Sonic Mania PC Version Requires Internet to Play [Game Crack Included]


Sonic Mania PC version game is under some controversies as it requires Internet to play in addition with undisclosed utilization of Denuvo DRM. SEGA released a statement on Steam pointing that their team is currently resolving this issue because “Sonic Mania game is intended to be played Offline”. Also SEGA has announced that Sonic Mania PC version is using Denuvo DRM. Gaming Fans are really disappointed on this news and burst their anger on Steam Community center. Aaron Webber (Sonic Social media coordinator) tweeted to gaming fans to send their issues of DRM and always online requirement to SEGA Support center.


Aaron Webber Official Tweet:


Australian Game Developer, Christian Whitehead who is the key member of the development of Sonic Mania game has stated that their team has no involvement in adding Denuvo DRM in this game. If any gamer have issues with it they can contact SEGA’s Steam support center. 


Right now, it is assumed that SEGA has used some wrong settings for DRM in Sonic Mania PC version game, because most of the Anti-Tampering software does not require always internet connection. Most of the Anti-tampering software like Denuvo DRM requires internet connection occasionally for a moment. But due to some issue Sonic Mania PC version always require internet connection to play properly. SEGA right now has no solution for this problem, but some Steam member already cracked Sonic Mania PC version to bypass internet connection which require two minutes to do.


Crack Sonic Mania PC version to Play Offline:


Steam Member: Shicky256

  1. Download Sonic Mania Offline from here.
  2. Now you have to make a copy of SonicMania.exe file.
  3. Open this SonicMania.exe file in hex editor.
  4. find 1CAABE 
  5. Now overwrite this byte with EB.
  6. Before overwrite: 7530 , After overwrite EB30
  7. Save it and play online.


Another method by: SenMithrarin85

  1. Download hex editor and install it in your PC.
  2. Make a copy of game exe file.
  3. Open this file into hex editor.
  4. Now press ctrl+g and enter “1CAABE “.
  5. After this software shows two digit value before 30 i.e. XX30.
  6. Now simply type “EB” without moving cursor.
  7. Now value must looked like EB30.
  8. Now press ctrl+s to save it and close this hex editor.
  9. Now replace this exe file with old one.
  10. Enjoy playing Sonic Mania PC version game offline.

These are the best two cracks for this game to play it offline without any problem. If you have any question regarding this kindly comment it into comment box.


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Sonic Mania PC Version


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