


5. Worked on Only One Thing at a Time:

Successful people never do multi work in their initial days of the entrepreneurship. Instead of this they worked on one thing with unbelievable Focus. When they achieve their goal on that work, they re-focus on another work. By doing thing this, they produce some great results and success in their life.


6. Never Have an Exit Plan:

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Successful people never start their business with an exit plan in it. If you are thinking of starting a business with some exit plan in it, then please don’t waste your time by starting that business. You already subconsciously thinks that you do not going to succeed in that business. Instead of this start a business in which you are confident enough to pursue. Successful people never make exit plan in their business initially. 


7. Successful People Love Criticism:

Many people never like people criticized them but successful people love it. Successful people always find a way to learn something from the criticism. They think people who criticized them are the great source of improvement. Successful people always receive feedback from the haters and try to use that feedback to better themselves. This is one of the “Secrets of Successful People that they Won’t Tell You”.


8. Stay Away From Any Distraction:

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Successful people make a habit of staying away from any distraction in their goal. This is the main reason why Steve Jobs always try to wear same cloth. Distraction like TV, movies and other useless things are ruining life of many people. Successful people try to use their spare time to improve them-self, instead of using any entertainment source for wasting time.


9. Never Reveal Their Action Plan:

Successful people never reveal their action plan early. They wait for its completion and after that they will tell everyone about it. By doing this they increase the chance of completing their goal without any fear of failure in it. Many unsuccessful people tell their action plan everyone and in return afraid internally about its completion.


10. Believe in Creating than Consuming:

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Successful people always try to create than to consume. This means they always think of creating a better version of already consuming product. They find some issues in the product and try to fix those problems by developing a better version of their own product. For example Steve Jobs created iPod which is better version of walkman MP3 player. But doing this they always reach next level of excellence.


These the the few “Secrets of Successful People that They Won’t Tell You“. Hope you have learnt some thing about success from these information. Comment your views on these points in the comment box, do share it!


Secrets of Successful People That They Won't Tell You


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