Pokémon Going to launch Pokken Tournament DX Demo Very Soon!


Pokémon recently has announced on twitter to launch Pokken Tournament DX demo very soon. Players from all around the world can easily download demo version of Pokken Tournament DX from Nintendo E-Shop. When the Pokken Tournament World Championships is taking place, it was already announced that a demo of Pokken Tournament DX is arranged to launch very soon.


Here is the official Tweet of Pokken Tournament demo:


Pokken Tournament DX will have five new Pokemon and it is most likely you will play one or two of them in this demo. Also Popplio and Litten will be the support Pokémon character in this tournament. As far as graphics is concern 60 frame per seconds is used in this game which enhances the graphics. Also while playing versus mode between two players screen can be split into two parts making it easy to play.


Twenty One (21) Playable Pokémon and Thirsty Two (32) support Pokémon are included in this Pokken Tournament DX. Also many features are also included. User can now see replays of Fight between other players to plan its own fights properly. Additional to this two new stages and new game mode are also added in this tournament. Players can now play different game modes like Group Match, Daily Challenges and Team Battle.


September 22 is official date given by Pokémon to launch Pokken Tournament DX on Nintendo Switch. Right now, we don’t have any official date on which date this demo will be launched but it will be surely launch very soon on Nintendo E-shop.



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Pokken Tournament DX



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Source: Twitter/Pokemon

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