50 Symbols of Witchcraft (Top Occult Symbols and Meanings) Devil signs

Symbols of Witchcraft - Occult Symbols and Meanings

50 Symbols of Witchcraft (Top Occult Symbols and Meanings) Devil signs: Hello Guys! Are you looking for some Symbols for witchcraft and their meanings? Do you want to know about protection symbols against demons? Or you just want to explore list of Demonic symbols and their meanings? If “yes” then here I will show you the complete details of Occult symbols and it’s meaning. After reading this article on symbols of witchcraft, You will become much aware of these Black magic symbols.


50 Top Occult Symbols and Meanings (Symbols of Witchcraft & Devil signs)

If you have planned to move to a new house. Or Are you sharing room with someone else? Then You should be very careful. People can perform black magic to anywhere. Sometimes they leave things behind. These things can be harmful for you. You should know  much about these Symbols of Witchcraft. Different witchcraft symbols have different meaning. Some of these symbols relate to god and other to Satan. Therefore, I have prepared a list of 50 Symbols of Witchcraft.

1. Triquetra

Symbols of Witchcraft

Triquetra symbolize triple goddess. It is a protective witchcraft symbol.  Wiccans uses the symbol triquetra. The symbol comes in different shapes.


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2. Zodiac (Symbols of Witchcraft)

Occult symbols and meanings

Zodiac symbol use in worship of satanic and occult. It is a witchcraft symbol includes the horoscope signs.  Zodiac symbol is for the practitioners. They acknowledge their god as Baal or Lucifer.

3. Blood Ritual Symbol

Black magic symbols and their meanings

Symbols of Witchcraft: The blood ritual symbol drawn to symbolize human or animal sacrifice. The sacrifice done for the witchcraft. People who perform black magic use the witchcraft symbol. Sometimes the rituals perform by witch pollutes the area.

4. Sigil of Lucifer

Symbols for witchcraft

Sigil of Lucifer means to conjure demons with the help of black magic.  It is one of most dangerous witchcraft symbol. If the symbol used where you planning to live. It is difficult to know the demonic presence there. These are the powerful Occult Symbols and meanings.

5. Pentacle

Protection symbols against demons
Protection symbols against demons

Pentacle is a pentagram in a circle. The position of the pentacle describes its meaning. Pentagram points upward means good faith. It points downward means evil. Witches use the pentacle witchcraft symbol. They want to have the closeness to the darker forces. So, these are the Symbols of Witchcraft.

6. Spiral Goddess

Witchcraft Symbols

Spiral Goddess means sign of life. It spiral describes the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Spirals use to crave on tombs in Paleolithic era. You can see this witchcraft symbol in instants of nature. For example-galaxies and seashells.

7. Caduceus

Signs of witchcraft

Caduceus is a traditional witchcraft symbol. It features two snakes winding around. This witchcraft symbol often mistaken with the symbol of medicine. Sometimes the symbol associates with alchemy and wisdom.

8. Shamash

Demonic symbols and their meanings
Demonic symbols and their meanings

Top Symbols of Witchcraft: Shamash is the sun god. It is native to Mesopotamian deity. This witchcraft symbol is the sun god in Akkadian, Assriyan and Babylon. Shamash is the god of justice in Babylonia and Assyria.

9. Setogram

Magical protection symbols

Setogram is also known Elven star or Faery. It is a witchcraft symbol use in magical traditions. Pagian traditions consider seven as a sacred number. Star represents different sets of seven things. This depends on beliefs of a person.

10. Ritual Circle

Witch symbols tattoos

Ritual circle has different meanings to different groups. It symbolizes protection from evil, life cycle and completeness. A pentagon draws in this kind of witchcraft symbol. These are powerful Occult Symbols and meanings.

11. Holy Earth

holy earth Witch symbols for protection

Holy is a witchcraft symbol.  The symbol use to represent mother earth. It appears as Hopi medicine. Holy earth symbol use to represent Norse Sun symbol. These are the few protective symbols of Witchcraft.

