Sites like Letgo (Best 10 Letgo Alternatives to Buy or Sell used Items)

Sites like Letgo Alternatives

Sites like Letgo (Best 10 Letgo Alternatives to Buy or Sell used Items): Have you got some stuff lying around that you wish to sell, or you need to buy some used stuff. But you don’t know where to look for. You were thinking, why not Letgo. But wait, there`s more to that. So here is a list of 10 websites like Letgo, which you can use to get rid of that old PS3 lying around in the corner of your living room.

TOP 10 Sites like Letgo (Letgo alternative websites to buy or sell used stuff)

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At times, you might be in need of something, but you don’t have the budget. At such time, getting a used one may prove to be an extremely useful option. Hence, let’s see the top 10 Letgo alternatives to buy or sell.


  1. Facebook Marketplace

Letgo alternatives

Facebook tops the list of websites like Letgo. You are using Facebook for years, but did you know it’s more than just connecting with friends and family. Facebook has a dedicated marketplace where you can list goods for sale, and buy something you are in need of. And it’s free, as Facebook is, and they say it always will be. Who knows the new game console you wanna buy is waiting for you in the facebook marketplace. Go, run, and grab it before someone else does.


Official Website Link –


  1. Ebay

sites like letgo

Second in this list of Letgo alternative websites is Ebay. This popular e-commerce site also gives you an option to buy or sell used stuff. Just create an account on Ebay, and apply for becoming a seller. Ebay considers your application and in most cases, reverts back within a day, if they accept your application, go list you item for sale. Buying, on the other hand, is the same as you would buy a regular item at an online store.


Official Website Link –


  1. OfferUp (Top in Sites like Letgo for you)

Letgo alternative websites

Third up the list of Sites like Letgo, is OfferUp. With more than 19.6 Million visitors per month, this site is among the fastest growing classifieds sites. OfferUp, as the name suggests, also allows buyers to make their offers against buyer’s listed prices. Buyers and sellers can also receive ratings, which keeps scammers under control. And with so much features, OfferUp still manages to be free.


Official Website Link –


  1. Craigslist

websites like Letgo

On number four in this list of Letgo alternative websites, we have the popular classifieds website, Craigslist. People have been using Craigslist to buy or sell stuff for years. This is one of the largest sites, and has the strongest database of listings. You may expect to find hundreds of listings for a same category of items, or even items being sold at dirt cheap prices. So be sure to go and check it out.


Official Website Link –


  1. Hoobly

selling sites like letgo

Next in this list of Letgo substitutes, we have Hoobly, with a look and feel similar to Craigslist. It is free to buy or sell on Hoobly. The most promising category on Hoobly is Animals and Pets, and it has the highest no. of posts as compared to other categories. So if want to get yourself a new friendly doggie, chances are you will find the perfect one on Hobbly.


Official Website Link –


  1. Oodle (Best Letgo alternative website for buying)

buying websites like letgo

Oodle, our no. six pick in “buying site like Letgo”, is an addition to just posting and buying stuff. Oodle doesn’t just list stuff that sellers have physically posted, but it also lists items from other classifieds websites. For example, if you go to the pet’s category, it will list posts by Oodle users, as well as posts from users of other sites. Be sure to go and see if you can find your pick there.


Official Website Link –


  1. Bookoo

letgo alternative sites

Bookoo is a considerably small site as compared to other websites listed in this post, but is still is extremely useful. It aims to create a user-friendly space, so that the buyers and sellers can personally get to know each other. While having a small customer base, and only a few locations served across the US, typically cities with military bases, it still gets a no. 7 in Sites like Letgo.


Official Website Link –


  1. Geebo

Letgo sustitutes

Geebo, which was founded in 1999, allows you to buy and sell services, vehicles, machinery and real estate in over 160 communities. A very cool feature Geebo offers over its competitors is their SafeTrade meet up, where the seller and buyer agree to meet at the local police station. Hence, it is a number eight for Geebo in this list of selling sites Letgo.


Official Website Link –


  1. Marketplace

similar sites like letgo Marketplace is a classifieds cum e-commerce website, which allows sellers to even set up their stores for seamless continuous selling. You can list both used and new items, and they even have a paid membership for sellers for boosting their listings to the top featured listings. If you regularly sell used stuff, may suit you well. Hence a no. 9 for in “Letgo alternative websites”.


Official Website Link –


  1. PeerHub

Letgo alternatives websites

Peerhub, last in the list of Sites like Letgo, claims to be a combination of eBay and Craigslist. It allows you to buy and sell both locally and across the US in cash, cards or even Steem currency. It is a free service, but if you transact using cards, they take a little amount of it as service charges. You can however use Steem for elimination of service charges.


Official Website Link –


Wrapping Up

So, you have gone through the list of top 10 Letgo alternative websites. Comment down below your opinion about these websites, suggestions are also welcome. For any questions or queries about these “Sites like Letgo”, feel free to hit that contact button. Stay tuned.


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