How to Install Whatsapp in JioPhone 1500 (Download Whatsapp in Reliance JioPhone)

how to install whatsapp in jiophone 1500

How to Install Whatsapp in JioPhone 1500 – Download and install Whatsapp in Reliance JioPhone: Hey, so you have got the new JioPhone, just for Rs. 1500. Amazing, but wait, where’s Whatsapp? So now you have a 4G VoLTE phone, and you can’t use whatsapp on it. But you don’t need to worry, because today I will be showing you how to install whatsapp in jiophone 1500. So just sit back and read this article, and I promise, you will have whatsapp running on your sweet Rs. 1500 beauty.


Steps to Download Install Whatsapp in JioPhone 1500

For those who don’t know, JioPhone runs a custom OS, known as KaiOS which is a forked version of Firefox OS. The KaiOS was primarily chosen for the JioPhone because of its decent looks, amazing performance, and still managing to stay light on resources. KaiOS fully utilizes the Snapdragon 205 in the JioPhone. Enough specy-talks about the JioPhone, let’s get back to the point.

As KaiOS is forked from Firefox OS, it can run almost all apps that Firefox OS can. Whatsapp isn’t available for even Firefox OS, but there are a couple of IM clients that can still serve the purpose. So let’s get our hands into the process, and see if we can get get Whatsapp running on our KaiOS based Rs. 1500 JioPhone.


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  1. Head over to Firefox Marketplace

Go to Firefox marketplace, the marketplace for Firefox OS apps. We will be using Firefox Marketplace as we are going to install a Firefox OS app. You will need to register on the Firefox marketplace to download apps, but that is an easy step. Go to the more icon in the bottom right corner, and click on register. A new popup window will open. Provide your email address and choose a password. Go to your mail inbox, and follow the link for account activation from Mozilla. Once your account is activated, you can download apps from Firefox Marketplace. This is an important step in “how to install whatsapp in jiophone 1500


  1. Install Yosapp (Needed for how to install whatsapp in jiophone 1500)

Second step in how to install whatsapp in jiophone 1500 is installing Yosapp. Once registered on the Firefox Marketplace, search for Yosapp. You can also follow this link to download Yosapp. Yosapp is not exactly Whatsapp, but it still serves the purpose, because it is a whatsapp client and it can communicate with Whatsapp servers. As this app is currently in beta, it lacks the functionality for group chats. You can still use personal chats, and receive photos and videos.


  1. Create account on Yosapp

Once you have installed, open Yosapp. It will ask you for your name, email address and mobile number. Fill the required fields, and wait for the confirmation message. Once you receive the confirmation message, input the confirmation code in Yosapp. The app will now ask your permission to access your contacts, and you would like to allow it, unless you want to go through the hassle of looking up everyone`s number.


  1. Enjoy your newly installed Whatsapp

Now that you have Yosapp installed and running, you can use it to send and receive messages to your friends, and receive images and videos from them. You cannot send images or videos at the moment, but still you got the power to chat, and I believe we should not be asking for anymore.


Alternatives to Yosapp:

There are several other clients you can use in place of Yosapp, but the problem is that most of them have been discontinued and are not available on Firefox marketplace anymore. It is still possible to find mirror links to these clients, and if you do, please let us know in the comments below.

  • Loqui IM
  • Connect A2
  • OpenWapp
  • Wassap

Note: Recently, a Jio representative said that they are in talks with Whatsapp’s team to develop a version of Whatsapp specifically for the JioPhone, so you can expect the official Whatsapp app for JioPhone to roll out very soon. Till then, you can use the above method to use whatsapp on jiophone.

Please also note that the above stated method may or may not work for your specific device. For most devices, the above stated methods have been reported to work. Just in case it doesn’t work please leave a comment down and we will be there for help.


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Wrapping Up:

Hence in this article you saw how to install whatsapp in jiophone 1500. While this may not be the best whatsapp experience, you can still manage to send and receive texts. If you experience any problems in installing whatsapp in jiophone, let us know in the comments below, and we will make sure to help you out. Stay tuned.

Image Source: Pixabay


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