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In today’s world, everyone has a desire of watching cartoons and anime as in their day to day after being frustrated they need something which makes their mind refresh and energetic. Now the question comes what things can be done which makes the mind cool and calm.

The best things are to watch cartoons and anime as it is the best way which makes a sad person laugh, bored person, to enjoy, etc. there are many cartoons and anime shows platforms from which anyone can download their favorite one to watch alone or with family.

To see those videos The viewers demand HD quality videos which are not so possible as it required a subscription which nowadays is quite costlier, but some free sites are there which provide these for free, one of the sites is our’s where you get free HD quality videos without any buffering and also watch anime without any disturbance. The site which I am talking about is watchcartoononline.

It is a site where you get full episodes or series of your favorite cartoons or anime and you can easily brook your favorite cartoon movies and anime series with English dubbing language along with content subtitles.

The series and movies are printed in HD quality with free subscription and it is the best leading sites till now which providing a wide range of categories and also suggests as per your genres.

The implementation of this application has done in such a manner that it cannot create any problem to the users while streaming due to its user-friendly access and it completely fits on your mobile screen.

The site contains new collection and users can go on the right sidebar and search accordingly as per their preferences related series or movies straight away after the official release. This site is well arranged in regard to both movies and series and has a hold on its popularity due to the perfect listing of genres according to users’ preferences. this site contains other features related to comments, likes, and sharing options with other users to generate more popularity.


FEATURES of Watchcartoononline Site

Watchcartoononline Website (Watch Cartoon Anime Shows) Download Free!

The watchcartoononline site has intensified watching episodes and remarkable features, which automatically pull users towards it and make the website more popular and authentic in all aspects. More features are listed below:


many authorized sites need a subscription and are paid which many users don’t like as cartoons and anime are not being too much to watch and users only want it for some time only. But with watchcartoononline users can easily stream their favorite series or movies in HD quality without any subscription as the site has not to issue concerning which is unfreeze. Users can forecast their series and movies without paying any expense, nor they have to create or register for an account to subscribe to this channel.


Every user wants the high-quality screen and demands for 480p, 720p, 1080p in HD. This site is providing an option of SD format if the users have fewer data left and this is the best thing which this site is offering to download. For watching the movies or series users’ first preference goes with picture quality but rather than the sound quality also matters in this as users lose their interest if the sound quality is not up to the mark, that definitely will create a bad impact. Keeping in mind all the necessary aspects expectations of users are been provided by the site.


This site provides unstoppable content with the latest updates and also provide recent content faster in different substitutes as per the requirements the users can download and even save it for offline watch also. The viewers can heartily entertain by watching new movies or series with intermissions.


It provides fast speed procedures to the users without any disturbance or buffering which might be happening with other sites which can make an irritating scenario for users and also cause less interest in users’ minds. But with the watchcartoononline site, this problem is not been faced as this site uses a smooth and fast access process and also solves the fixing problem of irrelevant advertisements and helps to avoid bugs, and users can watch shows without any hassle.


It ensures to give unlimited services to its valuable users by providing unique features which are itself different from other unauthorized apps. Users can easily go to the search bar and download as many cartoon movies or series in one day without any payment. Users can feel different while using this site. It has one more feature of sending requests for your favorite cartoon movie or series if it is not available on the given site. The request section box is given in separate sections from where the users can file their request and once it will be notified when the site will upload that content as per users’ demand.


It is very much focused on generating connections with the users who are gone through their sites and it is important to know about this website is that it is so easy to run and grasp it in a shorter period of time. Adding to these people all over the world cannot make much effort to operate it on every screen.


Cartoons Shows and Animated movies Categories

Shows and movies are available

The site has a different collection in which first comes the action section, which involves incurable action movies or series like:- City Hunter: Bad City Wars, Star Blazers, etc are available in it.

Second, comes the adventure shows. Under this, it contains all the actions with imported and exploring locations like Bigfoot, The Deer King fall.

The third category is the animation. All animated movies are fallen under the category which includes drawings, illustrations, and paintings. And the shows like Popeye The Sailor Man come in animated form.

The fourth section lies in the kid’s section, where kids can watch their favorite cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, etc. Even the family can accompany them and watch them together. these rely on comedy shows sections too.

  • The fifth category comes for Crime: here are some cartoons which are based on crimes and thriller stories and so kids with adults both can watch them and also kids can gain some learning from it. The shows are Baki, Harley Quinn.
  • The next category is Horror, where horror scenes and are generally enjoyed by teenagers as well as adults. The website chiefly highlights the shows like Twilight of the Dark Master fall and many others.
  • The last show is Science Fiction and it involves science fiction cartoons like Uru in Blue.


Prints Available at Watchcartoononline







These are the different sizes available at Watchcartoonsonline for their viewers so that they will get full entertainment.


Alternative Size Available at Watchcartoononline

1.2 GB
700 MB
500 MB
300 MB


According to the preference, visitors can download the size of the movie as the same movie are available in different sizes.

Category Available at watchcartoononline:

Category Available

  • Comedy – Children loves comedy that’s why They have different cartoons like Oggy and cockroaches, Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, etc.
  • Action – Many children love action cartoons that’s why they have this category in which they have Transformer, City Hunter, etc.
  • Horror – Horror is a very rarely found category in the cartoon series and this website has that one in which they include Twilight of Dark master fall, etc.
  • Crime – Crime is also an interesting category in the cartoon which creates interest and craze of suspense in the children. Cartoons available in this category are Harley Quinn, etc.

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Some of the more categories that are available are:

  • AdventureKids
  • Animation
  • Thriller
  • Science – fiction


legal Alternatives of WatchCartoononline are:

  • Youtube – Youtube is the world’s biggest video website on which you will get videos for free. They have good content regarding cartoons.
  • Super Cartoons –  This is also the good and free alternative that is legally registered for the viewers. This website has different cartoon shows with all episodes available on them.
  • KuroAni –  For the best-animated series, you can prefer this website. This website has a wide range of cartoons for free.
  • Cartoon Network – As you know cartoon network is the TV channel which has good Cartoon available on them, they also started their web channel where you can watch cartoons on repeated mode.

WatchCartoononline is Legal?

As we told earlier also the Watchcartoononline website is a legal website among different countries. Using this website is totally safe as this website will never give you a virus to your device.


Google Trends Search Interest of Watchcartoononline




Piracy is the crime and illegal in the eye of the government. We and our content will never encourage you to use the pirated website to get entertainment. This article is for educational purposes and for information to all our viewers.


Q1. What are the alternatives to the watchcartoononline website?

Ans. Viewers can prefer the following website to watch cartoon :

  • Cartoon network
  • Youtube
  • Crunchyroll
  • Disney plus
  • Toon Jet
  • Toon Nove

Q2. Is watchcartoononline website is safe for use?

Ans. Yes, as we told you that this is the legal website and you can use it freely as this website will never give the virus to your device.

Q3. Watchcartoononline is shutting down or not?

Ans. Watchcartoononline is not shutting down as some due to server issue, the website will not open that does not mean that website is shutting down.

Q4. What are the steps to download cartoons from the watchcartoononline website?

Ans. These are the following steps for download cartoons:

  • You have to open the cartoon to watch
  • Copy the URL to the 9xbuddy website
  • You will get the download link.


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