Giant WASP-121b Exoplanet Discovery: Glowing Water Planet [Check it]

WASP-121b Exoplanet

One of the Biggest discovery in the Mankind “WASP-121b Exoplanet”. Giant Exoplanet has been discovered which is 880 Light year away having stratosphere i.e. A layer of upper atmosphere which gets hotter as you go up.

Scientists have discovered a Jupiter like Giant Planet which have glowing water molecules in their atmosphere.

This discovery of WASP-121b Exoplanet will help astronomers to develop technology for finding Alien life on other Exoplanets.

 According to recent study this Planet is called as WASP-121b class of exoplanet. This planet is so big and hot that it eases the research and study work of Scientists.

WASP-121b Exoplanet is giant planet which is around double size of our Jupiter planet.

WASP-121b Exoplanet

WASP-121b Exoplanet’s surface temperature is near 4498 degree Celsius because of  its orbit is much nearer to its own Sun (hot start).

The study says the main cause of stratosphere around this planet is gases like vanadium oxide and titanium oxide just like ozone layer in our planet.

Earth’s Atmosphere is divided into two groups:

  • The Troposphere ( Layer Near to Earth Surface).
  • The Stratosphere ( Uppermost Layer which contain Ozone layer).

As you already know Ozone layer absorbs harmful ultraviolet radiation from the Sun but it also increases the temperature of Stratosphere layer. 

This means when you travel from earth surface towards space the temperature first decreases as you go up in the Troposphere layer and after that it will increases as you go up in the Stratosphere layer. 


In the Study of WASP-121b exoplanet the scientists shockingly found that WASP-121b’s upper atmosphere layer is emitting light instead of absorbing it. After researching on this abnormal behavior of planet at different wavelength of light they found that a layer of hot water gas is their in the upper most layer of planet which is reflecting the light.

Scientists has mentioned that the field of Exoplanet Study is at beginning stage. There are many more undiscovered fact needed to be discovered for finding any clue of Alien’s Life in these type of exoplanets. 

Source: theverge

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