Sonic Mania Review: Pros and Cons of Sega’s Most Adventurous Game!


On 15th of August 2017 Sega has released the most anticipated game ‘Sonic Mania‘ from his own series of games i.e. Sonic the Hedgehog. Just like Mario is the most iconic character for Nintendo, Sonic is legendary Character from Sega point of view. But from past few years Sega do not produce any major success from Sonic series. So while we start playing this game we are little bit in negative mood about this game. But this game proved us wrong, we are happy to say that ‘The Sonic Mania’ is one of the best game Sega ever produce.


The music, graphics, game play and response to the controls will amaze you in this game. Also in ‘Sonia Mania’ for perfect graphics Sega is using 60 frames per second speed. Instant response of the control while playing this game excites you.


Sonia Mania game is started from Mania Mode. In this mode you have to unlock Sonic the Hedgehog’s best attributes i.e. rapid, and lightning fast reflexes for the game. Most of the part in this mode will realize you to play an old-school 2D sidescroller game where you have to twist Sonic into a supersonic balls, jump over all obstacle, thrashing enemies, and speeding to past the levels.


Also Sonic’s friend Tails will help you a lot by rotating his tail like a helicopter to fly and many more ways. You really can’t control tails in the Mania mode but he can help you to collect rings and knock down enemies.


Mania mode also contains some frustrating negative points from game point of view. For example, we have noticed that when you achieve great speed to collect rings and suddenly you will be hit by an obstacle, spike or enemy which appears from nowhere (Off Screen) and you lose all those rings. 




But we are really happy to play Boss battles, it really fun to beat boss in the Sonic Mania. In every stage you have to beat Boss in the end by attacking with jumping or curling into a ball attack.


In Sonic Mania game you will get three lives to play the game. Also you get extra life by collecting 100 rings but if you hit by enemy or obstacle you will lose those collected rings. You will lose life by hitting an enemy or obstacle when you have no rings, spending a lot of time in the water or falling into the deadly pits. In stages you have to cross checkpoints also known as Star Posts, if you lose life in any instant you will re-start from last passed checkpoint or Star Posts.


Sonic Mania also has a Time attack mode stage in which you have to beat rival player in the race. This mode is triggered when you lose life a couple of time in the same stage and you have to beat rival player in the racing to save your life. 


Special Stages are Gems to this game. We loved all those special stages where Sonic have to collect rings. You can start these special stages by collecting teleportation devices within the levels.


Right now Sonic Mania is using twelve zones where four are original ones and eight are revived version of older Sonic games. But to be really honest we really wanted some more original zone which is main drawback of this game. But still collectively we must say Sonic Mania is a great game. Playing this game never bored us and also we hope same for you.


In last we have to say ‘Sonic Mania‘ is one the most exciting game Sega ever produces in the recent year. From all prospective i.e. Music, design of levels, Boss stages, game play, control and response this game surely amaze player. Sega has done full justice to this iconic Sonic character by producing this game.


Sonic Mania


Pros of Sonic Mania:

  • Control
  • Response time
  • Game Music
  • Game Play
  • Level design 
  • Special Stages design
  • Artwork in the game


Cons of Sonic Mania:

  • Less Original Zones or Stages.
  • Frustrating Off Screen Obstacle.


Overall GeekGuruJi Rating for ‘Sonic Mania’ (Out of 10): 8.5


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Some Screen Shot of Sonic Mania: 






Sonic Mania



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