Sites like Fashion Nova (Best 10 Fashion Nova Alternatives for Great Fashion Deals)

Sites like Fashion Nova

Sites like Fashion Nova (Best 10 Fashion Nova Alternatives for Shopping Great Fashion Deals): Hey everyone, what’s up? So you are interested in Fashion wear. And you do all your shopping from Fashion Nova. I see. But you want to explore the vast world of online stores, and are confused which site to visit. Hence, I have compiled this list of Sites like Fashion Nova, which you will find extremely useful when buying that dress you are going to wear at the party tomorrow.

Top 10 Fashion Nova Alternatives (Sites like Fashion Nova) for Great Fashion Deals, Offers

Well, it was very difficult for me to list these Fashion Nova substitutes as top 10 sites, so I sorted them by their popularity, and the love that you guys show towards them. So without wasting any more time, let’s gets right into it.

1. Forever21

Number of visitors Per month – 24.7 Million
Fashion Nova alternative websites
Forever21 tops the chart for sites like Fashion Nova, with a whopping 24.7 million people purchasing their trending clothing from them. They specialize in both men and women wear. The store is in Los Angeles, but they provide free shipping throughout US, and also to some other countries. Be sure to check out with them if the ship to your country.


Official Website Link –


2. RoseGal 

Number of visitors Per month – 21.6 Million
 websites like Fashion Nova
RoseGal, our second pick for this list of Fashion Nova alternative websites, is from a little different from others. The most eye-catching aspects of this website are their taste in classic fashion apparels. They also stock plus size clothes, which interests thickly bodied women, as they generally have trouble adapting to the latest trends because of unavailability of their sizes. They also offer worldwide shipping, so go check out if they have something that amazes you.


Official Website Link –


3. Boohoo (Top Fashion Nova alternatives Website store)

Number of visitors Per month – 12.6 Million
Fashion Nova alternatives
On number three in websites like Fashion Nova, we have Boohoo, a fairly renowned name in the fashion industry. They specialize in men, women and kids fashion wear and footwear, and are very affordable. They also have a whole bunch of sales and offers every now and then. If you are in the UK, you have got free delivery, other countries need to check out with Boohoo if they ship it to you.


Official Website Link –


4. Modanisa

Number of visitors Per month – 8.1 Million
 Sites like Fashion Nova
Next up the list of “alternatives to Fashion Nova”. Modanisa features female modest dresses, evening wear and swimsuits. They sell in more than 75 countries with more than 8 million visitors to their site per month. Their most catchy items are their designer hijabs, and you should definitely go check them out. You will need to get in touch with them for delivery options, and even whether they will ship to your country.


Official Website Link –


5. Express

Number of visitors Per month – 5.9 Million
 Fashion Nova substitutes
Express is a dual gender store that houses men and women fashion clothing and accessories. They have their HQ in Columbia with more than 650 stores worldwide. They operate both online and in-store, and you know what, they have become a listed company in New York Stock Exchange. They provide free shipping in the US for orders above $50, and they also ship worldwide. Hence it is a no. five for Express in “sites like Fashion Nova”.


Official Website Link –



6. Lulus (Best Sites like Fashion Nova)

Number of visitors Per month – 4.8 Million
 Fashion Nova alternative sites
On number six in this list of “Fashion Nova substitutes”, we have got Lulus. It is an on-trend online store featuring female clothing, accessories and footwear. You can find almost anything on this website, from cute tops to revealing swimsuits and party dresses that will leave you open-mouthed. They also provide global shipping on orders over $150, so go and grab your latest trends now from Lulus.


Official Website Link –


7. Charlotte Russe

Number of visitors Per month – 3.9 Million
Sites like Fashion Nova
Whether you are looking for a dress to wear on the blind date you are going on tonight, or some everyday clothes, you can find them all on Charlotte Russe. They also have a nice collection of accessories, footwear and even fashion jewellery. They only ship in US, so if you live outside the US, it may be a little disappointing to you. Nevertheless, Charlotte Russe still manages to get a no. 7 in this list of Fashion Nova alternative websites.


Official Website Link –


8. Amiclubwear

Number of visitors Per month – 2.2 Million
 Sites similar to Fashion Nova
No. eight on the list of “sites similar to Fashion Nova” is Amiclubwear. This site specifically focuses on more revealing club outfits and swimsuits for women. They have strong ties with their manufacturer, so they even manage to squeeze in some great discounts in their already bombshell packages. They also provide free shipping in the US on orders over $50, so be ready to go clubbing with some Amiclubwear on.


Official Website Link ­-


9. Tobi

Number of visitors Per month – 1.3 Million
 sites like Fashion Nova
Tobi, the number nine in this list of Fashion Nova alternatives, designs, produces and sells its own products. They are located in Los Angeles, and have clothing, accessories and footwear in their catalogue. They also provide worldwide shipping, so you should definitely go check out some of their designs.


Official Website Link ­–


10. Windsor
Number of visitors Per month – 1.2 Million
Fashion Nova alternative sites
Windsor, the last one in this list of “websites like Fashion Nova”, houses female clothing, footwear and accessories. They have a lot of variety and also ship internationally, which makes them a very viable option to shop from. They have a special dedicated page for items on sale now, so you can expect to find some new trends fit in your tight budget.


Official Website Link ­–



Wrapping Up
So guys these are the top 10 alternatives to Fashion Nova, on which you can find some latest trends. Please comment down your views about this article and the sites listed in it. If you have any issues or questions regarding Sites like Fashion Nova, please feel free to contact us, and we will make sure to clarify it with you. Stay tuned to GeekGuruJi for more geeky stuff.


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