12. Ankh

Symbols of protection tattoos

Ankh represents fertility rites. It is witchcraft symbol. It builds of lust in a person. The spirit of lust is the power union. The power union is within male and female. Ankh is also known as Long Life steal.

13. Endless Knot

Occult symbols and meanings endless cord

Best Symbols of Witchcraft: Endless knot is an ancient symbol. It is a witchcraft symbol represents Tibetan Buddhism and Chinese culture. The symbol is a interweaving of the spiritual path. It describes time bounds, change, rests within divine and eternal.

14. Star and Crescent

Symbols for witchcraft meanings

Occult Symbols and Meanings: Star and Crescent is a witchcraft symbol represents moon goddess Diana. It also represents “son of the morning.” The direction of Satanism is in the same way in Islam. The Lucifer in Isaiah is in ratio of 14:12.

15. Yin Yang

chinese Witchcraft Symbols meaning

Chinese Philosophy describes Yin Yang as two opposite forces. In this kind of witchcraft symbol, the interplay of opposite decides everything. Yin is a female, dark in color and negative. Yang is male, light in color and positive. These are the some symbols of Witchcraft.

16. Antlers 

Antlers witch symbol meaning

Men wear the horns or antlers. Christians has wrongly identified the witchcraft symbol. It is masculine symbol of the god. Male witches wear this kind of horn. In nature, animals use it as food and weather hunt.

17. Silver vs. Gold

Signs of witchcraft meanings

This witchcraft symbol describes masculine and feminine aspect. Elements can define as masculine and feminine way. Moon is a symbol for female. It is cool, silver in color and a precious metal. Sun is the symbol for males. It is hot and gold in color. It is the metal for the masculine.

18. The Wheel of the Year (Symbols of Witchcraft)

The Wheel of the Year

Wheel of the year has eight spokes in it. It symbolizes the cycle of the year. This witchcraft symbol is significant because it has no beginning and end. Eight spokes of the wheel shows eight Sabattas, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lamas, Mabon, Samhain and Yule.

19. The Triangle – Occult Symbols and Meanings

Symbols of witchcraft

SymbolTriangle is a feminine symbol. Three points of the triangle represents Goddess of Maiden, Mother and Crone. Bristles of broom have formed the triangle. If we invert this witchcraft symbol then it is a female public area. It has narrow base. This helps the narrow the points as support. These are the protection symbols of Witchcraft.

20. Witch Runes

Witch Runes and meanings

Witches use different kinds of witchcraft symbols in their writing. They use it for their secrecy. The different forms writings are Ogham, Theban and Futhark runes. The use Theban runes is to keep the spells and rituals as secret. It is useful in marking the rituals.

21. Alchemy 1

Witchcraft Symbols meaning sign

Alchemy 1 is 17th centaury witchcraft design. It includes different symbols, astrological designs and geometric shapes. Every part of the symbol has different meaning. It is useful in provide force for the magical work. Alchemy 1 practices have done in the ancient civilization.

22. Earth

Symbols of witchcraft

Symbols of Witchcraft: Earth is one of the classical elements in the witchcraft symbol. The symbol of earth means mother earth. The association of Earth is with colors like brown and green. It represents abundance, prosperity and fertility.

23. Fire

Symbols for witchcraft and meaning

Fire is a strong witchcraft symbol. We know that fire can destroy everything. Fire is very useful for us. For example-We can cook food with the help of fire. It helps us to keep warm in winters. These are the few Occult Symbols and Meanings.

24. Air (Symbols of Witchcraft)

You can find the element of air in Pagian tradition. The witchcraft symbol of air is present in the east. Air has the connection with the soul and life. We can represent air with the help of feathers, fans and incense.



25. Water

Water is an element. It has a strong feminine connection. Water is a witchcraft symbol associates with goddesses. It is a pure and healing element. Water has strong connection with the west. It has magical effects to take off all the negative elements from your life.

