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9anime.to: Anime has been our source of recreation in the world. They have helped us to restore our childish framework of mind.

Anime is a Japanese word that is used to refer to the cartoon culture in the world. It has been derived from Japan and has been widespread throughout the world. They refer to the hand-drawn cartoons and the computer animations of the Japanese cultures.

They have come into existence since the 20th century. In the pre-internet era, they were released in theatres and in TV channels. They have been derived from Japanese comics and video games. It has supposed to share 60% of the world’s animated shows. In the previous generations, it has been started as the famous animated show Namakura Gatana in 1917.

Since, its release, anime has been highly revolutionized into a great industry. While in 1930, it has suffered great competition from Disney and Yasuji Marata. Despite the tough competition, it has undergone several advancements in considering patronage from its government.

They have widely used cel animation and silhouette animation. The art and chemistry of every animation have been diversified by Japanese culture. They have used a collection of weird characters and typical facial expressions. Music has also become popular with the Japanese tastes of honor.


About 9anime.to

9anime.to Watch Anime English Online Free website detail
9anime.to Watch Anime English Online Free website detail
  • 9anime.to has got 57 SEO score.
  • There are only 7% errors on the website.
  • The global rank is 37037 in the world.
  • The estimated worth is $9750USD.
  • There are 313975 daily visitors to the website.
  • 9anime’s daily page views are 907387.
  • The traffic has been maximum in October 2020.
  • It consists of a single favicon.
  • No broken links are present on this website.
  • The web server is located in Australia.
  • 9anime site is 10 months old.


How does this website work?

9anime.to Watch Anime English Online Free website work

  • This website is an illegal website that uploads all the contents from third-party sources.
  • It can be accessed from a VPN connection.
  • It does not have any registration processes.
  • No payment is required to access this website.
  • It can be accessed from any part of the world.
  • No login process is required to access this website.
  • It generates revenues by displaying ads on the webpages.


Categories of 9anime

9anime.to Watch Anime English Online Free website category

  • Search bar
  • Anime by alphabets
  • Anime by genres
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Thriller
  • Fantasy
  • Family
  • Suspense
  • Horror
  • Anime by release date
  • By season
  • By language
  • By status
  • Recently updated


How to download Anime from 9anime.to?

9anime.to Watch Anime English Online Free website download

  • You must have a VPN connection o access the website.
  • Then, you can search any types of animes based on the categories
  • Upon selecting, you will be directed to a new page.
  • There you will have a video player that will show the anime on the webpage only.
  • Then, you can see a down arrow at the right bottom of the player.
  • On clicking it, you will be directed to another page where you will get the downloading options.


Different downloadable sizes

9anime.to Watch Anime English Online Free website size

  • 2 MB animes
  • Mp4 format
  • 3gp format
  • 240p animes
  • 480p animes
  • 1080p animes
  • Full HD animes
  • 100 MB of anime movies
  • 300MB movies


Different animes leaked on 9anime

9anime.to Watch Anime English Online Free website leak

  • Black cover
  • On e piece
  • The god of high school
  • Shin-chan
  • The beginning
  • Naruto
  • Boruto
  • one room
  • Fruits basket
  • Sleepy princess
  • Ultra B
  • Great pretender


Legal Alternatives

1 Netflix
2 Amazon prime
3 Crunchyroll
4 Anime planet
5 Funnimation


Similar Sites Like 9anime.to

1 Animedao
2 Animefrenzy
3 Kissanime Mobile
4 Gogoanime



Active domains List

  • 9anime.cc
  • 9anime.ch
  • 9anime.cloud
  • 9naime.co
  • 9anime.cool
  • 9anime.eu


Why 9anime is so popular?

9anime.to Watch Anime English Online Free website popular

  • It has given access to every type of animes throughout the world.
  • It has spread the contemporary Japanese culture throughout the globe.
  • No user restriction is kept on any animes.
  • This website is completely free.
  • It does not support any kind of scams through its website.
  • No cookies are allowed on the webpages.
  • Thus, it has become the most popular website for accessing anime shows.



Geekgurujoi does not support any kinds of scams. This article has been made to make us aware of piracy and accessible knowledge of the Internet. We do not encourage any kinds of internet discrepancies to the user interfaces.


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