Splatoon 2 : The Splat Brella will be the Next Free DLC Weapon


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12th August 2017, Recently a newly advance Free DLC weapon “The Splat Brella” is added to the Splatoon 2 game. This Umbrella type weapon is different from any other DLC weapon in many features. Splat Brella can attack as well as defend to a large range.


Player can fire Ink against the enemy from Splat Brella by pressing ZR button. The most advance feature of this weapon is that if you can hold ZR button for some time then this will open the umbrella and shield you from the attack of the enemy.


If you can hold ZR button further then this will help to launch the Umbrella which will zoom forward to block the enemy’s attack.


Splat Brella


Also the basic version of this Splat Brella weapon comes up with Sprinkler sub weapon and Ink Storm with the advance special version.


Players can easily purchase Splat Brella from Ammo Knights with in build game currency. Nintendo is launching new set of weapon since the launch of the Splatoon 2 game last week. The Sploosh-O-Matic weapon from the Splatoon 1 game has been added few days ago in Splatoon 2 game.


According to the Game’s official Japanese twitter account some summer beach stuff will be added into the SplatNet 2 this coming week for the Fans.


Some Screen Shots Splat Brella Weapon:


Splat Brella





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Source:  splatoon.nintendo.com

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