26. Horned God

Horned God symbol of witch

Horned God is the name for the male spirituality and life. It is a witchcraft symbol use as a term in tradition of Wicca. During various religious ceremony, this Horned god symbol is used to wake up god spirit. According to many people, Horned God will come to take the soul of dead people along with him. These are the top used symbols of Witchcraft.


27. The Eye of Ra

The Eye of Ra

The Eye of Ra and The Eye of Horn are the same witchcraft symbols. This symbol is considered as magical protection ancient symbol. You can also see the symbol on Egyptian coffins. It is a protection for the dead person after life. Many people place The Eye of Ra in their homes to protect from evil powers. These are the powerful symbols of Witchcraft.

28. Serpent Consuming itself

Serpent Consuming itself meaning

Symbols of Witchcraft: Serpent consuming itself has different meanings in different cultures. In bible, this witchcraft symbol represents destruction. In Egyptian and Pagain, culture people worship the symbol. They consider the symbol as a sign of rebirth and protection.

29. Pentagon Symbol

Occult symbols meanings
Occult symbols meanings

Occult Symbols and Meanings: Pentagon symbol is a useful witchcraft symbol. It describes different kinds of elements. The elements are like Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and the spirits surrounding them.

30. Hecate’s Wheel


Symbols of Witchcraft: According to many people, Hecate’s Wheel represents three goddesses. The goddesses are the Maiden, mother and the crone. In the Greek religion, Hecate’s as a witchcraft symbol has many meanings. It describes crossroads, magic, herbs, witchcraft, entrances and the moon.

31. Triskele

Demonic symbols their meanings

Triskele witchcraft symbol is celtic design. You find it easily in the Buddhist writings. There are some variations in its exact design. The symbol has a same design. It has repeated thrice. In some celtic traditions, Triskele represents realms of earth, sea and sky. These are the few common symbols of Witchcraft.

32. The Menat (Menit, Menyat)

Witch symbols of protection

The Menat is the emblem for the goddess Hathor. It is witchcraft symbol necklace or collar. The Menat represents life. Priest and Priestess of Hathor wear the necklace. The Menat is a frequent offering to the goddesses.

33. Monas Hieroglphia

witch Magical protection symbols

Monas Hieroglphia is a witchcraft symbol for Azoth or Philosopher’s stone. The symbol is base on Egyptian Ankh. It contains seven planets/alchemical metals.

34. Triceps – Symbols of Witchcraft

Symbols of witchcraft meaning

Triceps as a witchcraft symbol is useful in the middle ages. It is a magical sign for the protection. Triceps is the emblem of Mitsubishi Motors. The triceps signifies home and ancestors for the Othala Rune.

35. Hand Mudra

hand mudra Symbols of witchcraft

Mudra is sign of power. Buddhists and Hindus use this witchcraft symbol. The position of the hand represents truth. You can see the use of the symbol is a sacred dance, meditation and on statuary.

36. The Triple Horn of Odin (Triple Horn)

The Triple Horn of Odin

Symbols of Witchcraft: Triple horn is the stylish emblem for the Norse God Odin. It is the witchcraft symbol consists of three interlocked drinking horns. Triple horn use as a symbol of commitment. The commitment is for the modern Asatru faith.

37. Healer’s Hand

Demonic symbols & their meanings

Healer’s Hand is a known image of witchcraft symbol. You can see it in Native American Solar pictographs. Even now, people use Healers hand. It describes energy emitting hand of Reiki. A healing practice involves the manipulation of energy. These are the few Occult Symbols and Meanings.

38. The Flower of Life – Protection Symbols of Witchcraft

Witch symbols for protection

The creation of The Flower of Life comes from the “Great Void.”You can see this witchcraft symbol in the major religions of the world. It describes about the discoveries of the creator. The Flower of Life consists of the patterns of creation.

