Overwatch Pro ‘Sinatraa’ has Signed a $150K NRG’s Esports Contract

Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

North American Pro Overwatch Gaming Star, Jay “Sinatraa” Won has signed a $150K annual contract with NRG Esports. Now, he will become a member of NRG’s Overwatch League roster team according to ESPN. Earlier he was in the Selfless Overwatch esports Gaming team. But he resigned from Selfless on 7th of July 2017 when Company owners Steve “Ryu” Rattacasa and Bradford Rajani announced to disbanded the company.

Gaming Players surely gets minimum of 50,000 dollar annually in the Overwatch Gaming League. But Sinatraa’s earnings is way more than that, he is earning $100,000 more than the minimum base amount given by the Overwatch Gaming League. Also, he will get 50 percent of revenue generated by team bonuses as per Overwatch league rules.


This high pay $150,000 is a result of competitive bidding war between NRG Esports and Cloud9, where both were trying to sign agreement with him for their Overwatch Esports team. At last Sinatraa decided to join with NRG’s Esports team for $150,000 amount. But due to some age issues in the agreement, both Sinatraa(who is 17 Year old) and his mother signed the contract with NRG Esports team.


Sinatraa again teaming up with their previous mentor and Selfless Gaming co-founder ‘Brad Rajani’. Now, Brad is the current head coach and Manager of NRG Esports Overwatch Team. He is best known for the most popular North American DPS player and got many joining proposal from other League teams. He is also selected to represent United States of America in the Overwatch World Cup 2017 in coming November 2017 (from 3rd to 4th of November) at Anaheim, California. Where USA team will compete with South Korean Overwatch Team. 


Now Playing: Overwatch Gameplay – Sinatraa of USA : One-Man Zarya Army VS New Zealand ft Tracer Genji | World Cup


Team Line-Up of USA for Overwatch World Cup 2017:

  • Sinatraa 
  • Adam
  • JAKE
  • coolmatt69
  • Rawkus

Team Line-Up of South Korea for Overwatch World Cup 2017:

  • ryujehong
  • Mano
  • Saebyeolbe
  • Fl0w3r
  • tobi


Hope Sinatraa will do well in upcoming game between South Korea and USA. So, that we will witness to see some great match between different teams in upcoming Overwatch World Cup 2017.


Photo: Blizzard Entertainment



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