Sony Praises Nintendo for Doing Great with Switch! [ Check it out ]


Nintendo Switch is one of the best selling console right now. Nintendo already shipped around + 4.7 million console in the last financial quarter. Nintendo Switch has shown some amazing results in very little time which makes their competitors a little bit tense.


In the last Edition of Gaming Magazine Edge, Sony’s global head of sales and marketing Jim Ryan has been featured. He has gone through many questions on the gaming industry and Nintendo’s success with Switch.


Jim Ryan praised Nintendo for their success in introducing Portable console in Gaming Industry. He also amazed to see Switch’s growing rate in very short period of time. When he was asked about his views on portable approach…


Ryan Answered:

It’s still very early. Many things Nintendo does are so disruptive and different that it takes quite a long time to understand them, and I don’t think we’re at that stage yet with Switch. Like I say, it’s great that they’re back, it’s great to see them doing so well.




Nintendo Switch


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