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If we talk about today’s time, it’s called be digitalized time as everyone is working with technology. Technology will give them access to every possible thing which they want to. Entertainment from the digital platform is also one of them where people will get access to watch movies, web series, TV shows on either on the online platform or can download them for their convenience.

Some of the websites are paid and some are unpaid. CoolMoviez website is also one of the resources which count as an unpaid website for having entertainment. It is an illegal website because it gave access to torrents of various movies, web series. People will get a different variety of entertainment like Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi movies in different languages.

They also provide dubbed movies in different languages. We already told you that this website is illegal so there may be a chance of data hacking of your device while you download the movie or access the website.

Several extensions of CoolMoviez gave access to the movie watcher to get entertainment of their choice from the list or database of different and latest movies sorted as the genre or from top trending and you just have to download the movie.


Method of Downloading Movies from CoolMoviez

For downloading movies from CoolMoviez website, you just need to go to the search engine and search for the website with the current website extension. If the website is not opening also then there is a chance that the government has a ban on that website then you need to use the VPN of the different countries so that server can bounce to a different county and gave you access to this website.

After the opening of the website you just need to search for the movie and open the link of the movie which you want to watch or download. You will get the options of either watch online or download movie, you can click according to what you want to do.

If you click on the download option then you will get the different torrent link for download. You just need to open one of the links and download the movie and your movie will start the download in your device.



Category Available in CoolMoviez

Admin of CoolMoviez creates a different category on his database so that visitors can’t find any problem in searching for the movie. The categories are mention below:

  • Hollywood Recent Movies 2020
  • Bollywood 2020 latest Movies
  • Tamil Dubbed Movies 2020
  • Dubbed Movies
  • Web series
  • Adult Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed Cartoon Movies
  • Punjabi Movies 2020
  • Bengali Movies Latest collection
  • Telugu Movies latest collection
  • Mobile print Movies

For searching the movie, you just need to type the name of the movie and search it and download that from the given link.


Features of CoolMoviez

Features of CoolMoviez

CoolMoviez is known to be the best website for those who are movie lovers and have good taste in movies that’s why this website will have different features that any movie lover will enjoy. Some of the features are mention below:

  • The website is designed in that manner that it is compatible with all devices including computer, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc. This feature is known to be the best one as they got no restriction in the generation of traffic; everyone can access the website according to their suitability. You just need an internet connection and a good web browser.
  • Admin has mentioned the short description with every movie so that viewer gets to know little about the movies. This way viewers can create interest in that movie which they don’t know about.
  • Admin has upload movies in different prints for viewers’ convenience so that viewers will download the movie according to their suitability. The website has different print and language including 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 300mb movie, mobile print, etc. language will include English, Hindi, Regional, dubbed, etc.
  • The sound quality of the movies is remarkable as they have decent audio quality.
  • The website has many downloading links attached so if one link is not working then you can use the alternative ones.
  • CoolMoviez admin will upload many different movies per day so that visitors will get a good collection of the watch.
  • Many movies you will get with subtitles which help you to understand the movie as well as dialogue.


Size and Prints available

Movie Prints Movie Size
1080p 1.1 GB
720p 700Mb
480p 400Mb
360p 300Mb


Movies have come with different sizes and prints; the more in size has many good prints. CoolMoviez will provide all types of prints and sizes to its viewers.


Different Genre

Genre Available at CoolMoviez

As we mentioned above also that CoolMoviez has a different category for its viewers. In that category, they also got different Genre which includes:

  • Science-Fiction – In these types of movies, Story will be based on fictional use of science and technology with having good VFX.
  • Action – These movies are totally based on Action, stunts, fights. These movies are suitable for action lovers.
  • Comedy – These movies are full of comedy scenes with having comedy and entertainment stories, this type of movie is good to watch with family.
  • Romance – This movie is a romantic movie with having love story and male and female actress. These movies are best for couples.
  • Fantasy – These movies are based on an imagined story that has a good sense of humor and story.


Many more Genre available which is mention below.

  • Adventure
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Mystery
  • Crime


Illegal Alternatives for CoolMoviez

YTS Movies
HD Popcorns


Legal Alternatives

Amazon prime


CoolMoviez is Legal?

As we mentioned above also that CoolMoviez is an illegal website as it is a pirated website and the Indian Government has banned all pirated websites to stop the crime of piracy in the country. But for preventing the block by government, an admin will use to change their domain on a very frequent basis so that the government can’t able to ban the website in the country or otherwise you can open the website using VPN proxy name called Turbo VPN.


Google Trends Search Intrest of CoolMoviez (Last 12 Months) 



Q1. What are the steps for downloading the movies from Coolmoviez website?

Ans. These are the steps to download the movie:

  • You need to go to the coolmoviez website
  • Search the movie which you want to download
  • You need to select the print that you want to download
  • You will get the option of Download in the server page
  • Choose the link for download the movie
  • Click on the download option

Q2. Is Coolmoviez is safe for use?

Ans. Coolmoviez is the pirated website that’s why it is not at all safe for use. There is much chance of coming virus and malware in your device while accessing the website.

Q3. Which proxy VPN we can use for the website for access if the website is not opening.

Ans. For accessing the website, you can use the Turbo VPN to access the website.

Q4. What is the alternative to Coolmoviez?

Ans. These are the alternatives of Coolmoviez:

  • FilmyZilla
  • HDfriday
  • Movies4me
  • XplayTamil
  • YTS Movies



Piracy is the crime and punishable offense in the eye of the government. No one is allowed to promote piracy in the country. This article is totally based on an informal basis so that people will get to know about whether a website is legal or illegal.


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