5 Easy to Implement Viral Marketing Techniques – 2017

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Viral Marketing is one of the most useful tools you can use to increase your website traffic and promote your Business. 

But people think Viral Marketing is one of the difficult things to implement, Right?

People usually think that it requires extra ordinary COOL STUFF, LUCK and a lot of MONEY which they can’t afford easily.

So, today I am going to share some simple VIRAL MARKETING TECHNIQUE which you can easily use to drive more traffic, sale and grow your Business.

Viral Marketing
Geek GuruJi

Following techniques which I am going to tell you do not require a large amount of money, they don’t rely on luck and definitely not hard to implement.

In fact I am going to tell you to use those content which ALREADY VIRAL and you can use those content to drive thousands of VISITORS to your SITE.




1.Find a Viral New Story (Viral marketing Campaign):

Now the first step of Viral Marketing technique is to find a new viral article related to your own niche that is already making BOOM on the INTERNET world.

For finding a viral story my personally favorite FREE TOOL is news.google.com



Now just go to news.google.com and you can type your niche e.g. GAMING XBOX and find some latest TRENDY new stories that has EYE CATCHING headline & TON of sharing on social media.

After exploring Google news with some time you got some FREAKING AWESOME article & stories related to your niche.




2. Create A New Viral Story (Viral marketing Techniques):

Now After finding a viral story with a COOL HEADLINE & TONS of SHARES on social media, you just RE-WRITE it with NEW EYE CATCHING HEADLINE with more information, images and GIFs.

You don’t have to copy exact content and paste it to your blog. Instead of that you must have to use your own creative mind, re-write in your own words after reading that article. As F**KING as simple is that!



 3. Post Your New Viral Story:

Now after creating your own new story with this Viral Marketing technique you have to POST it to your BLOG and share on FACEBOOK page, GOOGLE Plus account, Twitter account, Pinterest account, Tumbler account and all over Social media with relevant audience to your post.

For example, if your niche is GAMING than you must have BULK of followers who loves gaming. If you have FAKE audience that is bought by some SEO company than its totally waste of time to share your story against that audience.

If you have TONS of followers with target niche audience it’s very easy to viral that content you have written.

But if you don’t have much followers don’t be sad I will post an article in future about EASY WAY TO INCREASE FOLLOWER on social platform.

Note: Building Up your social account with followers is very important Aspect.

Till than you can do is to find groups with thousands of people on FACEBOOK related to your niche and make yourself added to it. When you got added by admin of different groups, try to comment and participate in the group discussion.




Repeat these steps for some days. I am sure you will be AMAZED to see the result of that POST.

You got TONS of likes, share and Bulk of TRAFFIC to your blog or website. 

Now it’s also interesting to know that even if you see on most big news or media websites. You had notice it that same viral news is written differently all over the place because that is HOT and VIRAL at the moment.

You will be AMAZED to know that how many times I saw a video goes viral on the Reddit and after some time same news is posted on Yahoo news.

This is the Way How VIRAL GURUS do it for Viral Marketing and there is no reason why can’t you do it too.

But if you are too much LAZY to write, you can use this Viral Video Marketing technique for making TONS of money and generating a lot of TRAFFIC for your site. 


 4.Viral Video Marketing Technique :

Most of the people think that for viral video marketing technique they have to work out his ASS off to make a video and cross their finger hoping that their video goes viral on the Internet.


Instead of this you can use a smart way to promote your product or website by viral video marketing technique.




Simply search some viral videos on Reddit or YouTube that have MILLIONS of views and TONS of likes on the Internet.

Now, just copies the share link of that video add some image, description and post it on your Website or blog page.

After some days you will be F*CKING AMAZED to see your website or blog has got TONS of share and likes.


5. Bonus Viral Marketing Technique “The INFOGRAPHIC”


INFOGRAPHIC are the big images with lot of information about a certain topic or niche. 

The COOL thing about INFOGRAPHIC is that the person who makes these INFOGRAPHICS don’t mind if you embed these INFOGRAPHICS on your website or blog.

Actually they want you to post their INFOGRAPHIC on your website or blog because they add little link of their own website at the bottom of the INFOGRAPHIC.

So, its WIN-WIN situation you got viral content for your website and they got little bit of promotion.

In simple words, you have to search viral INFOGRAPHICS related to your niche and post it on your website or blog and share it through your social accounts.

I guarantee you will get good results with so much of TRAFFIC, LIKES & SHARES 😉

After doing these above viral marketing techniques you will get a SURPRISE gift apart from SEO benefits and that is…..


Because when you got so much likes and shares from these above viral content. You also got so much of QUALITY BACKLINKS.

This is the fastest way to get quality backlinks from high authority websites like Reddit, Facebook or Google Plus.

Therefore, after some month of your posting you will be AMAZED to see your website backlinks on those blogs, websites that you never ever heard of.

Essentially your followers are doing your SEO work and link building for you.

Most importantly you can link these viral content pages to your MONEY MAKING pages for monetizing your website traffic.



Hence “Viral Marketing” is one of the most important things to grow your business, generate sales, increase website traffic and getting higher ranking in search Engine. So, you can use above simple EASY steps in viral content, videos and Infographics for Viral Marketing of your Business.

Have Any Question? Comment Below, I am waiting for your Loving question….


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    • Yes! it is completely safe… as long as you link the original youtube video link! Kindly note you cant download n upload any video from youtube to your website or youtube channel… but you can share their link to your website without any copyright issue. For more detail on copyright visit https://www.youtube.com/yt/about/copyrigh

  1. awesome content regarding all marketing techniques ,,, i am also same groups of yours and doing same things affiliate marketing . share more details please.. thanks


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