Skullgirls 2D Fighting Game Reached Over 1 Million Sales on Stream

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Skullgirls 2D Fighting Game has just now hits its 1 million Sales over Stream. This game is developed by California based Gaming company ‘Reverge Labs’ and published by well known gaming publisher ‘Marvelous and Autumn Games’. Project Lead and Game Designer Mike Zaimont has been very excited on this news. Game designed by him is now reached upon 1 million sales on Stream and he also tweeted on this news on twitter. 


Mike Zaimont Tweet on Skullgirls Reaching 1 Million Sale on Stream:


Mike Zaimont also posted a screenshot of Skullgirls 1 million sale:



More About Skullgirls 2D Fighting Game:

Skullgirls is a quick paced 2D battling game in which players have to fight against fierce female warriors in an uncommon Dark Deco world. This game represents perfect combination of classic fighting 2D art with great graphics and sound play. Players can fight one on one in arcade mode; also a team battle mode is given in this game to fight in teams. By playing this game, user easily addicted to this game because of their great game art, lighting fast speed response and awesome sound tracks.


Main Features of Skullgirls 2D Fighting Game:

  • Powerful 3D engine is used to provide high resolution with great frame per second speed.
  • Players can easily used special moves and attack due to use of classic six button play. 
  • Players can select one, two or three tag team characters in the Tag Battle system.
  • You can plan huge amount of attacks for your team by using Custom Assists.
  • User can play this game online without any lag time due to use of Official GGPO netcode in it.
  • The Sound play music is given by famous Japanese video game composer ‘Michiru Yamane’. She is best known for her composing work in Castlevania series.
  • Also players can easily sharp their fighting skill in game tutorial mode.


Character list of Skullgirls 2D Fighting Game:

  • Filia
  • Cerebella
  • Peacock
  • Parasoul
  • Ms. Fortune
  • Painwheel
  • Valentine
  • Double
  • Squigly
  • Big Band
  • Eliza
  • Beowulf
  • Robo-Fortune


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Skullgirls 2D Fighting Game
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  1. If you are having a dull and boring day immediately switch playing this game Skull girl games will never disappoint you. Thanks for the post Rajinder Verma it was very engaging to read.


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