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THQ Nordic has just announced today to release the reboot version of ‘The Black Mirror‘ horror video game on 28th of November 2017.  The previous old version of The Black Mirror game has been developed by Future Games and released in 2003 with two sequels in 2009 and 2011 respectively. But Now THQ Nordic along with KING Art Games has owning the rights to this Gothic series.


So, THQ Nordic and King Art Games decided to revive and develop The Black Mirror game for the new audience with all new features and animations. This game will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platform on November 28th. King Art Games is best known for their game ‘The Book of Unwritten Tales’ which is a point and click adventure game.


Many people will compare this game with the Netflix Series but to be really honest this game has nothing to be comparing with Netflix Series. This game is completely fresh version of the Black Mirror Franchise which means you don’t have to understand any previous story of this Franchise.


Story of the Black Mirror is based on the life of David Gordon whose father is died under some Mysterious circumstances. David Gordon starts to uncover all hidden truth of his father death in his ancestral home in the Scottish highlands. Soon he begins experiencing the same nightmarish dreams that drove his dad to end his own life. In his journey to uncover all buried truth, he faces many challenges upon which this game is based upon.


Key Features:

  • Superb voice acting from a convincing gathering cast.
  • Collaborations with vision-like spirits which enable you to take in more about the past of your family.
  • A modern rebooting of this Gothic Horror adventure series with new graphics and game play.
  • Disturbing horror atmosphere focus to scare player in the style of EA Poe and HP Lovecraft.


The Black Mirror


If you want to know more about this The Black mirror you can go to their official website here.

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