LawBreakers Started with a Bad Note, PC Player Count Drops Below 500


LawBreakers Game which was launched a month ago is going through a bad phase. LawBreaker PC player counts is drop below 500 mark which is worst score for any game developed by Boss Key Productions. This game is compared with ‘Overwatch Game’ by many game critics but right now to be really honest this game is far behind Overwatch. Many game fans find this game overrated and boring due to its bad art style, complicated game-play, poor music and low graphics.

Despite of low price that is $ 29.99, this game unable to generate good sale in this month. After this bad response from the game players, LawBreakers Game is expected to add into Free-to-play model (F2P) by the end of this year. But we are still hoping for the best and waiting for a miracle to happen which increase the sales of this game in upcoming months.



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