39. Hexagram

Symbols of witchcraft

Hexagram is the most important witchcraft symbol. It is useful in the working of the power of darkness. Hexagram is mainly use to work on the dark magic. Witches have the most evil thoughts use hexagram.

40. Udjat or The Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus

Udjat or The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol. It is a traditional witchcraft symbol of power. Udjat has different meanings on different levels. The deepest has concern about inner consciousness of the man. The symbol is protective aura and rebirth power. It has a connection with rebirth.

41. Rose (Occult Symbols and Meanings)

Occult symbols and meanings

Rose is a powerful witchcraft symbol. It is a strong symbol for the goddess. The petals of the rose represents vulva. Vulva represents the sacred gateway in the universe is born. These are the good symbols of Witchcraft.

42. Cowrie Shell

Cowrie Shell witch symbol meaning

Cowrie Shell is a witchcraft symbol for the birth canal of the goddess. Some scholars have different thinking for the symbol. Some of them believe that it is an original symbol for the goddess. You can find some evidences of the symbol. Cowrie Shell symbol use in 20000 BC.

43. Ocean 

Ancient protection symbols

Occult Symbols and Meanings: Ocean is the symbol of the goddess. It describes the goddess womb. We can see it in many witchcraft symbols. A witchcraft symbol brings water of the oceans into the world. Ocean as a symbol provides life to the water of the ocean. 

44. Apple

Symbols of protection tattoos

Symbols of Witchcraft: Apple has its importance in most of the paths of Wicca. It represents the goddess. Apple is a witchcraft symbol that connects with the tale of Adam and Eve. It describes the divine knowledge. The goddess wants to provide the divine knowledge to us.

45. Shell

Symbols of witchcraft meaning

You have seen different types of witchcraft symbols to represent goddess. Shell also represents the goddess. Shell is in the shape of the spiral. It brings the energy of the powerful goddess in any ritual. It is a common witchcraft symbol in many traditions and rituals.

46. Pentagram Symbol

Symbols of witchcraft

Pentagram is a common symbol use in witchcraft. Witches use this witchcraft symbol for black magic. The symbol represents different things. Like – Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and the spirit surrounding them.

47. Three Snakes and one charm

Three Snakes and one charm

Occult Symbols and Meanings: Three Snakes and One charm is an Egyptian witchcraft symbol. It has strong connection with the Egyptian traditions and culture. There is an association with the Egyptian goddess with Osiris. Osiris is the home god.

48. Alchemy 2

Occult symbols and meanings

Alchemy 2 is a magical witchcraft symbol. It replaces the triangle with the hexagram. There is an addition of different shapes in the magical circle. There is a Bindu-a dot in the centre of the additional circle. The additional circle is in the bottom of the hexagram. These are the symbols of Witchcraft.

49. Amulet

Witch symbols for protection

Amulet is a witchcraft symbol of magical charm. It is an earring. Some people wear this earring to bring good luck. It protects the person against illness, evil forces and accidental death. You should not believe it.

50. Arrow

Symbols of witchcraft

Arrow is an astrological witchcraft symbol. It is an astrological sign for the archer. In history, Arrow symbolizes power, swiftness and the rays of the sun. Greeks use this symbol for the Greek god Apollo and goddess. Both the god and goddess are hunters.


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Wrapping Up – Symbols of Witchcraft (Top Occult Symbols and Meanings) Devil signs

Hence, these are few Symbols for witchcraft and their meanings. If you have more suggestion regarding these Occult symbols and meanings then write it down in comment box. Also, if you have some queries regarding these 50 devil signs or Symbols of Witchcraft then I will help to resolve it.

The knowledge of different types of witchcraft symbols is useful for us. You can easily recognize about the black magic. Someone is doing on you or getting into the trap of the black magic. There are many witchcraft symbols. I have made the collection of commonly used witchcraft symbols. You should make sure that you do not fall in any trouble. If you like this article on Symbols of Witchcraft then share it with your friends.


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